Surprise Fuel For This Actor’s Epic Rants

man talking 3[Blind Gossip] This very famous actor is still young but he has already had a very big career in films. He has been nominated for/won several huge awards. He leads the good life (famous and beautiful girlfriends, lots of money, multiple homes) but is careful to keep his public image clean.

He visited a foreign country in the past year or so, accompanied by a small gang of friends (all actors). Even though it was a great trip, some of his friends actually avoided hanging out with him. For example, they would catch a ride from someone else whenever possible so they didn’t have to be in the confined space of a car with him.

Why? Apparently he likes to go on these epic c*caine-fueled rants about women/politics/the planet and is quite unbearable to be around.

Yes, you read that right. C*caine-fueled. And, yes, this is the same man who actually claims in interviews that he has never even tried drugs!

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  1. kcphilly says

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Clues “gang of friends” = Gangs of NY “catch a ride” = Catch Me If You Can

    And while doing press for Wolf of Wall Street said he’s never done drugs and had to make calls to “friends” for info for some of the drug scenes in the film.

      • Katmandu says

        He’s turned into Mickey Rooney, big moon face, features all squished into the center. Ick. That and all the endless model beards, and the LYING about the obligatory Hollywood huffing of tons of coke – what a tool.

  2. bumblebea63 says

    James Franco? “The Planet” makes me think Planet of the Apes…and I think recently he had said he hadn’t tried drugs?

    • Visha says

      James pothead/crackhead Franco said what? Surely you jest? The man’s complexion looks like a mix between an anemic vampire and a geisha. This surely is Leo DiCaprio

  3. super sleuth says

    Sounds like Leo to me. Plus, “gang of friends” is a clue referring to his film Gangs of New York.

  4. crowdRise29 says

    Actor: Leo Dicaprio

    Recently told TIME (Feb 2014) that he has “Never done drugs”
    Went on vacation with friends in Europe a few months back
    Hints: “Clean” = super environmentally friendly dude & “Catch a Ride” = “Catch me if you can”

  5. sssss says

    Told the LA Times earlier this year in an interview that he had never done drugs. We have all seen the Coachella video. There is no way that is true!!!!

  6. jacks_colon says

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Travels with an entourage of actors, been nominated for a few Oscars, just bought a new home, always as a pretty girlfriend, passionate about politics/the environment, and claims to have never tried drugs.

  7. Nic81 says

    Leo? I know he claims to never of tried drugs plus he’s always linked to famous beautiful women and all his friends are actors. Only thing is I wouldn’t consider him that young anymore. When you say young actor I think of under 30. That’s making me think it might be someone else

  8. quinner says

    Chris Noth…big…Mr Big and the Good life, i.e. he is in The Good Wife. I have heard an Irish reporter saying she met him back in the SATC days and he was the one insufferable character she had met and had no qualms in naming him. Makes sense if he rants on about women.

  9. mom2000 says

    Leo Dicaprio. He’s known as a huge environmentalist and of course, all the models he dates.

  10. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for saying he never tried drugs – he fits all the clues as well.

  11. sashas says

    Leo! Of course hes done drugs, are you kidding me?!
    and of course he talks about the Planet, he’s a big advocate of being Green.

  12. slimfast10 says

    Leo D..although 39 isn’t exactly young…rants about politics and the planet sealed it for me.

  13. Markray19 says

    Leonardo DiCaprio – Just gave an interview about never trying drugs….”very big”=Titanic

  14. Booboo1068 says

    “…cocaine fuelled-rants about women/ politics/ the planet…”

    Ahh, the PLANET (aka the environment) and women.

    Leo D. for the win.

    A member of the rich/ famous and or celeb LYING to sell a well protected and crafted image/ brand?! Knock me over with a feather. Are there really those who still buy the smoke screens and PR scripts? Do you also believe interviews (by anyone anywhere) aren’t pre negotiated with contracts and pre discussed or rehearsed?

  15. lanimmg says

    Definitely Leo Dicaprio. He has stated in interviews that he has never done drugs.

  16. pattyc24 says

    Definitely Leonardo DiCaprio

    Clues: gang= Gangs of New York, did an interview in February about Wolf of Wall Street and said he never tried drugs.

    • slantrhyme says

      In a Feb. 2014 interview he claims to have never done drugs because he saw so much drug abuse when growing up.

  17. mrsbeckham says

    This makes me think Leo. References to the planet, plus he said in a recent WOWS press call that he’d never take drugs.

  18. coco1019 says

    Josh Hutcherson

    Clues – Fuel, catch a ride (Catching Fire), Epic (movie he was in)

  19. jiip says

    Leonardo DiCaprio (“gang of friends” – Gangs of New York, “catch a ride” – Catch Me If You Can)

  20. lovefifteen says

    The only actor I can think of that has recently said he has never tried any drugs is Leo DiCaprio, but is he really still considered young? Not sure.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Young for how heralded he is. Think of his nominations FOR his age. He isn’t even 40 yet and garners the attention a Pacinoc/Nicholson/DeNiro once did and do. Plus he has a somewhat squeaky clean image in that other than boy trips and model gfs he isn’t in brawls, flipping off paps etc.

      Funny. I thought they were going to say they couldn’t be in a car with him because he STUNK. He looks grimy and talks about showering infrequently to save the planet.

  21. whowassheilahgraham says

    Leonardo. The first paragraph sounds like the role he played in 2013.

  22. MrsHeisenberg says

    Leonardo DiCaprio!

    Clues: catch a ride – his movie Catch Me If You Can

  23. True007 says

    Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Clues: “gang” – Gangs of New York
    He (or his team) posts tweets about saving the planet.

  24. danneka says

    smells like Leo. He claims he’s never done drugs and of course he’s obsessed about “saving the planet”.

    • danneka says

      Although I thought it was going to say he “STUNK” and smelled bad…hahaha. Was surprised when it pointed to C*caine.