Bad Behavior at a Pop Culture Convention

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[Blind Gossip] This actor was one of the stars of a popular cable TV drama series.

He was recently signing autographs at a pop culture convention. He would spy a pretty young girl walking around or waiting on line and motion for her to come to him. Then he would quiz her about her age and who had accompanied her to the event.

“What’s your name? How old are you? Are you 18? Are you here with your boyfriend or your parents? At what hotel are you staying?” While they talked, he would stare at her chest.

He is 40ish. The girls he was targeting were in their late teens. That’s pretty bad behavior. If his wife knew, she’d probably kill him. And then she’d kill him again.


TV Show:


Actor: Jon Bernthal

TV Show: The Walking Dead

Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead, Mob City,  and The Wolf of Wall Street is disgusting.

jon bernthal 1According to young fans at a Wizard World event earlier this year, he was being completely creepy and inappropriate in quizzing and trying to pick up young girls.

He called them over to his table or followed them around. He quizzed them about who had accompanied them to the convention. Some of those girls were as young as 16 and were at the convention with their parents! If he could catch them without their parents nearby, he would stare at their breasts, ask them what they were doing later and ask them for the name of the hotel at which they were staying.

We’ve also heard that at other Comic Con events, he sits at his table drinking liquor in the middle of the day while signing autographs for young kids. Nice.

Jon, you’re 38 years old, you’re a married man, you’re the father of two small children… and you are acting like one of those scummy guys on To Catch A Predator. Do you have a drinking problem? Do you have some secret fantasy about going to prison? Because if one of those young teens lies about their age and you get nailed with statutory r*ape charges, you can kiss your career, your marriage, your kids, and your freedom goodbye.

FairyMay9 was first with the correct answer! Kudos to all those who picked up on the Walking Dead/zombie clue (“If his wife knew, she’d probably kill him. And then she’d kill him again.”)!

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