Little Sister Was Fighting Big Sister’s Battles For Her

woman fighting man[Mouth To Ears] The little sister is not crazy and she was not fighting for herself. She was fighting her big sister’s battles for her.

The big sister’s husband had been spending lots of time with a certain fashionista. It turns out that the fashionista was stitching up more than dresses. She was actually sewing up a cozy little sleeping bag for two!

At the party that night, the little sister confronted the fashionista about her affair with the big sister’s husband. The argument soon rolled over to include the husband. Little sister began cursing out the husband, and the other guests began to notice the argument.

Wanting to avoid a public scene, the husband suggested that they all leave the party, so big sister, her husband, and little sister all left together. Little sister could not contain her anger toward the husband, and as soon as she was inside the elevator, she let loose with both her tongue and her fists!

Although it is the big sister who should be the angriest about the affair, she is not. She knows about the affair, and is much more concerned with keeping it quiet than she is with stopping it.

Why? Because her marriage is a business arrangement that will be ending soon. Big sister has to attend events with her husband and she has to fulfill her work responsibilities. Once her current work contract is finished, so is the marriage. Once the marriage is over, her husband and the fashionista can go public with their relationship.

So while her little sister is getting all riled up about the husband being disrespectful, big sister is just playing peacemaker until it’s over. She will continue to be friends with her husband’s mistress, she will continue to appear at events with her husband, she will continue to spend time with her sister, and she will continue to do her job. There is a big payday waiting for her at the end of this. She just needs everybody to stay calm, stay quiet, keep the secret, and not fight battles that don’t really need to be fought.

Little Sister:

Big Sister:

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