1. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Diddy and his Justin. Interesting, probably not. He is Diddy’s son I am pretty sure he wouldn’t have to pay for it.

  2. Visha says

    Diddy whose son Christian Combs had a 16th recently. I am not surprised AT ALL although I hope that Hooker got tested for all kinds of STD’s. What a feral specimen he is

  3. Veri2509 says

    p.diddy or however he calls himself now. the did he, did he really sound like diddy… and his son turned 16, he celebrated with the kardashians so the only open guess is which of the jenner girls is the hooker

  4. Ati2d9 says

    P Diddy. Hints…did he, did he really? …Diddy. His son, Christian Casey Combs.

  5. seattlegirl says

    Sean Puff Daddy Diddy Combs, or whatever the hell he calls himself these days. My question is: we all know he is gay, so was the stripper he got for his son male or female? Or maybe he got both?

  6. seattlegirl says

    Meant to say hooker. Female OR male hooker. Sean is a jackass. What if his son is a virgin and doesn’t want to go there yet? He’s getting ‘peer’ pressure from his dad of all people. ::shaking head::

  7. Jazzzyone says

    Puff Daddy bka PDiddy (as in Diddy, really?). I heard that he also paid for a hooker to take Usher’s virginity at 14, so this is his M.O.

    • luvprue1 says

      I think everyone knows it’s Diddy/Sean Combs. His son just turned 16 and had a sweet 16 party.

  8. ravenglass says

    Hey Diddy, when your kid said he wanted a ride for his birthday, I don’t think this is what he meant.

  9. JustBetweenUs says

    Will Smith. “Did he? Did he really?” sounds like his Fresh Prince days, bobbing head at Carlton.

    • mugofmead111 says

      this is the same man who just hosted a mother’s day brunch for his baby mommas. yes. i’d believe puffy would go there.

  10. trankins24 says

    Diddy and his son Christian who just had his Sweet 16 party at 1 Oak in NYC on April 4th

  11. facatl411 says

    I was first thinking Birdman from YMCMB because he is around that age and had a stupid sweet sixteen. But Diddy threw his youngest son Christian a huge party at Oak last month.