Surprise Fuel For This Actor’s Epic Rants

man talking 3[Blind Gossip] This very famous actor is still young but he has already had a very big career in films. He has been nominated for/won several huge awards. He leads the good life (famous and beautiful girlfriends, lots of money, multiple homes) but is careful to keep his public image clean.

He visited a foreign country in the past year or so, accompanied by a small gang of friends (all actors). Even though it was a great trip, some of his friends actually avoided hanging out with him. For example, they would catch a ride from someone else whenever possible so they didn’t have to be in the confined space of a car with him.

Why? Apparently he likes to go on these epic c*caine-fueled rants about women/politics/the planet and is quite unbearable to be around.

Yes, you read that right. C*caine-fueled. And, yes, this is the same man who actually claims in interviews that he has never even tried drugs!

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