There Was A Famous Singer At Those Pool Parties

woman pool 3[Janet Charlton] Bryan Singer’s lawsuit has brought up the subject of those notorious Hollywood sex/pool parties where older gay men in powerful positions (studio executives, directors, producers, actors, casting people, agents etc) entertain young teenage boys and promise them career help in exchange for sex.

Back in the 1980s, when Quaaludes were plentiful, these parties flourished. You might be surprised to learn that one of the participants was FEMALE.

This extremely popular performer was introduced to the scene by a gay business associate and loved the cute young guys. (Many of whom were straight) She sampled many young men and liked one so much that she brought him on tour and he became a secret part of her life. She was married.

When she finally tired of the kid and dumped him, he threatened to go public with his sordid drugs and sex story, and destroy her squeaky clean image. The gay Hollywood mafia threatened him and he disappeared after sending his career-damaging story to a publication that was afraid to publish it. The public has no idea that this lovable singer is not as sweet as she looks.


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