Pot and Bacon

bacon burger[News.com.au] During his 10-year career working at four different five-star hotels in Australia, this hotel insider has witnessed some bizarre behaviour from singers, politicians and actors.

A well-known crooner: “He’s pretty laid back,” the insider said, “but it was pretty obvious that he was smoking a lot of marijuana in his room and he would regularly call for hamburgers (with extra bacon) at all times of the night.

“He also requested that none of his music be played in the hotel lobby during his stay.”


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    • arielade says

      Maybe it’s Michael Buble? I think there have been blinds about him being a womanizing jerk, and I like to think as chronic pot smokers as happy, kind, hungry people.

  1. ginnynotjenny says

    Crooner? I gotta guess either Harry Connick, Jr., or Michael Buble then… I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that either smoked pot.

  2. 4sixx2 says

    Laid back crooner makes me think of Harry Connick, Jr. He narrated My Dog Skip which actor Kevin BACON played in.

  3. scumby says

    Don’ know if this is supposed to be an Aussie, but if not it sounds like Jimmy Buffett-Cheeseburger in Paradise, laid back

  4. augustmom says

    I would consider all these guys “crooners”: Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Harry Connick, Bruno Mars…which one?

  5. minx says

    A “crooner” reminds me of someone like Harry Connick Jr. or Michael Buble. The original crooner was Frank Sinatra, of course.

  6. AR09 says

    Bieber? Wasn’t he there not too long ago? Though he really loves playing his music to people though…
    Um, I will go with John Mayer as my second guess.

  7. bjd44 says

    Note: Willie Nelson is always referred to as a “laidback country crooner.” Also famous for his pot arrests!

  8. FairyMay9 says

    When you say “crooner,” I’m thinking one of only two people, Michael Buble’ or Harry Connick, Jr. I’m going with Harry.

  9. CoCoJoe says

    Wow, what a shocker! A musician who smokes a bit of pot, keeps late hours, and is tired of hearing his own music. I assume that this is ALL the musicians who are not egotistical idiots/addicts.

  10. JaneDawson says

    Prince? He released a song this year called “Pretzelbodylogic” – the pretzel bun on that burger. plus he started his tour in Australia last week.

  11. rodieb123 says

    Michael Buble. Canadian BACON, and let’s face it, Canada is known for it’s Mary Jane!

  12. SammynSophie says

    Just for kicks and giggles, I really want this to be Harry Connick, Jr. It would only make me love him more. :)