Holier Than Thou Celebrity Wife

steak and french fries[New York Magazine]  I recently attended a fashion dinner where I was seated across from the wife of a TV celebrity who’s now a healthy cookbook author. That’s less a blind item than a nearsighted item, but I can report that Cookbook Lady utterly ignored me until our meals arrived. I was the only person at our table to opt for steak over kale, and I also ordered a side of fries. Suddenly, every eye on the table was on me.

“You know what I like to do,” Cookbook Lady pronounced slowly, apropos of nothing. “My children and I like to take carrots, and radishes, and other yummy veggies, and we fry them up and we eat them just like French fries!”

I nodded at this weird judgment-disguised-as-personal-anecdote. Simply nodded, because my mouth was full. A couple of hands reached for my fry plate, until everyone at the table had availed themselves of my side dish. So much for the holier-than-thou attitude.

TV Celebrity:

His Wife/Cookbook Lady:

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  1. KatarinaJ says

    Seinfeld’s obnoxious wife who ripped off her healthy cookbook idea from someone else!

    • missmissy says

      Actually the judge threw out the case stating that there were several cookbooks with the same premise and that you can’t own the idea of mixing veggies into “regular” dishes. He also found that the cookbooks were completely different with different recipes and a different look and feel.

  2. QubbuQ says

    Nosey old bat. She should be baking those veggie anyway, not frying. Some ‘health’ guru. hmmpf!

    • wendy hood says

      Starchy potatoes and low starch vegetables like carrots and radishes have different effects on insulin levels, but cooking any vegetable destroys a lot of the benefits of the raw versions no matter what the vegetable. Carrots are pretty high in sugar, and frying to boot? Yeah, real healthy.

  3. CanaryCry says

    Mr. & Mrs. Seinfeld? They really do deserve each other.

    But … but … wasn’t she just trying to HELP?? Yeah, gotta love that.

  4. NolaNy says

    Jerry Seinfeld. His wife published a cookbook on ways to get your kids to eat more vegetables.

  5. kbrodio says

    TV Celebrity: Jerry Seinfeld
    Wife/Cookbook Lady: Jessica Seinfeld
    She is the author of 3 cookbooks. The first one was how to disguise healthy foods in your everyday cooking.

  6. beckss says

    Must be Tana Ramsay (Wife of Gordon, obvs). She has a book called
    Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen

  7. SuzNYC says

    TV Celebrity: Jerry Seinfeld
    His Cookbook Lady: Jessica Seinfeld

    I hope she uses bad kale in her next batch of brownies and her stomach turns up as high as her nose.

  8. hl says

    Jessica Seinfeld – husband from TV. “apropos of nothing” because Seinfeld was about “nothing”. In all fairness, it sounds like maybe she was trying to break through tension that others were judging the steak and fries.

    • kattt says

      Maybe but it’s always awkward when someone blatantly points out that you’re the person eating the unhealthy food and then goes on to explain how she does it better

  9. mugofmead111 says

    TV Celebrity: jerry seinfeld

    His Wife/Cookbook Lady: jessica seinfeld

    she is known now for her cookbook Deceptively Delicious.

  10. Erin says

    I’m going to guess Jessica Seinfeld. Doesn’t she have a whole series of cookbooks?

  11. Blondenycblonde says

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Jessica Seinfeld

    To this day I can’t understand why he’s with her. But maybe he’s turned snobby over the years as well?

    • mugofmead111 says

      i’m surprised they’re still together, considering how they got together. i guess like angelina jolie and brad pitt, they’re the real deal 😉

      • sksgt says

        Didn’t they meet when she was on her honeymoon with the first husband? Like only a day OR two after the wedding? Fastest trade-up ever!

  12. Cult of Personality says

    TV Celebrity: Jerry Seinfeld
    Wife: Jessica Seinfeld (cookbook ripper offer)

  13. augustmom says

    Jerry Seinfeld, Jessica Seinfeld. The Seinfeld’s should be more worried about why Mommy had that makeover…

  14. ellenjoy says

    Give me a break Jessica Seinfeld! You only got that cookbook opportunity bc of your husband. geesh!

  15. Elmerblues says

    Jerry Seinfield’s wife – Roshanna. I can only imagine what you must have run through your mind, as a response to “You know what I like to do” when it comes to nutri-nazi’s….

    fried radishes? kids eat them up? sure bitch.

  16. Elisa says

    Doesn’t frying the carrots and other vegetables basically negate the healthy properties? Cookbook Lady should have said that she tossed them in olive oil and lightly roasted them. 😛

    • wfreshie says

      that’s what I thought, she’s frying them like french fries,

      doesn’t that make them just as bad??

      • SnitchyBordumb says

        Yes it does! And potatoes are technically a vegetable anyway- actually a fellow root vegetable just like carrots & radishes… so fried vegetables=french fries, potato potaaato! So she/he should have retorted “Hmmm yeah well you know what’s really yummy though, this thick juicy steak! CHOMP” (now with a big dripping impolite sized mouthful of steak) “And last time I checked, portabellos don’t bleed…” 😉 haha

  17. zilla says

    Jessica Seinfeld. (has a cookbook on how to disguise healthy foods in your kids’ meals)

  18. zilla says

    Or, properly formatted:

    TV Celebrity: Jerry Seinfeld

    His Wife/Cookbook Lady: Jessica

  19. CCMama says

    TV Celebrity- Jerry Seinfeld
    His wife/Cookbook Lady- Jessica Seinfeld
    I wish we would hear more from Jerry and less from Jessica!

  20. oldnvygirl says

    TV Celebrity: Jerry Seinfeld

    His Wife/Cookbook Lady: Jessica Seinfeld, her kids cookbook on getting them to eat veggies and crap

  21. katt388 says

    Jessica Seinfeld? I would go for the steak also. Kale may be trendy but is it good?

  22. 65jaguar says

    I don’t see what the problem is. If it is Jessica Seinfeld, what she said doesn’t come across to me as a critique of what the author of this blind is eating. Certainly not “apropos of nothing”, since Seinfeld was referencing the fries the author had ordered. Also, since when do people reach out to grab food from another dinner guest’s plate without their permission. If it is true that “everyone at the table had availed themselves of my side dish”, then the other dinner guests must have had significantly long hands or made an effort to get at her fries. They must have looked really tasty.

    • rudy says

      Hello Jessica!

      I don’t know what family you are from but everyone I eat with takes food from other plates. Of course they ask first.