How This Actor Used To Supplement His Income

frontiers magazine[Blind Gossip] This actor is on a cable TV drama. He is a big, handsome guy who could easily pass for a professional athlete. He has had plenty of acting jobs over the years, but there was a time when he was supplementing his income with other activities.

He used to be a gay escort. He had a regular ad in Frontiers, a Los Angeles-based magazine targeting the gay community.

There were some rumors a while back that he used to do gay porn. That’s not true, although there is a gay porn star who resembles him. The escort stuff is true, though.

BONUS CLUE! Not Joe Manganiello. Think slightly smaller guy and a smaller show. Hit us up with another guess!

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  1. jacks_colon says

    Joe Manganiello? Big guy, attractive, super ripped, could definitely resemble an athlete. On HBO’s True Blood.

  2. Virgo826 says

    While the pic totes resembles Channing *wipes drool from chin*, the clues don’t. So I’m guessing this is Channing’s Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello.

    Thanks for the eye-candy, Ace!!

  3. robirob052 says

    Joe Manganiello from True Blood? He is a big, handsome guy who could easily pass for a professional athlete. Plus the picture mentions Denis O’Hare who was on True Blood.

      • luvprue1 says

        If it’s not Joe, then it must be Matt Boomer from White Collar. He was also in Magic Mike with Channing and Joe.

  4. torypm says

    Joe Manganiello (“That’s not true”/”The escort stuff is TRUE…” : True Blood reference)

  5. Mystical says

    I’m going with Joe Manganiello from True Blood. I saw him on The Talk recently and they were asking him about what he did to make ends meet (or something akin to that) as a struggling actor. I can’t remember his exact words, but he indicated that he did nothing illegal or outside the norm. Whatever he said really stood out as it was completely unnecessary and seemed to come from left field. He sort of gave himself away with that comment and made it clear that he had something to hide.

  6. donaclny says

    Jon Hamm (MadMen).. Hearing a lot of rumors about this lately. His squeaky clean image has become quite tarnished as of late. Don’t know why this was kept undercover for so long. Who decides the timing for when something is leaked?

    • Dragon says

      I thought of Jon Hamm too. Didn’t he do interview about working in the porn industry. who’s has cable tv and does movies too.

  7. katekatebobate says

    Could it be anyone other than Channing tatum…(bases solely on the photo that is)

  8. ravenglass says

    Anson Mount

    It’s probably not him, but with a name like Anson MOUNT, I could see how he could be mistaken for a porn star.

  9. robin says

    Joe Manganiello from True Blood
    The pic has Dennis O’Hare in text and he’s on that show

  10. irissarcasm says

    Joe Manganiello from True Blood? He is big, fit and always without a shirt like the guy in the picture. Also Denis O´Hare mention on the cover is a big clue to True Blood for sure.

  11. donaclny says

    Jon Hamm. His squeaky clean image has become quite tarnished. Who decides when something will be leaked?

  12. mistertl says

    Joe Mangianello. Clues being “true” in last sentence (he’s on True Blood) and inclusion of Denis O’Hare on the mag cover (he played a bad guy on True Blood.)

      • missmissy says

        Is there a skiing connection here somewhere? I think the professional athlete and the fact that the guy is standing with a ski is a clue. I just couldn’t figure out a connection.

    • beckss says

      I dunno, he didn’t move til LA until he was doing quite well did he?

      Think there must be a proper athlete connection as it’s a bit of a random thing to say

    • jasper says

      Colton is O-U-T, Out. I only know him from Arrow, but there were several scenes this past season where she wasn’t even trying to hide it. It was somewhat awkward because one was a Roy/Thea relationship building scene.

  13. foxyroxy says

    Joe Manganiello? Noted for being a big dude, and he’s on True Blood, hence all the “true” references.

    • True007 says

      He spoke in front of an audience recently and said he “wasn’t gay…yet.” After Spiderman, he said he was living off unemployment and in construction. Honestly, he could come out the closet tomorrow and I would still want him. I would file him with Ricky Martin and Matt Bomer whom he went to drama school with. Interesting!

  14. LovelyGal22 says

    Ok, I know this is kind of a weird guess, but – Tyler Hoechlin, from Teen Wolf? The whole “could easily pass for a professional athlete” – Hoechlin nearly WAS a professional athlete, he played college baseball and ultimately decided to do acting. And as for the “gay pornstar that resembles him,” people talk about how he looks like Dale Cooper all the time and Dale even tweeted about it a while back.

    • rosiedoes says

      He was my first thought for exactly the same reasons. Also, isn’t True Blood also about supernatural creatures?

    • phoenixfire says

      this was my guess too! the bonus clue seems to back us up. plus, they repeated the word true, maybe a hint to the true alpha plot element?

    • AyeRightCara says

      I second LovelyGal22’s guess. I like Hoechlin for this (college baseball, the Dale Cooper comparisons) but I kind of hope it’s not true.

    • ningyo says

      As much as I’d want this to be Tyler, I can’t see it being him. He’s super private about his life (often times I question why he chose being an actor if he doesn’t want people up in his business) and not at all as someone who would have an ad in a magazine for an escort service… plus he’s super christian/religious.

      • beckss says

        perhaps he’s super private because he doesn’t want people digging around his past? doubt he would have thought about the repercussions like that before he was famous. Also being religious or being bought up that way doesn’t count for much, for example katy perry and britney

      • rosiedoes says

        Now, I don’t want to be too controversial, here, but the Vatican has a whole bag of problems with super Christian/religious dudes doing things that are routinely considered un-Christian.

        Homosexual shenanigans are some eating shellfish level naughtiness in comparison.

  15. exnetworkpro says

    Josh Hartnett, Penny Dreadful.
    I mean, he DID drop off the radar for an awfully long time…

    • Virgo826 says

      Call me crazy, but I doubt that the son of James Caan (Brian’s Song, The Godfather, Misery) would put a regular ad in “Frontiers” to drum up business as a gay escort.

  16. ravenglass says

    Devin Harjes from “Boardwalk Empire”

    Could pass for an athlete= He plays Jack Dempsey

    Hit us with another guess= boxer & BE is about the Mafia

    • ravenglass says

      I’m not sure about this answer either. He only appeared in a couple of episodes & I think he spent most of his time in New York.

      • MacTalk says

        Well the clue did say “plenty of acting jobs over the years”. That indicates he’s been around for awhile and seems like he’s had plenty of jobs – acting or otherwise :)

    • beckss says

      most of the comments had already been posted and were awaiting moderation when the bonus clue was posted

  17. CatInTheHat says

    Am sure this is wrong but here goes – Matthew McConaughey.

    Reasoning: the cover on pic mentions Denis O’Hare who was in Dallas Buyers Club with MM.
    the guy on cover looks like Channing Tatum who was in Magic Mike with MM.
    MM was on True Detective, cable show. Blind doesn’t say he isn’t also a movie star.
    when he’s at his normal weight, he could easily be a pro baseball athlete or something.

    I know, I know….it can’t be but thats all I have that hasn’t already been guessed…lol

    • HermioneG says

      I was about to write McConaughey as well. People picked up on the “true” hint but instead of True Blood it could be True Detective.

  18. augustmom says

    Yes, fellow guessers, the picture obviously looks like Channing Tatum…and he IS NOT IN A CABLE SHOW!!

  19. augustmom says

    With the new bonus clue, I’ll now say either Jared Padalecki, or Tyler Hoechlin. I am intrigued by the True Detective guess of McConaughey but I hope it isn’t true!

      • SammynSophie says

        And he’s been on network TV since he was a teenager. He went from Gilmore Girls to Supernatural. I seriously doubt an actor working in network television would be placing public escort ads in mags.

  20. Katmandu says



    (a ‘smaller show’….tough one. Joe would have been a good guess, but its not him. So a smaller show is another show with supernatural types. Not TWD as that is HUGE.)

  21. pdq says

    Could it be Alexander Skarsgard? He’s Swedish (so the ski being held by the cover model works), he’s got a nice bod and there’s the True Blood connection.

    If it is him……hubba hubba zing zing…..he’s got everything!

  22. badboypol says

    Joseph Morgan, Klaus on Vampire Diaries

    he showed his ass in one movie so I don’t see this imposible tbh

  23. synth says

    Colton Haynes
    there were actually rumours and pictures of him being gay pornstar and kissing males
    some people also pointed out that he used to have boyfriend too

  24. TOM says

    Though the photo resembles Channing Tatum (no wonder he’s an alcoholic…I’m going with cable actor Jon Hamm whose in a new Disney sports movie.

  25. True007 says

    I’ll be honest. I’ve been researching gay p*rn stars. Haven’t found anything yet.
    Joe Manganiello is 6’5″. An actor slightly smaller than him shouldn’t be hard. The closest one on the top of my head is Jon Hamm at 6’2″. Maybe that’s why he’s so “sensitive” when people discussed his Hammbone.

  26. Selene81 says

    I think synth may have nailed this. There were gay pornstar rumors about Colton Haynes, and he resembles the guy in the photo, just a little smaller.

    • jasper says

      smleighton mentioned him first, and he’s been publicly out. See my reply above.

  27. augustmom says

    “Cable” must be open to interpretation, as many people would have to have cable to get the channel for Padalecki’s show. I am not familiar with Colton Haynes so I looked him up–he’s 5’9″ which is a lot smaller than Manganiello…his show is a lot smaller as well but he does resemble the picture in the clue.

  28. NickPat24 says

    Justin Hartley. Currently on Revenge. Bonus clue makes me think of him on Smallville. And he is slightly shorter than Joe Manganiello. But the bonus clue also makes me think they are talking about the current show the actor is on so this may be wrong.

  29. daisygirl35 says

    I’m going to guess Jon Hamm. I just read an article about him working behind the scenes on porn movies.

  30. astretchguess says

    Matt Passmore, the Aussie actor who was on The Glades on A&E. I couldn’t remember his name, I only watched the first 2 seasons so I had to look him up to refresh. He’s definitely handsome, tall, big but not as big as Joe M., and reminds me of a rugby player. He has a new show coming out on the USA network starting in July, if this blind item is about him that would make sense. I’m a str8t girl who isn’t much of a student of gay porn to know if there is a star he resembles.