1. unicornskijacket says

    Heartthrob: Harry Styles

    And i’m guessing the married man is Ben Wiston.

    • YoGo8c says

      If it’s Harry and Ben it’s not being kept very ‘secret,’ is it?

      And yeah, nice visuals but those pool pics were probs more like: “Get used to seeing me hanging over guys, ladies, because it’s gonna keep happening….” I think it was just Harry being Harry.

      For some reason Tom Hardy popped into my head for this blind. ‘Aides’ sounds like more of an actor’s terminology than a musical group/musicians. Tom is very much a British heartthrob and I dunno, he gives me closet vibes sometimes.

      But really, there are few clues, there might be a clue in the wording but who can be arsed to check it out, it’ll never come to light if it’s true and then there’s IF it’s true. It’s a needle in a haystack folks and probably made up anyway.

      • LoneHazelEyes says

        Guiltywhispers…just because this blind comes from the mirror, doesn’t mean it’s referring to something that has already been in that particular paper.

      • ppfxxx says

        “He gives me closet vibes sometimes”
        If I remember correctly Hardy has been quite open about some Bi activity in the past

  2. Ladieu says

    Andrew Garfield or Henry Cavill?

    I would love this to be Kit Harrington though haha

  3. travoltasbeard says

    The Daily Mirror is an English Paper:
    Aides makes me think Politics:

    Heartthrob: Paul Andrew Nuttall

    Married Man: ???

  4. SammynSophie says

    I can’t help but think of Hugh Grant and his notorious arrest for soliciting a drag-queen, but I don’t really think this is him. Is (was) he even considered a heartthrob?

  5. Daisy134 says

    Is it suppose to be Harry Styles and Ben Winston? I don’t believe this particular blind for some reasons:
    1. It’s from the Mirror. I wouldn’t believe them if they said my birthday was my actual birthday
    2. “His aides are desperate to keep the news away from the front page”. Well, Harry’s “aides” didn’t stop all of those HQs of Harry and Ben in Brazil from being published when they could’ve done that very easily.
    Eh just the Mirror being its usual self… Although Harry and Ben would provide very nice visuals. Of course it could be somebody else, and if it is I have no clue.

    • LoneHazelEyes says

      Totally agree. And in the photo’s, Ben looked like he was trying to get away and was embarrassed anyway!

  6. Vagabondage says

    Since it’s worded HeartthRob, I’m guessing Rob Pattinson. Pic is scruffy like RPatz and calls to mind the Dior Homme campaign.

  7. Miss Demeanor says

    God, any of them. Aren’t most of them gay, anyway? The photo reminds me of Fassbender, although I know he grew up in Ireland.
    Hiddleston, Cumberbatch, Theo James, or any of the boy banders, especially Harry What’s His Name.

    • LoneHazelEyes says

      Isn’t Ireland part of Great Britain? Wouldn’t that make his “British”?

      • VeronicaMarsBars says

        Northern Ireland is British. Citizens of the Republic of Ireland (aka The South) would flip if you called them “British”.

      • EllaCinnamon says

        No Ireland is not in Great Britain. If you’re not sure of something why not google it before posting an ignorant and offensive comment.

      • blueskydrinking says

        No it most certainly would not. British means from Britain. England, Wales, Scotland. NOT Ireland.

      • GeordieLimey says

        Only Northern Ireland is part of the UK. So Fassbender is Irish, not British.

      • Littlehorse says

        Hell NO!! People don’t magically become British just because the British invade their country! The Irish have always been – and will always be – IRISH!

      • ppfxxx says

        Northern Ireland is part of the UK not the Republic of Ireland where Fassbender moved at 2

    • BB_amy says

      Well, I thought Fassbender when I saw the photo… If it’s him, who is his (married) lover? I only thought of McAvoy, because all that bromance stuff, and the long gazes he sometimes gives to Fassbender… Well, I don’t know, maybe it can be just my imagination.

  8. LB says

    Heartthrob : Dominic Adams
    Clues :
    Heartthrob, because he’s a model
    His aides : he’s on Devious Maids
    Desperate : Marc Cherry is the creator of Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids

  9. ness_xoxo says

    Either :

    Harry Styles & Ben Winston (director of all 1D videos)


    Robert Pattinson & Dane Dehaan (they just filmed together).

    I don’t believe either one but i’m sure one of those two are who you are referring to.

  10. Johnboyy says

    Hmmm, I change my guess to Danial Craig. The photo looks like him, especially the eyes. There have been bi rumours about him for years.

    • Littlehorse says

      Daniel Craig recently married Rachel Weisz – they had an affair during the filming of a movie together and she left and divorced her husband to be with him. Bi- or not, I don’t see him having an affair that could land him on the front page of a tabloid this soon after marrying her.

    • Booboo1068 says


      Thanks for the eye candy Ace!! And I don’t care if he’s gay…still good fantasy material!

  11. tellingitlikeitis says

    Okkkkaaaaayyy so which member of One Direction is banging someone’s daddy?

    Probably Harry…it has to be Harry.

  12. mea says

    Which of the British so-called heartthrobs is the most gayish? i will go with Pattinson

  13. Booboo1068 says

    Daniel Craig

    Blind didn’t say if heartthrob was married but there has long been rumours about DC and the picture has a James Bond look.

    At least this Blind says he’s British so less chance of American actors being guessed?

  14. allison53 says

    im going to be embarrassed if im the only one who says this.
    Heartthrob: harry styles
    i think he might be doing ben winston or cal (is he married??)

    • Booboo1068 says

      Don’t be. I’ve been so off at times. LOL!
      BTW looks like your with the popular vote…

  15. robirob052 says

    Heartthrob: Theo James

    I find it always fishy when leading actors have a showmance with their leading ladies when it comes to those teen blockbuster movies like Twilight.

    • Littlehorse says

      I’d buy this before I’d buy the others guessed so far. His marriage to Miranda was a sham from day one – they’re both gay – but good for their careers at the time. She’s benefiting from the admission that she’s Bi. He may think the climate for coming out is better now, too.

  16. AR09 says

    Is the hearthrob a girl or a man? Not clear on the blind, or am I missing something? But this sounds like David Beckham and ..??

  17. TruthBeTold says

    Heartthrob:Harry Styles (although i wouldn’t call him a heartthrob)
    having an affair with that Ben guy ,who is married.

  18. emmawilliamhemmings says

    Hearthrob: Harry Styles

    Could this be about Harry & Ben Winston? There’s been recent photos of the two together.

    • felipepinafi says

      Wait,is about 1D singer Harry and the director Ben Winston because there’s a photo of that boy drunk hugging the director.I don’t believe.Seriously,people need to stop to get a ”new secret boyfriend” to Harry every week.

  19. xrupii says

    I hope this isn’t referring to Harry Styles and Ben Winston. They’re leak testing their new staff, so I guess this could be one of the lies they tried on them. I don’t know. But hopefully it isn’t and this is not about Ben or Harry at all.

  20. sugarspice says

    Your not seriously trying to tell us this is Harry Styles and Ben Winston. Excuse me while I laugh myself silly…oh god I’m lost for words!

    • Littlehorse says

      If body language means ANYTHING, these two are definitely ‘together’.

  21. pnelope says

    These are only fun with clues. There are no clues here. I refuse to guess.
    Wait – David Cameron & Tony Blair.

  22. rudy says

    Dominic Adams because he is SOOOO hot.

    And Paul McGuigan because I love scottish accents and he is also in Devious Maids and is married.

  23. checkin1234 says

    Harry style and Ben Winston? Lots of their pictures together and the picture listed front does look a lot like Ben Winston.

  24. DdR says

    Heartthrob: Prince Harry

    Married Man (may or may not be famous): Nacho Figueras

    Clue is aides, which makes me think more political. Harry’s definitely a heartthrob to many girls on both sides of the Atlantic. And he just broke up with his girlfriend of two years, Cressida Bonas.

    I don’t know who the married man is, but Harry does hang around with Nacho Figueras somewhat, and Nacho’s married.

  25. soyella says

    James Scott from Day’s of Our Lives is the British heartthrob. There was another blind about A British Soap star involved with a married cast member. I’m a huge James Scott fan, if he wants to come out let him already!

  26. celebs-r-weird says

    that’s a good lookin dude. kinda looks like Paul Walker. I’m goin with Styles. whenever I see him with a girl he looks like he would rather be anywhere else

  27. Justgivingyouthefacts says

    If this is Harry I mean…you’re right, but I wouldn’t call it an affair seeing as he is married to the married man, but alright.

  28. Loves the Latin Boys says

    Getting a strong Daniel Craig vibe here. He’s pretty well known to be closeted.

  29. morgannicolesmith says

    harry styles,that guy he was caught with (in those candids he was licking some guys neck,etc)

  30. TruthBeTold says

    Justgivingyouthefacts: What the hell??? is Harry Styles married to
    Ben Winston??? is that what you are saying???

  31. spoofbyrd says

    I wouldnt consider Daniel Radcliffe or Daniel Craig heartthrob material . It seems a lot of young male stars are ambidicktrous these days . I am going out of styles and saying maybe Jude Law or another Daniel who still has his looks maybe Daniel Day Lewis .

  32. joiedevivre says

    The most obvious guess that enters my mind is Harry Styles and Ben Winston. True, the pictures don’t make it seem very secret (at. all.) BUT there was absolutely NO mention of Harry and Ben’s canoodling in tabloids, and if PR wasn’t trying to cover it up, there undoubtedly would have been..

    That said, the picture does not look like neither Ben nor Harry, and I know BG often uses pictures as clues. There isn’t anything else that really points to Ben & Harry, other than maybe use of ‘British Heartthrob’–B for Ben, H for Harry. Who knows. I’m praying it’s not Harry. I’m still hoping for a Larry Stylinson wedding someday…

  33. EastCoaster says

    I nominate Daniel Craig, since the guy in this blind’s photo is good looking, a bit unkempt, and striking a James Bond-like pose.

  34. isabella_herrera says


  35. GDatt says

    I just watched the Graham Norton Show w/the X Men fellas; some serious chemistry going on there. I’m going to say Fassbender (the picture sorta looks like him) for the hearthrob and both Jackman and McEvoy are married, so either one. I think I need a cold shower now.

  36. clekat says

    Chris Martin

    The Daily Mirror article about the breakup sounds like he’s coming to terms with unexpectedly falling in love.

  37. Sarabeth says

    Pattinson/Sturridge. His aides work really hard at linking him up to various actresses/models, but they always deny it. It’s starting to look suspect.

    Sturridge isn’t technically married to Sienna, but I doubt the Mirror cares about technicalities.

  38. kcool says

    Harry Styles and Ben Winston. I dont know if this is a good clue, but the title is The British Heartthrob. The ‘B’ is for Ben Winston and the ‘H’ is for Harry Styles.