Aging Popper

ecs 3[Sunday People] Which ageing star shocked fellow partygoers at a showbiz bash when they spotted her popping several ecstasy pills?


Showbiz Bash:


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112 comments to Aging Popper

  • hellosunshine

    Either Madonna or Cher. Not sure about the bash.

  • Vagabondage

    Dame Helen Mirren
    2014 BAFTA Film Awards
    Clue: purple & crown. She played Elizabeth II in “The Queen”

  • cierra567

    Washed up “Queen” Madonna

    • august

      I can’t say washed up ,just career time for her is over, raise your damn kids.
      She looks like she’s plantation owner / that Fried Chicken guy suit/ tranny theses days.

  • Poppies

    Naomi Campbell

  • ravenglass

    Star: Julie Andrews

    Bash: BAFTA’s

    She is Mary POPPINS after all!!!

  • gmaven

    Has to be Madonna. Not sure where.

  • CyndiTx123

    Madonna ?

  • Lindasu

    Sadly, Madonna I fear. As much as I’m a fan, the last two years she’s just continued to do whatever it takes to keep herself looking, acting and appearing as if she’s still there. She has so much she can still accomplish….like attempting to keep her status as awesome as the time it took her to gain it.

  • Mystical

    I will guess Sharon Stone. By the way, I love how they say “aging” and “middle aged” when referring to women, but not men. I’ve been catching up on old blinds and love how 39-year-old Jenna Jameson was called “middle-aged” while 45-year-old Josh Brolin was called “still young.” Nice!

    • Mystical

      Oooh, I just thought of Demi Moore as well. But I don’t know if anyone would be shocked by either one of them doing ecstasy.

    • Rhett

      People complain about a “double standard” when in truth it is nature that creates “double standards.” A woman at 39 is middle aged — the odds of her being able to reproduce a healthy child without fertility treatments and other artificial inventions is extremely low. A 45-year-old man is able to reproduce healthy children with ease and is by nature’s definition “still young.”

      By denying these natural truths due to political ideology, our society has reared two generations of women that are discovering too late that feminist dogma does not actually lead them to happiness, as it denies feminine nature and reproductive instinct in favor of a fantasy world of “equality” that has never existed and will never exist.

      • Samie

        Youth or age is not determined solely by reproduction.

        Men live shorter lives than women, so a man whose life expectancy is 76 years (the average in the U.S.), is middle-aged at half that, or 38 years old.

        Women live to be 81, so a woman is middle-aged at 41.

      • justjinx

        holy crap Rhett that was pretty deep for Blind Gossip. haha

      • wendy hood

        Equality is one of the greatest myths persisting today (and the most frustrating). Everything is NOT the same for a reason, but people would rather live with TV fairytales than look around at whats actually going on.

      • ToadKisser

        What a complete and utter load of cr*p. Not only is your premise a fallacy – males’ sexual virility declines much earlier than females’, offspring of older males are more likely to be born with birth defects, and men have a significantly shorter lifespan – but you are reducing the value of all people to nothing more than their ability to pop out babies. Many adults of both genders never have biological children, yet somehow still manage to make undeniable contributions to their families and to society.

        There’s a double standard because women are traditionally valued for their looks and men are traditionally valued for their earning power – it’s ridiculous to pretend that’s not true. Your argument makes you sound sexist, and putting down feminism just makes it seem like you’re threatened by strong, smart women who think for themselves.

      • Simstim

        “The biggest study of its kind has found that the children of fathers aged over 45 were at greater risk of autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as well has having lower IQs and poorer academic performance.”

        “Women are born with all their eggs, but male sperm is constantly replicating. Each time sperm replicates there is a chance for a mutation in the DNA to occur. As men age, they are also exposed to numerous environmental toxins which have been shown to cause DNA mutations in sperm.

        Molecular genetic studies have shown that the sperm of older men have far more mutations than those of younger men. ”

        ““Men don’t have the menopause, they don’t stop their ability to have children as they age, but what we do see is their partners struggle to get pregnant and have more miscarriages and they increase the risk of their children having a range of problems. ”


      • savannah2

        No, sorry. Society gives connotation to words and ideas. Nature has nothing to do with it. Furthermore, a woman at the age of 39 could still reproduce naturally. I know plenty of women who have gotten pregnant until about 45 without any help from a doctor. Women used to reproduce well into their 50s and maybe even 60s, and that was the norm, yet they still were considered to be spinsters at the age of 20. The only reason this has changed is due to the change in societal norm for family size.

        Families today are typically 2-3 children. Then, birth control is used, which halts or slows the ability of a woman to reproduce well in the future. I’m pretty sure that men also push for women to be on birth control, as well as it being the woman’s choice. In fact, if I wanted to be a stereotypical jerk too, most of the time, it is usually the man saying, “Honey, you should get birth control. I don’t want anymore children” or gets a vasectomy and then no more children can happen. So do not give me this “It’s nature” bs. That argument is invalid.

      • Beth_12

        Pray tell dearie… what is “feminine nature.” You seem such an expert on my gender, I’m thinking that at one point, you must have been one of us :)

  • CanaryCry


  • foreverthine

    Star: Helena Bonham-Carter?

    Showbiz Bash: BAFTA’s

    • PandoraWolf

      The only thing surprising that woman could do is brush her hair.

      (Not hating: she ROCKS!!)

  • Mystical

    I just realized that this is a publication from the UK, so I am probably wrong on both counts!

  • stolidog

    Madonna, Billboard Music Awards, and rock on!

  • kookywooky

    Star: Julie Walters? Cate Blanchett? Helen Mirren? Judy Dench? Emma Thompson?

    Showbiz Bash: BAFTA TV

  • CatBallou

    Helen Mirren?


  • danneka

    wild guess—melanie griffith-

  • batmans


  • cjane

    My guess is Madge.

  • missmissy

    Shania Twain or Miranda Lambert

  • stanton


  • sake_kitty

    Billboard music awards

  • fallenangelx

    Helena Bonham Carter

    The BAFTAS

  • across777

    Star: Madonna

    Bash: Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty

  • Kerzep



  • Slothcat

    Demi Moore

  • ThinkerBelle

    Demi Moore.

  • scumby

    By the purple I’ll guess Prince. Don’t know the bash.

  • Ontarioglow

    Tina Fey ?

  • tuckerlee123


  • doodadoo

    Star: Madonna
    Bash: The Garden Party at the MoMa

  • redstilettos


  • sue

    Madonna…… Billboard Awards???

  • kfarley519

    Jennifer Coolidge

  • Mrs. Wonderful


  • JeanCee


    Billboard Awards?

  • suepich

    Madonna, Billboards?

  • mimib

    billboard awards

  • morgannicolesmith

    paris hilton?she says she’s sober now…madonna?

  • greasybitchs


  • Kazzo

    Sharon Stone.

  • Mammacubbie

    Hi Ace! Long time reader, but first time poster. Love this page!
    Could this be our darling Helen Mirren? That wild gal wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she did this. She is going to be my BFF in my next life.

  • GeorgiaR

    Madonna at the Met Ball.

  • DGoodies

    Demi Moore

  • mamakris

    Her Oscar party

  • My2Brows

    I’m thinking Pamela Anderson at Cannes…

  • okyeah

    Star: Demi Moore
    Bash: de re gallery

  • lookeehere


  • clareb30

    Helen mirren Pill with the crown she played the queen no idea of the bash

  • olegASS

    Somehow I think this is about MADONNA for several reasons:

    1) ageing star
    2) Her last album title, MDNA, is a clear reference do ecstasy (MDMA)
    3) The crown (on the pic) is featured on Like a Prayer album cover
    4) Well, she’s still the queen, right!?

    But I have no idea if she was at some party. Heard she skipped MET Gala to work on new album (maybe high on MDMA lol)

    BTW, my very first comment here. Just found BG and it’s already my fave website!

  • Ms Min Pin

    Sharon Stone.

  • lightofeternity

    Gonna go out on a limb here:

    Pam Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival? She was pretty talkative apparently

  • beckss


  • bluejasmine

    Helen Mirren
    Not sure where?

  • ladydee


  • springgirl

    Demi Moore

  • irishinoz


  • Stacy C

    Betty White.

  • mugofmead111

    My initial guess would have been Madonna, but I don’t think she was at the Billboard Music Awards this year. J. Lo was!

    Wasn’t there another blind from Hollywood Street King about how Puff Daddy had J. Lo popping pills when they were together?

  • gotsomemoxie

    Helen Mirren

  • lindsmagee


  • SuzNYC


  • Stardust

    Jane Fonda

  • Catseyezzz

    I have to go with Sharon Stone.

  • db8ng1

    Man! When is Betty White ever going to get it together?

  • clink1833

    This has to be Baba Walters at Coachella. right?

    Could you imagine? lol

  • gcreptile

    Kylie Minogue (that would shock me)

    The Annual Butterfly Awards?

  • VeronicaMarsBars

    Star: Madonna
    Showbiz Bash: Billboard Music Awards

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Since this is a British publication, I’ll go with Dame Judi Dench – that would be pretty shocking.

  • CountessLurkula



    Sharon Stone
    Amfar Party

  • MzDBDB

    Barbara Walters at her goodbye party. 😉

  • Samra1116

    Demi Moore or Sharon Stone
    Whom ever it is they definitely needs help ASAP

  • Ladieu

    Helen Mirren

  • Ladieu

    Dame Maggie Smith

  • boyjack4

    Probably Sharon Stone!

  • huhwhoami

    hey ace, and then what happened?

  • Johnboyy

    Cilla Black, at the Baftas.

  • PoniTayl

    Courtney Love

  • kimbers

    Long shot but he it goes

    Gwen stefani

    Off the pic
    crown-tragic kingdom (no doubt)
    Happy face- pharrell song

    Pharrell and gwen made the song rounds recently. She is in her early 40s, pop singer, and recently gave birth which may be why ppl were shocked.

    I just dont see madly Madonna shocking anyone anymore.

  • Katmandu

    I will have to say Madonna. The last few years she has been acting like an azz. These pills damage your brain, you are never the same for the rest of your life. I think Madonna DOES have brain damage. I don’t think she cares much, either, because her career is never going to be the same. Pathetic.

  • SnitchyBordumb

    This is Dame Helen Mirren!!

    Clues: Firstly this came from a British publication..

    2nd HUGE CLUE: the Blind’s title- “Aging Popper” – which, according to multiple online bios, is Helen Mirren’s nickname- POPPER!

    Also, the purple pills w/crowns: Helen has played a queen in movies over 6x (purple=royalty) and most importantly has played both Queen Elizabeth 1 & 2-both known for their love of purple.

    And Helen Mirren seems to wear purple quite often as well (according to one online blurb, purple & white are supposedly her favorite colors).

    She def seems young at heart! Hope I feel & look as good as she does when I get to be her age!

    • SnitchyBordumb

      Oh and this took place at the BAFTAs of course (perhaps a BAFTA after-party)! Where this year she (Helen Mirren) was presented/won the prestigious Academy Fellowship award- and the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William (a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth’s grandson) is the one who presented her with it!

      BAM! just dropped that mic like a hot potato! 😉

  • LiamForeman

    Helen Mirren sounds like a good guess, but is she considered ‘ageing’? She’s like 70 for heaven’s sake! She isn’t aging, she’s aged. When I think of an aging actress, I imagine she is late forties or fifties. So someone like Sharon Stone.

  • greeneyze


  • PapillonLover

    Lindsay Lohan

  • jillphelps41

    Sharon Stone. After looking at her most recent pics at Cannes, I’m convinced that she is on something!