Cameron Diaz and the Bisexual Actress

cameron diaz 5UPDATED!

[National Enquirer] Cameron Diaz has dated some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks – and now she admits she’s also had at least one fling with a woman!

The 41-year-old beauty made the startling confession during an interview for the Bravo talk show “Watch What Happens Live” while promoting her latest film, “The Other Woman.”

Asked by host Andy Cohen if she’d ever been with a lady, the smoking hot star dropped a bombshell, say­ing: “Yes, I have been with a lady.”

Cohen then asked: “More than once?” to which Cameron coyly replied: “You didn’t ask explicitly how I was with a lady, but I have been with a lady.”

The actress also told a magazine interviewer: “I think that all wom­en have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point. It’s natural to have connectivity and an ap­preciation for the b e a u t y of other women.”

The Enquirer has learned that the “Bad Teacher” sex­pot has enjoyed the company of at least one openly bisexual actress and has been linked to others.


cameron diaz drew barrymore 1UPDATE!

While most of you guessed that Cameron Diaz hooked up with Drew Barrymore, Diaz is insisting that Barrymore was NOT one of her lesbian hookups.

From The New York Daily News, reporting on an upcoming article in Harper’s Bazaar:

Cameron Diaz says the idea of sex with Drew Barrymore ‘makes me want to vomit’

The ‘Sex Tape’ star has dismissed rumors that she hooked up with with her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ co-star, because she thinks of Barrymore like a ‘sister.’

Cameron Diaz is very close with Drew Barrymore — but only up to a point.

The “Sex Tape” star squashed rumors that she and her “Charlie’s Angels” co-star had ever been intimate in an interview for the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

The duo’s friendship came under media scrutiny after Diaz gave an interview in which she claimed that “all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point.” But the 42-year-old said that the idea of hooking up with Barrymore “makes me want to vomit in my mouth.”

“That’s like saying I am having sex with my sister,” she added. “Are you crazy? I wouldn’t even menage with her!”

Diaz recently turned 42. It’s interesting that she has suddenly become so darn high-profile with her personal life. She is dating Benji Madden, she has been talking openly about why she doesn’t have kids (too much work), and she’s been yapping about her – and your! – lesbian experience. Diaz says that “I think that all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point.” Whatever, Cameron.

Of course, all this personal talk has absolutely nothing to do with promoting her new movie Sex Tape.

By the way, it’s also interesting that Sex Tape is the first film she has ever done where she appears fully nude. Either age has made Diaz more comfortable with who she is… or she is feeling the pressure to over compensate for no longer being a Hollywood ingenue.

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