There Was A Famous Singer At Those Pool Parties

woman pool 3[Janet Charlton] Bryan Singer’s lawsuit has brought up the subject of those notorious Hollywood sex/pool parties where older gay men in powerful positions (studio executives, directors, producers, actors, casting people, agents etc) entertain young teenage boys and promise them career help in exchange for sex.

Back in the 1980s, when Quaaludes were plentiful, these parties flourished. You might be surprised to learn that one of the participants was FEMALE.

This extremely popular performer was introduced to the scene by a gay business associate and loved the cute young guys. (Many of whom were straight) She sampled many young men and liked one so much that she brought him on tour and he became a secret part of her life. She was married.

When she finally tired of the kid and dumped him, he threatened to go public with his sordid drugs and sex story, and destroy her squeaky clean image. The gay Hollywood mafia threatened him and he disappeared after sending his career-damaging story to a publication that was afraid to publish it. The public has no idea that this lovable singer is not as sweet as she looks.


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    • scumby says

      Nevermind-I assume she is alive by the last line-Olivia Newton-John she did marry a boy toy.

      • CanaryCry says

        I’m so jealous … should guessed ONJ, too. There really have been whispers about her through the years … poor Matt & Chloe.

      • stanton says

        onj WAS over by 1984. Her biggest successes were behind her. The only thing she has done since 1980 is “A MOM FOR CHRISTMAS” tv-movie that has developed a loyal following

      • Mystical says

        I think that is a really great guess. She may have been over by ’85, but the first half of the decade was her heyday and she was pretty huge during that time. She definitely had the “squeaky clean image” and played that off very well. I grew up in the eighties and was completely OBSESSED with her. She and Travolta were in “Two of a kind” together in 1983. Maybe he was the “gay business associate” referenced….probably not, but you never know! Also, maybe “lovable singer” could be a clue referencing “I Honestly Love You”, which was one of her most successful singles.

      • scumby says

        Possible boy toy-there is guy named John Dresden who gets credited as a bartender in “Two of a Kind”. His IMDB shows some other work then disappears after the late 1980’s.

      • Booboo1068 says

        Oooooohh…Gloria E.!

        Nice guess. Squeaky clean. Yes. Lovable. Yes. Even when she did the OWN interview with her family and Oprah asked her how she and her husband avoided scandal, he started rambling about something and Gloria cut him off and said something like “we don’t do anything scandalous…we’re too busy”. I always wondered about that answer. It’s like Oprah knew something but Gloria wasn’t playing.

      • scumby says

        Thought of her, but she was part of a band with her husband. Very difficult to take her lover on tour.

      • BritishPound says

        I thought Gloria too but because got thrown because I think the blind sounds like a full time solo artist, not an artist who was part of a band initially.

        Gloria is squeaky though and from what I can tell there have been no scandals surrounding her. Apart from her boob popping out on stage!

    • ravenglass says

      Reading “BACK IN THE 1980’s” made me feel so old.

      It seems like only yesterday I was scribbling in a neon coloured duo-tang with a four colour ink pen, while wearing acid wash jeans & listening to Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” cassette on my Walkman.

      I will cry if anyone writes: After Googling the 80’s……

      • Booboo1068 says

        I hear you! My hair was way to big and teased…well not Flock of Seagulls big but…

      • LooLoo says

        After Googling the 80s, I’m pretty sure it’s some woman named David Lee Roth.

      • mcwmomma says

        My acid washed jeans, big hair, & I agree !!! But those were the glory days….

      • CanaryCry says

        Loved, loved, loved the Leps then. Love ’em just as much now. They’ve earned their legend.

      • KyrasMaMa says

        LMAO!!! You guys are killing me!!!! ravenglass – I’m so with ya on that four color inkpen. Those were totally rad…..hahahaha……

        and I’ll have you know LooLoo that David Lee Roth was really hot for a woman back then….hahahahaha

      • Blopsy says

        Please. It seems like only yesterday I was watching Mary Hart Mary Hart and wearing earth shoes. Google that.

      • Booboo1068 says

        OMG it’s a mini 80’s reunion!

        Yes, acid wash jeans! They weren’t tight enough unless you had to lay on the bed and suck in to pull the zipper up! LOL!

        Mary Hartman! A young Nicky Newman. And Im with KryasMaMa…DLR was to many of us HOT!

  1. CanaryCry says

    Since Madonna has never been known for being sweet or squeaky clean, I’d guess Janet Jackson.

  2. VexTheVixen says

    I’m going with Olivia Newton John for this one. Remember how everyone was a bit stunned when she did the sexy video for “Physical”? The time frame fits.

    • Blopsy says

      Definitely sounds like something Madonna would do, but she’s never had a squeaky clean image. She was married in the 80’s though, to Sean Penn.

  3. bridgetfa says

    Olivia Newton-John?? We know she loves her buddy John Travolta and she always tried to portray a sweet image. She was also married to Matt Lattanzi who was a hottie and younger than her so why not choose to play with another one?

    • Booboo1068 says

      God, another good guess, and JT being connected to and a reg at those parties def fits.

      I’m guessing this bone won’t be solved for a very long time. If at all. More clues Ace?

    • Mystical says

      I said the same thing and it really does make sense. They seemed to be good friends (I always desperately longed for them to be a couple in real life. Ah, the naivete of youth!).

    • PandoraWolf says

      And she played Sandy in Grease. You don’t get much squeaky clean-ier than that!

  4. RuHa says

    I’m going with Olivia Newton John. Grease was made in ’78 so her entry into the sordid party scene could have involved her co-star John Travolta. Back in the 80s she was very popular and certainly had a squeaky clean image. She was married to Matt Lattanzi in the 80s as well.

  5. royal eduardo says

    Everything in my body is saying Madonna but I’m gonna out on a limb and say Cyndi Lauper

      • ONIT says

        Yes, she existed and worked as a child actress in Australia, started a singing career in 1987 (18)… and never been married since. Can’t be her.

  6. GWC says

    not married…not Kylie. hmmm. Debbie Gibson! Tiffany married in ’91! I know!! Belinda Carlise!!! Madonna (then)
    Edie Brickell, Sheena Easton. The cleanest of them all: Olivia Newton-John!

  7. missmissy says

    Bette Midler comes to mind.

    The blind implies she was older than the boys so it wouldn’t be a teen sensation (Debbie Gibson). She also was able to ride above criticism even though she began her career in gay venues (Bath House Bettie)

    • missmissy says

      I just put together the clue as well. “Squeaky clean” may refer to her days playing at the Continental bathhouse.

    • mugofmead111 says

      whatever clean image cher had (if any) was destroyed by the “if i could turn back time” video.

      MTV banished that video to late, late nights back then. today i don’t think mtv or VH1 would bat an eye over the same video (or one like it).

  8. AndTheWinnerIs says

    Dolly Parton
    “lovable” – wrote I Will Always…
    She also made several films in the 80s, so it would place her at the scene.

    • mugofmead111 says

      yes, however, rock hudson’s diagnosis forced him out of the closet in the 80s. i figure if doris day were along for the ride with rock hudson, it would have come out by now, no?

    • mugofmead111 says

      amy’s image was the squeakiest of clean…until the emotional affair with vince gill broke. ha ha

      • mugofmead111 says

        P.S. back in the 80s, amy grant was primarily known in christian music circles as that was the type of music she recorded then (even though she had that hit duet with peter cetera). therefore her image would have been even more squeaky clean 😉

  9. GeorgiaR says

    The first popular female singer from the 1980s with a squeaky clean image that comes to my mind is Olivia Newton John.

  10. redstilettos says

    I was originally going to say Madonna, but she’s not exactly ‘lovable’ and doesn’t have a clean image. Paula Abdul? Not Whitney since this BI is worded as if this person is still alive, but she did have a clean image back in the day. Not Debbie Gibson because I don’t think she’s ever been married.

  11. Booboo1068 says

    If we’re talking the 80’s then she’s in her 40’s right now. She WAS married…so divorced? I’d say Madonna but I don’t see her as loveable or squeeky clean.

    Shania Twain?

    Faith Hill? (maybe recent stories of her and Tim adopting was/ is an early white washing attempt if they we’re warned this Blind was being posted?)

    • Mystical says

      Faith and Shania weren’t active or known until the 90’s. Madonna never even seemed to want a squeaky clean (or even a semi-clean!) image.

  12. Miss Demeanor says

    1980’s?? Madonna when she was married to Sean Penn?
    Paula Abdul- I don’t know when she married Emilio Estevez
    Whitney Houston- Probably not, since the blind mentions the person in the present tense
    Janet Jackson was secretly married to the DeBarge guy
    Pat Benatar
    Taylor Dane- Don’t know if she was married
    Debbie Harry- Not exactly a lovable image, though
    There really weren’t that many really popular, married female singers at that time

    • mugofmead111 says

      paula’s music career took off at the end of the 80s. she was dating arsenio then (even though they kept that on the down low. remember when he made a cameo in her debut video “straight up”?). i suspect the blind is talking about someone who hit it big a little earlier.

      janet jackson was sercetly married to the debarge guy, but i thought that was over by the time “control” hit the airwaves.

      to my knowledge taylor dayne has never been married.

      whitney was only married once to BOBBAY! :) and that was in the 90s.

      gloria estefan, whom others have guessed, seem to fit more. gloria has been married *forever*, especially for someone who is in the entertainment industry.

  13. megigi says

    She wasn’t married until the early 90s, but I am going to guess Paula Abdul. Olivia Newton John is another possibility…

  14. minime says

    I was thinking Madonna…but heck she has never been known as sweet. I am gonna guess Paula Abdul? she might have been touring in the 80’s and she had some questionable contact with Idol participants rumored of course. she comes off as being sweet? my clue was the word “straight”..and she had that song “straight up”

  15. memommamo says

    Tiffany? She was married in 1991. Paula Abdul married Emilio Estavez in 1992. I don’t believe Debbie Gibson was married in the 80’s or 90’s.

  16. buttersmom says

    or Debbie Gibson / Oliva Newton John… thats all the ones with clean images…

  17. KyrasMaMa says

    I would say Better Midler. She’s been around the gay scene since the 70’s….but I’m not so sure on the “squeaky clean” image part.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Holy Mormon rule breaker! Now that I’d like to see as an SNL or similar skit! No, seriously with Donny singing and dancing in the background sort of Bollywood style!

      Oh lord, I need sleep! My mind is going.

  18. sopojofo says

    Wow. I hope it’s not Dolly Parton. Squeaky clean, she would have been in her 30s and married,and she toured a lot.

    • missmissy says

      There were always rumors about her and Porter Wagoner. But then I don’t think any of those mentioned (including my guess) were squeaky clean.

  19. VodkaSoaked says

    Um…Gonna go with Mariah Carey.

    I mean she does like her men young, she was just starting out in the late 80’s, she was married to Tommy Motola and with the clue “Secret part of her life” I think she has a song called “Secret Love”.

    • mugofmead111 says

      mariah was young when she hit it big, which was circa 1990.

      she was a backup singer for brenda k. starr before that. the blind makes it sound like the singer would have been older than the young boys; mariah would have been around the same age as these boys, if not no more than a couple of years older.

      now, if the decade were changed to the 90s, then i might see it. (it might have explained why tommy mottola tried to keep her on lockdown!)

  20. clarkster says

    Sweet and Lovable (and married) really doesn’t describe 80s Female Singers for the most part. Olivia Newton John is all I can come up with.

  21. hrhfedup says

    So, 80’s pop star who was married at the time.

    Sheena Easton – Married to Rob Light in 1984, she was always considered “sweet”.
    I got nothin’ else.

    • jillphelps41 says

      I forgot about her. She was considered a “sweet girl” with a squeaky clean image until she came out with the song “Sugar Walls” which was written by Prince. It was really risqué at the time(1984)and Tipper Gore put it at number two on the list of the “Filthy Fifteen” songs that are the most objectionable for referencing sex. Some radio stations refused to play the song. However, it still spent 9 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Of course, Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center(PMRC) still managed to get the “Parental Advisory” labels put on albums with explicit content.
      You might be right on this one. The “Sweet” part of the blind might be a reference to “Sugar Walls” Either way, great guess & thanks for making me think of my childhood days and the PMRC hearings.

  22. Markray19 says

    Was gonna say Madonna but she’s definitely not “squeaky clean.” Debbie Gibson? She was pretty young then anyway…..

  23. geewhiz says

    Well I am sure I am laughably off base, but maybe Olivia Newton John? We can all figure out who her connection would be. It would be absolutely mind blowing if it were Dolly Parton though, and sad cause I like her.

  24. shopper1 says

    Olivia Newton John- Dolly Parton are the first names that came to mind. Persona for the two of them was Lovable and Sweet!!

  25. HermioneG says

    I was ready to type “Madonna” until I got to the last part (and based on that alone it is denifitely NOT her lol).
    I can think of plenty of super popular female singers in the 80’s, but with a “squeaky clean image”? Well, it gets complicated. Whitney Houston could somehow fit back then but I thought she was gay?

    I got nothing, ugh.

  26. gotsomemoxie says

    Well it’s not Madonna. She’s never had a squeaky clean image. Maybe Janet Jackson?

  27. Ahem says

    I’m going to guess Cher, though I’m not sure that anyone would describe her as “sweet”… Janet Jackson??? Yes, Janet Jackson! I’ve heard rumours about her freakiness.

  28. Audrey says

    I love the ONJ guess. Remember, she also dated Andy Gibb, who died of a cocaine overdose. He was much younger than her and I remember when he died I was SOOO surprised that ONJ would have dated someone that did coke.

    • Layale says

      Andy Gibb died from myocarditis, which might have been related to drug use. But it’s not always.

  29. kedskicks says

    Belinda Carlisle.
    Reference = pic looks like Vacation album cover swimsuits. Married in 1986.

    • jezzadezza says

      I like the guess, though she’s been vocal in recent years about her drug/drinking problems of the 80s and early 90s. Not sure she’d be considered squeaky clean having discussed her sordid past in her memoirs a few years back.

    • robman7789 says

      not that squeaky. Remember the infamous GO Go’s Roadie video? Also a real druggie.

    • mugofmead111 says

      i remember when a video was leaked of the go-gos acting high and out of their minds made the news…years after the fact.