This Housewife’s Lifestyle Is Bigger Than Her Wallet

woman luxury[All About The Tea] This reality TV housewife is a self-made millionaire but is having financial problems.

Word is she has only $100,000 left in the bank. This woman lives in a grand house in a grand neighborhood and drives luxury cars. She has kids.

She is loved by some, hate by many. Many think she’s a b*tch. She can be outgoing and unfettered or a total b*tch.

This is pretty sad considering this housewife is self-made.



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  1. Youcanleadahorticulture says

    Nene Leakes, I’m guessing the “b” word is the big hint

    • mugofmead111 says

      FWIW radar online just ran a story that claimed that vicki had to pay donn a hefty settlement (deriving from money earned from the show). then again, i thought vicki was a savvy business woman. how did she go broke?

    • ginny138 says

      Agreed! Vicki always talks about being a self made business woman and the article makes it sound like the housewife is not married. Also, I think she was in some shady business deals with her repulsive ex Brooks. She could have lost money there too.

    • Rocket McZoom says

      Yup. Blind uses the word “grand” twice and her RHOOC opening sequence tagline used to be: “Everything’s gotta be huge, large, and grand.”

  2. Ahem says

    Nene Leakes. She could probably see her finances falling apart months ago, hence her erratic behaviour this past season on RHOA. Well, that’s the word I would use to describe her behaviour.

    • wendy hood says

      I thought it was one of the powdery habits she picked up in LA causing her to get so frazzled. And thin.

  3. mugofmead111 says

    guess #1: nene leakes

    wild guess #2: teresa giudice (but her financial and legal woes are public knowledge)

    • binkyD says

      This. She was an actress then bar owner with her husband (they owned a ton in London). Plus the pic looks like her and like an English house.

  4. katt388 says

    Brandi Granville or Lisa Vanderpump it fits both but lisa’s kida are grown.

  5. Booboo1068 says

    Reminds me of the Brit Com ‘Keeping Up Appearances’…that was funny THIS is not…never when kids are involved.

    To be fair she’s not different then millions of other North Americans who are leveraging a false image of wealth. She just happens to have a bigger motivation by being on TV. It won’t end well unless she gets it together soon.

  6. Ana-nj says

    Brandi Glanville

    I dont watch the show she is in but it seems like somethings she can be a total bitch. And she has few fans who loves her but many who hate her.

  7. travoltasbeard says

    Grand Indeed.

    I’ll go with Kyle Umansky. Self Made. Grand Car, Great Neighborhood.

    Just went into business with husband, Real Estate.

    Maybe it is not going so….Grand!

  8. Foxy says

    Hmmmm, well considering how many viewers RHOA received and the reunion shows. I will say Linnethia Monique Leakes aka “Nene” or Phaedra???

  9. CyndiTx123 says

    One of the housewives from New Jersey? I would say Theresa G. but we all know her story…

  10. Bromance1979 says

    It’s no one from Miami, New Jersey, Beverly Hills or New York, as none seem to fit all of the clues. I don’t watch RHOOC, so no clue if it’s one of them.

    I would guess Phaedra, but really have no clue. She’s self-made and has kids.

    • mugofmead111 says

      i can imagine that legal expenses associated with apollo’s troubles (whether it’s to defend him or to defend herself-whether or not she’s involved) cost a pretty penny. :(

  11. trixa25 says

    After the first sentence I knew it was Ms Nene Leakes with her Donald Trump hair

  12. runnergirl1969 says

    “Many think she’s a b*tch. She can be outgoing and unfettered or a total b*tch.”

    NeNe Leakes. Use of the word b*itch refers to her “I’m rich b*tch” comments in the past.

    • MyAimIsTrue says

      I like this guess. I am just catching up on my RHONY and Ramon refers to herself as “Self-Made” at least three times. It is mentioned twice in the blind so it must be important.

      The only thing that doesn’t fit is “She has kids.” Plural. Ramon has one college-aged daughter.

  13. Baloobie says

    I wish I had ‘only’ $100K in the bank – sheesh! Learn to live within your means, girl!!

  14. katekatebobate says

    Pretty sure this applies to many of them, but i’m going with …
    She constantly reminds people she is ‘selfmade’ and she’s yet to pay 20000 for a charity she said she would. these women need to save their money, geeze! who needs so much crap; get a retirement fund going first.

  15. bella77 says

    Vicki from the OC. She had to pay out big time to Donn and good for him!!!

  16. spoofbyrd says

    A lot of those beaches on those housewives show get in this shape and almost every week it is revealed that a new one is in dire financial shape . It seems Mama June is smarter than most of these Goopy women . She set up trust funds for her kids and she understands Beer on a Beer income only.

  17. myndeeohno says

    I’m going to say Vicki Gunvalson. She started her insurance business, she has her two kids, some say oh Vicki is just fun and outgoing, and look how many people call her a bitch and mean girl and think she’s fake and mean to new cast members. She is paying Don, her ex, alimony now and claims she pays him with her OC money

  18. KatarinaJ says

    Bethenny is the PREMIERE self made HW with her Skinny girl empire but she sold it for SO MANY MANY millions that I can’t imagine she’d only have 100 grand left.

  19. bjd44 says

    I don’t care about any of these so-called “housewives.” And that’s got to be one of THE WORST ideas to ever hit TV — EVER! They are just all repulsive, narcissistic, fake, horrible people.

  20. Syl says

    Lisa V. Vickie’s house is not really one we see as “grand”. When I think of “grand” I think of Villa Rosa and the Bentleys Lisa drives around.

  21. fluffygrrrl says

    at first I thought it was Nene “crack lung” Leakes. But she really isn’t ‘self made”. I have to go with Vicki Gunvalson. But she may be saying this because she hid her money in order to not have to pay her ex spousal support. I really doubt she is broke, and if she is, it is because of Brokes