Bad Behavior at a Pop Culture Convention

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[Blind Gossip] This actor was one of the stars of a popular cable TV drama series.

He was recently signing autographs at a pop culture convention. He would spy a pretty young girl walking around or waiting on line and motion for her to come to him. Then he would quiz her about her age and who had accompanied her to the event.

“What’s your name? How old are you? Are you 18? Are you here with your boyfriend or your parents? At what hotel are you staying?” While they talked, he would stare at her chest.

He is 40ish. The girls he was targeting were in their late teens. That’s pretty bad behavior. If his wife knew, she’d probably kill him. And then she’d kill him again.


TV Show:


Actor: Jon Bernthal

TV Show: The Walking Dead

Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead, Mob City,  and The Wolf of Wall Street is disgusting.

jon bernthal 1According to young fans at a Wizard World event earlier this year, he was being completely creepy and inappropriate in quizzing and trying to pick up young girls.

He called them over to his table or followed them around. He quizzed them about who had accompanied them to the convention. Some of those girls were as young as 16 and were at the convention with their parents! If he could catch them without their parents nearby, he would stare at their breasts, ask them what they were doing later and ask them for the name of the hotel at which they were staying.

We’ve also heard that at other Comic Con events, he sits at his table drinking liquor in the middle of the day while signing autographs for young kids. Nice.

Jon, you’re 38 years old, you’re a married man, you’re the father of two small children… and you are acting like one of those scummy guys on To Catch A Predator. Do you have a drinking problem? Do you have some secret fantasy about going to prison? Because if one of those young teens lies about their age and you get nailed with statutory r*ape charges, you can kiss your career, your marriage, your kids, and your freedom goodbye.

FairyMay9 was first with the correct answer! Kudos to all those who picked up on the Walking Dead/zombie clue (“If his wife knew, she’d probably kill him. And then she’d kill him again.”)!

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99 comments to Bad Behavior at a Pop Culture Convention

  • lovefifteen

    It has to be someone from The Walking Dead if it’s “kill him again”. I guess Andrew Lincoln since Norman Reedus is not married?

    • QubbuQ

      A lot of people are guessing between Norman and Lincoln from The Walking Dead, but the blind says, WAS, not IS one of the stars. If it’s from that show it has to be someone who has left the show.

      • insecurelyfastened

        I agree. Jon B. isn’t 40 yet. David Morrissey is 49 years old and he has a wife. It might not be from The Walking Dead.

      • redstilettos

        Also guessing this was at DragonCon which is in Atlanta where TWD is filmed.

      • Lubyanka

        It says the actor was recently signing autographs at a convention. Dragon*Con is only held Labor Day Weekend. I wouldn’t call eight months ago recent.

  • ravenglass

    Actor: Andrew Lincoln

    TV Show: The Walking Dead

    Damn, & I thought Reedus liked them young.

    Somewhere in America, Chris Hansen is whipping up a fresh batch of cookies & lemonade.

    • daisy12

      Ooh, looks like you were on to something! The blind now reads “was”.

    • tuckerlee123

      The blind now says “was” the star of a cable show, so Joe Bernthal is a good guess, or maybe because I don’t want it to be Andrew Lincoln.

    • jasper

      Lincoln or David Morrissey?
      I thought I heard he was due for a flashback in the new season currently shooting, and the “confirmed death” cameo starting the back half of this latest season did not count for that? He would be a con “get” for Doctor Who or BBC America, too.

      Only other actor that would fit is Cudlitz, who just joined last season. Don’t make it Mike, he’s my Occifer CuddleBear!
      He headlined “Southland” on NBC and TNT and Band of Brothers on HBO, and that questioning sounds like a cop interrogation, to me.

    • CatBallou

      David Morrisey could be a really good guess – I know he’s at the Con in Dallas this weekend and it seems like he hits a lot of those.

      Creepy ….

    • MaryQuiteContrary

      Andy doesn’t do conventions.

    • ravenglass

      NOW that the BI reads “WAS one of the stars…” I’m going with Jon Bernthal.

  • PenelopePitstop

    Actor: Andrew Lincoln

    TV Show: The Walking Dead

  • CatBallou

    Stephen Moyer ?

    True Blood

    kill him and then kill him again made me think vampire but could be something else entirely – trying to think of who might have come back from the dead :-)

  • carriebradshaw

    Someone from “The Walking dead”?

  • stonn

    Kill him and then kill him AGAIN?? Ooh I bet it’s somebody from The Walking Dead!

  • memememeee

    My guess was Kim Coates from Sons of Anarchy but he’s more like 50ish.

    • misslibrarianlady

      I’ve seen him at more than one signing event and he’s nothing like this blind.

  • jillphelps41

    Actor: Andrew Lincoln
    TV Show: Walking Dead

  • I Am PunkA

    OOOh, I love the last line. A The Walking Dead blind.

    Andrew Lincoln. Because Norman Reedus is not married.

  • foxyroxy

    Stephen Moyer from True Blood, married to Anna Paquin. Kill him again is a reference to his being a vampire and dying repeatedly

  • Bally Ballard

    Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead?

    “Targeting” = His character, Daryl, uses a crossbow, usually fired at archery targets.

    “She’d probably kill him. And then she’d kill him again.” = Walking Dead reference (Zombies).

  • butterflycatcher

    i really hope this isn’t it but…
    actor: misha collins
    tv show: supernatural

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Someone from GoT? Or Walking Dead?

  • kbd61186

    Andrew Lincoln or Norman reedus from the walkin dead.

  • Brittttt

    Stephen Moyer?

    True Blood

  • LadyNebula

    The line “she’d kill him again” makes me think it’s someone from The Walking Dead. At first I thought Norman Reedus, because he does a lot of Cons, but he’s not married, plus from what I’ve seen of him at Cons, he’s very respectful – at least while signing autographs. Then I was thinking Andrew Lincoln, but he hardly ever does Cons. Chad Coleman? Don’t know if he’s married or not. Jon Bernthal is a real possibility, but he’s been off the show for a couple seasons.

    So… I’m stumped.

    • LadyNebula

      Now that the blind says “was” I’m totally going with Bernthal. He does a lot of Cons, and there’s been talk of questionable behavior from him already amongst fans.

  • reverie

    Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead?

    He’s 40 and married since 2006. Also, TWD cast/writers etc do a LOT of conventions. And the obvious, if you kill someone on TWD, kill them twice so they don’t come back as a zombie..

  • katastrophic

    Stephen Moyer
    True Blood

  • nataliecook

    Ben Affleck?

  • valleygirl86

    Actor: Grant Bowler

    TV Show: Defiance

  • suzq

    I hope I am wrong

    Andrew Lincoln

    The Walking Dead

    born in 1973, married, kill and kill again… you have to kill someone who died twice if they get zombied…

  • Virginia

    Timothy Olyphant from Justified?

  • SweetOrchid

    Andrew Lincon of The Walking Dead…
    I sure hope not. I want to believe he is a decent guy.
    “Carlllllll” LOL

  • haley1020

    Peter dinklage?
    Game of thrones?

  • boyjack4

    Bryan Cranston
    Breaking Bad
    Too many ‘beds’ in that description

  • randijane

    Actor: Stephen Moyer (He’s 44)
    TV Show: True Blood

    Hint: “And then she’d kill him again.” Makes me think it’s someone who plays a character that is immortal. I hope this isn’t him since he has twin babies with Anna Paquin.

  • taracard

    My guess, Walking Dead actor, Andrew Lincoln.

  • terry123

    Stephen Moyer

  • Vagabondage

    Absolutely wild guess: Stephen Moyer. Show: True Blood

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Andrew Lincoln of Walking Dead. He’s in his 40s. His wife would kill him and then kill kill him again – as in the zombies on his show. “Bad behavior” refers to the fact Breaking Bad was on the same cable network. It’s not Bryan Cranston because he’s not in his 40s (and he’s too nice).

  • HollyWolly

    Either Andrew Lincoln or John Bernthal, but I’m leaning towards the latter.

    • WaitLemmeGuess

      I’m guessing Bernthal too. He was just at a convention in Minneapolis last week.

  • Ivee

    Someone from The Walking Dead but not Norman Reedus. He’s not married. Hopefully it’s not Andrew Lincoln!

  • kelno19

    Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead. I hope not, though.

  • Nightwing

    Andrew Lincoln is married and the age is right.

    But he seems so proper and English.

  • everclaire

    So this is obviously someone from the Walking Dead.

    Andrew Lincoln? He is married.

  • cocobeannns

    Andrew Lincoln.
    ‘kill him again’ makes me think of the walkers on the show.

  • QJ201

    Oh beeeeell

  • cgrant0423

    Total guess here – but since a “Cable TV drama series” was mentioned and that the wife would kill him and then kill him again – I’m going to go with someone from the Walking Dead. I’ll guess:

    Andrew Lincoln?

  • lovejandc

    I’m sure the TV show is Game of Thrones. Not sure about the actor, though.

  • headyeuphoria

    Adrian Pasdar

    • jasper

      Good guess! Is he still with Natalie Maines?
      The reference to “kill him again” would be to Heroes’ Nathan Petrelli, who became something of a joke after multiple “deaths” on the show. Too bad it was on NBC, *but* did also repeat on SciFi (pre-syfy) and on G4, where I hear it still airs in daytime mini-marathons?

    • Ladieu

      OMG they killed Nathan…again

      Heroes was great in season 1….how did it go so wrong?

  • forgettaboutit

    Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead

  • Lubyanka

    Though he’s probably too old for this blind, James Marsters is notorious for this kind of behavior at cons.

  • kpopzz

    James Franco, Freaks and Geeks. News already broke out a while ago that he tried to hook up with an underaged blonde named Lucy that he met after his Broadway show but failed.

  • Ahem

    Hmmm… I’m going to guess Stephen Moyer of True Blood fame. The whole ‘kill him and then kill him again’ thing is a pretty good clue. I think they have a pretty unconventional marriage, so it’s no surprise that he would have no qualms about behaving this way. Disgusting though, that he’s preying on such young girls!!

  • liaseltz

    I am going to go with Stephen Moyer in True Blood. Pictures of him riding around on a bike by himself yesterday. I hope it’s not Andrew Lincoln from Walking Dead!!

  • Sab

    Andrew Lincoln hasn

  • Sab

    Andrew Lincoln hasn’t been in a convention in months, unless recent means “last year”. The behaviour totaly fits Norman Reedus who is well known in the convetion world for his bad ways. He isn’t married, tough, so…

    • LadyNebula

      Reedus also usually waits until he’s at the bar after a Con to hit on women. He’s very respectful at the table. Flirty, yes, but not creepy. At smaller cons, Bernthal drinks Jack at the table, in front of kids. I wouldn’t put it past him to be the subject of this blind.

      • Sab

        Now that the blind changed from IS to WAS one of the stars I’m totally on board with the Jon Bernthal guess.

        FWIW, Reedus has hit people at the table. Not an easy job being his handler…

  • KatarinaJ

    Anyone else pick up on the actor “WAS” on the show not IS on the show which I found surprising so is the show over or perhaps he is no longer a full time cast member? I agree that Andrew Lincoln and zombie references make sense as well as Stephen Moyer for vamps but the past tense of that first sentence is throwing me.

  • Caprica6

    Totally David Morrissey (The Governor), from Walking Dead.


    Don’t know if it said IS before but I’m seeing WAS, so your guess would fit.

  • FairyMay9

    Totally Jon Bernthal. Andrew Lincoln doesn’t do that many cons, and when he does, he will NOT have time to talk to any one fan long enough for this kind of communication. He’s an A+++ level star and in a signing situation it’s get ’em in, get ’em out. You walk down the line, he signs your photo that’s been pre-passed to him, and you’re lucky to get a thank you with a smile and/or look in the eye. Jon, however, has been off the show long enough that when he does cons, he’s going to be at a table that would allow for some pleasantries. I also don’t know that he’s done much (an easy check of IMDB would tell me, but I’m lazy at the moment and really need to get back to the work I’m procrastinating, so he may be super duper busy for all I know). So, my guess is Jon Bernthal.

  • mirandakane

    My first guess was Norman Reedus but he isn’t married just dating a barely legal model so I will have to say Jon Bernthal because of the kill twice and also because he does more cons then Andrew Lincoln.

  • seattlegirl

    Actor: Stephen Moyer

    Cable TV drama: True Blood.(I think Ace includes that it’s cable tv because it’s a premium channel)

    Wife: Anna Paquin. She’s mentioned as the one who will kill him because she’s his co-star.

    I think they had a baby recently and my guess is he isn’t getting any at home (I think they used to be really hot & heavy before the baby came), and he’s trying to get with girls the only way he has time for: at conventions. Very sad and more than a little creepy, but isn’t Anna like way younger than him too?

  • NurseRozetta

    So sick that these conventions are used as pickups/dating/etc for these losers! So was that blind about the middle aged man too.

  • radmom

    I’m going with Bryan Cranston from “BreaKing Bad”!

  • db8ng1

    Actor: Jeffrey Donovan

    TV Show: Burn Notice

    Clues: 1. “spy” a pretty young girl
    2. girls he was “targeting”
    3. “bad behavior”
    4. His character, Michael, was regularly almost getting killed.

    The whole premise of the show was burned spies, targeting bad people for bad behavior, trying to not get killed while gaining their status back from before they were burned.

  • lovefifteen

    I didn’t catch the “WAS one of the stars”. Phew! Thank God this probably eliminates Andrew Lincoln cuz he seems like such a good guy. Hopefully it’s Jon Bernthal (Shane) or David Morrissey (the Governor)! Or T-Dawg. LOL jk

  • rosiesharks

    My guess is Matthew Fox from LOST

  • stolidog

    It’s Stephen Moyer from True Blood. He really has been killed then killed again.

  • alianovna

    Actor: Ty Olsson
    TV Show: Supernatural

    Considering I made out with him at his most recent convention and he copped a feel, I’m willing to bet he’s what this is about. It isn’t new news, though, it’s been all over the internet since it first happened and people exaggerated what happened and everyone flipped shit.

    He’s divorced, though. Wife? Ex-wife???

    (lol @ everyone saying it has to be The Walking Dead… Ty’s character on Supernatural was killed twice and he’s not even a zombie)

  • ToniAcca

    Can’t be Lincoln because “This actor WAS one of the stars of a popular cable TV drama series”.
    Maybe the guy is one of the deceased lead charcaters fro TWD past seasons.

    So I’d say Jon Bernthal (Shane).

  • farfalla

    Hi Ace, first time poster, long time addict. I have a different theory so I had to throw it in.
    Josh Duhamel
    I think that last clue was a reference to a Black Eyed Peas lyric. There have been rumours of his infidelity to Fergie in the past and he starred in Las Vegas till 2008.

  • CheshireKitty

    I’ll throw out a curveball:

    David Boreanaz, age 45 (formerly of Buffy, currently Bones). Made his first convention appearance related to Buffy in eons this May. Has a history of cheating and his wife almost left last time. Kill him and kill him again – undead on Buffy, then killed by Buffy in season 2/sent to hell.

    Link about May convention he attended.

  • pinkworldfullofunicorns

    “What’s your name? How old are you? Are you 18? Are you here with your boyfriend or your parents? At what hotel are you staying?” are you kidding me? these are the same pick up lines that James Franco used.. dude please somebody give the actors lessons or a book like “how to pick up girls for dummies actors” or something.

  • laurenmc

    Jon Bernthal from Walking Dead is married and he was making the rounds on the convention circuits.

  • yeshewa

    stephen moyer of true blood, wife of course is anna paquin….kill him again he is a vampire of course in the show

  • Bugsy

    What a loser! Sounds like he was perfectly cast in Walking Dead!!

  • MissCakes

    Absolutely shameful Con behaviour. Woman being harassed/groped/etc is a major problem.