Holier Than Thou Celebrity Wife

steak and french fries[New York Magazine]  I recently attended a fashion dinner where I was seated across from the wife of a TV celebrity who’s now a healthy cookbook author. That’s less a blind item than a nearsighted item, but I can report that Cookbook Lady utterly ignored me until our meals arrived. I was the only person at our table to opt for steak over kale, and I also ordered a side of fries. Suddenly, every eye on the table was on me.

“You know what I like to do,” Cookbook Lady pronounced slowly, apropos of nothing. “My children and I like to take carrots, and radishes, and other yummy veggies, and we fry them up and we eat them just like French fries!”

I nodded at this weird judgment-disguised-as-personal-anecdote. Simply nodded, because my mouth was full. A couple of hands reached for my fry plate, until everyone at the table had availed themselves of my side dish. So much for the holier-than-thou attitude.

TV Celebrity:

His Wife/Cookbook Lady:

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