Jealous Housewife

andy cohen bravo upfronts 2014[All About The Tea] A reality TV housewife recently attended Bravo’s Upfronts along with a few of her co-stars.

We’re told, Bravo execs showered this reality TV housewives’ co-star with a ton of attention which caused the reality TV housewife to FUME!

This reality TV housewife loves being the center of attention (don’t they all)?

There was a HUGE buzz at the Upfronts about something her costar has planned with the network. The reality TV
housewife avoided her costar all night.

It seems her costar is being courted by other networks as well and may even move to LA to pursue the

Any idea who the “reality TV housewife” and her “costar” may be?



TV Series:

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