The Actor To Whom Ricki Lake Lost Her Virginity

ricki lake johnny depp[Zap2It] During Thursday’s (May 8) episode of Watch What Happens Live, [Ricki Lake said] “I lost my virginity to one of the actors on Cry-Baby.”

It’s not the first time she’s revealed where she lost her virginity, but this is the first time Lake has confirmed it was an actor from the movie and not, say, a crew member or somebody unrelated to Cry-Baby.

Lake wrote in a WWHL blog post from several years ago, “I lost my virginity on the set of [Cry-Baby] … I’m not gonna give his name because he went on to have some success. I was definitely not his first, I know that. It was a positive experience, and of course it made the making of the movie so positive for me. Everyone on set knew — from Johnny Depp on down. They were like: ‘Thank God for Ricki! She can go on and do something else now.'”

That seems to imply that it’s not Johnny Depp — though of course, Lake could be mentioning his name in that post just to throw people off the scent — but who do you think it is?


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