• ppfxxx says

      There has been stories of this sort going round about Leeds for the last couple of weeks

  1. travoltasbeard says

    Roman Abromovich
    Chelski I mean Chelsea.

    Oh, and u know I love to say it…Pop Bitch is an english site!

  2. whowassheilahgraham says

    Owner: Cellini. Club: Leeds. The exec having “leads” gives it away. Also, Cellini and manager Brian McDemott are having a huge blow up.

    • KWDragon says

      While this is a British site and about soccer (which most of the world calls football), I have no doubt you are correct!

  3. Lyrics and Chords says

    Snorting Owner: one of the Glazer brothers

    His Football Club: Manchester U

    They win by default..that’s the only football club I know

  4. thekid5591 says

    Football Club: Leeds United?
    Owner: Owned by a company but Massimo Cellino is President?

  5. tinydancer says

    Massimo Cellino & Leeds Utd – When he took over, he had security sweep the premises, and a number of hidden cameras were found & removed.