The Actor To Whom Ricki Lake Lost Her Virginity

ricki lake johnny depp[Zap2It] During Thursday’s (May 8) episode of Watch What Happens Live, [Ricki Lake said] “I lost my virginity to one of the actors on Cry-Baby.”

It’s not the first time she’s revealed where she lost her virginity, but this is the first time Lake has confirmed it was an actor from the movie and not, say, a crew member or somebody unrelated to Cry-Baby.

Lake wrote in a WWHL blog post from several years ago, “I lost my virginity on the set of [Cry-Baby] … I’m not gonna give his name because he went on to have some success. I was definitely not his first, I know that. It was a positive experience, and of course it made the making of the movie so positive for me. Everyone on set knew — from Johnny Depp on down. They were like: ‘Thank God for Ricki! She can go on and do something else now.'”

That seems to imply that it’s not Johnny Depp — though of course, Lake could be mentioning his name in that post just to throw people off the scent — but who do you think it is?


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  1. missmissy says

    ‘Thank God for Ricki! She can go on and do something else now.’”???

    What the F***? That’s pretty sexist. Why didn’t she just say that they were glad the fat girl got some, so now they don’t have to look at her with pity.

    • wendy hood says

      Some people are pretty hyped about losing their virginity, especially post womens “liberation”. Its something to get rid of, not cherish. Nothing to do with weight or sex.

      • missmissy says

        I don’t get it – though you are right sex can become a thing rather than a relationship. But still, that statement sounds to me as if she could do nothing productive until she lost her virginity. Who knows though maybe I am taking it way out of context and it was something that really consumed her. It is too bad that women are defined by sex socially and may define themselves by their sexual “accomplishments” or the lack thereof. I think we are so much more than just that. It is important, but surely people didn’t rejoice because now she had passed a hurdle.

    • pumpkin says

      I took it to mean it was all she ever talked about, that she was obsessed with losing her virginity, and when she finally did, she could finally move on and focus on other stuff.

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Looked at the cast list and the one name that popped out as someone who wasn’t well known then but did go on to have success is Willem Dafoe.

    • katt388 says

      Sorry but Dafoe had a lot of success. Did you see Platoon? He has also been in a lot of other movies. He is also very active in the NYC theatre community

  3. CatBallou says

    I thought it might be Darren Burrows – she said something about it being the person in the scene they showed on WWHL and thats who it looked like (but thats just from looking at pics on IMDB)

    • ravenglass says

      I guessed Dafoe because he was the only other actor I could remember being in the movie. He was already pretty successful prior to “Cry-Baby” so it’s probably not him.

      It’s likely Burrows or Mailer who took a dip in the Lake.

      • 4sixx2 says

        “Took a dip in the Lake” hahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the chuckle, Raven.

  4. Revisionist says

    Im going with Darren Burrows. Right age and right point careerwise. Depp already had a few big name women in his life at the time and I really don’t see him needing to put the moves on Ricki when Wynona or Vanessa was waiting at home. Kind of hard to get it on with a guy when he has his girlfriends name tattooed on his arm

    • wendy hood says

      Depp seems to have a public type – very thin. If he did sleep with Ricki, itd be a pretty big detour from his usual pattern.

  5. Okayeah says

    Not a whole lot of names I recognize on the complete cast list, aside from Depp, Willem Dafoe and Troy Donahue. So I’ll go with Dafoe just for the heck of it.

  6. beerizzy says

    My guess is Darren Burrows who went on to have some success with the show Northern Exposure.

  7. Vagabondage says

    Johnny Depp. “Scent” being a clue referring to Depp’s aversion to deodorant.

  8. SuzNYC says

    The implication is Johnny Depp, but it could also be Iggy Pop, he went on to have a successful career.
    Going with Iggy.

  9. Ahem says

    Cry Baby is one of my favourite movies of all time. I think it IS in fact Johnny Depp, as he is the only one from that movie who went on to have success (besides Ricky, that is). Also, I hope Ace will have the low down on the Jay-Z/Solange smack down!! Me thinks it has to do with his womanizing…

  10. morgannicolesmith says

    omg she would have been like 21-22 tho.and maybe johnny depp (lucky bitch)?who else had success from that movie other than them?

  11. katt388 says

    I think that she was just trying to put us off by saying it was not Johnny Depp, but if it was Dafoe she was very lucky. He was known as the best endowed actor in Hollywood!!

  12. jillphelps41 says

    I think it’s probably Darren Burrows. He went on to do Northern Exposure and the movie Amistad.

  13. gotsomemoxie says

    I’m going with Darren Burrows, as “some success” would apply to his role as “Ed” on Northern Exposure.

  14. FairyMay9 says

    Definitely going with Darren Burrows on this one. Johnny Depp didn’t go on to have “some success.” Burrows.

  15. KatarinaJ says

    Maybe ‘she can do something else now” is in reference to NOT obsessing over not being desirable. She was an overweight girl thrust into stardom so maybe this was a confidence and coming of age issue for her. Not saying it is right, just saying. Truthfully the first time a woman has sex SUCKS, whether she is in love or not. It is uncomfortable, often painful, something in some ways to ‘get over with’ so one can ‘move on’ with sexual pleasure, enjoyment, maturity.

    • KatarinaJ says

      Or her NOT obsessing anymore over losing it. The context is so unclear in this it is all conjecture.