Liar Liar Fanny On Fire

woman and dog 3[Broadway Buzzard] What Broadway starlet has been calling in sick while secretly pursuing other job opportunities?

Unnamed sources say producers are none too happy with the burgeoning diva’s shenanigans, and wager that this starlet will burn out faster than you can say “Milwaukee Dinner Theater in the Round”!

BONUS CLUE: Which 4 TV actors gave a gleeful shout out last night to their favorite gossip site? Touché Chris Colfer!

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54 comments to Liar Liar Fanny On Fire

  • VoiceofReason

    Haha Ace Ms Rachel Berry of course

  • laurenjenna


  • zeep

    Love it!

  • nitemere11

    Sounds like what happened on “Glee” last week with Rachel…

  • BDA

    Clearly it’s Rachel Berry. What a diva.

  • yourPRisajoke

    Now you’ve really lost it. This is the blind item that was part of last night’s episode of Glee, written about Rachel’s character.

  • hrhfedup

    No guess yet, but this is the same plot as Glee right now! lol

  • leesa30


  • stolidog

    didn’t I like just see this scenario on Glee, with Lea Michelle (coincidentally (?) playing Fanny on Broadway on Glee)?

    • stolidog

      ps, I had every digit crossed watching Glee that Santana was gonna rock it and replace Rachel, but, Rachel is apparently all powerful. Too bad.

  • laura j

    ughhh Rachel Berry
    i swear that girl’s never going to last in the broadway bizz. Now Blaine Anderson, he looks promising

  • mariaj

    Ok, i liked Chris ” shout out” at you, but i also liked your response. Btw, i am glad to hear that Glee is STILL losing wiewers, even with your willing or ” unwilling” help to get publicity to it, i can’t wait to see what happens when it ends: soo much ratchets to see struggling to stay relevant…

    • truffle

      It is quite satisfying to watch the ratings drop. Mostly so Murphy can learn something from it. But he is all high and mighty about it, so he wont. Kinda shame for the cast. Cause they are kinda great but stuck with sh*t writing. And cheap shot for having Colfer writing the epi thinking how its gonna attract more viewers, but it happened just opposite. See… we aint stupid, we see PR crap when you pull it, just like that GleeAlong BS. 😉

    • stopbullying

      It irritates me that the two bullies of Glee, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, continue to be pampered and treated like Ryan Murphy’s favorite children, while the rest of the cast are treated like step-children. Poor Darren has to have Blaine continue to make dumb mistakes while self-righteous Kurt gets to yell at Blaine over and over again. And poor Naya, she gets written out of the finale, and it’s unclear if they will renew her contract for season 6. Ryan decides to let Chris write an episode (the only one in the cast who has been allowed to do so), and of course, Kurt comes across as sanctimonious and saintly again. It’s so interesting that the ratings for the episode that Chris wrote are Glee’s all-time lowest in the 18-49 demographic (0.8) and the number of viewers (2.10 million), even lower than the episodes that were shown on Thanksgiving over the years. Chris’s episode was badly written, promoted Kurt as a saint, and was unimaginative and boring. But I do think all the bad publicity of the Lea/Naya feud probably affected the ratings as well. Congrats to Blind Gossip for being the first to report on the Lea/Naya battle and that Naya may be off the show (although I hope she is allowed to return next year if she wants).

      I’ve decided to stop watching Glee, since I don’t want to support a show where actors are permitted to bully fellow actors. I hope that FOX orders a short season of 10-13 episodes for season 6, so that the actors who I follow can be released from Glee and pursue other opportunities. People should give Glee hell (through twitter) if Glee doesn’t renew Naya and Darren’s contract for next season. We all know it will be because of Lea and Chris, if Darren and Naya don’t come back. I have no doubt that Lea and Chris’s reputations as divas and bullies will make it difficult to get other parts, once Glee is over. It’s sort of karma (for trying to get Darren and Naya fired) that Chris’s episode did so badly in the 18-49 demographic and viewership (ha! I wonder if Chris read all the angry messages here at Blind Gossip). AV Club critic gave it a “D+”. Chris apparently hasn’t furthered his career as a writer for TV scripts either.

      • truffle

        I found it funny also that the ratings dropped even more. How much they were promoting him writing the epi and look what happened. Murphy keeps on saying how Lea is the star of the show and I lol every time he spouts that. If she was, she alone should bring in the viewers but the thing is shes over rated and her character is annoying lil sh*t.
        Personally I hope Naya doesnt come back. Dont get me wrong, I love her characters its the only funny part of that show and I would love seeing her every week on my tv, but Naya surpassed the show and its crap writing 2 seasons ago with her acting and singing. I hope she’s gonna get her sh*t together get over whats his face and put out her album and do either TV or big screen stuff.

      • rudy

        Good for you!!!

        Stop Bullying!!

        I will boycott Glee as well, though, I never watch it anyway. but my girl does. and unfortunately, she REFUSES to believe anything I tell her now. This happened after the conversation about BeyOnce’s fake pregnancy.

        Most watchers of Glee are probably teenagers who will NEVER know what happened between BEyatch Lea and Naya. They don;t read gossip blogs. Only the parents do. :-}

  • ivy3499

    Uh…isn’t this the blind from glee? About Rachel?

  • sashas

    Adele Dissam… woops I meant Idina Meizel

  • caela94

    Carly Rae Jepsen- She’s in Cinderella on Bdway

  • rpca26

    Well it can’t be Lea Michelle because she’s not a burgeoning diva…she’s a FULL-ON DIVA.

    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

      Agreed. I can’t wait ’till granny pants is yesterday’s news.

  • nellyboo

    I’ll guess Fantasia Burrino?
    She’s in the play After Midnight. I’m guessing her because of the Fanny reference, which is her nickname.

  • juli noel

    Lea Michele or Rachel Berry lol that line was on last night’s glee

  • haley1020

    Rachel Berry lol

  • ea3232

    Rachel Berry on Glee :)

  • beckss

    no idea but is legally blonde still on stage? if so, whoever is playing elle

  • kbd61186

    Laura Bell Bundy

  • lavieenrose1

    Lea Michele

    Hint: Fanny on Fire – She is in the musical ‘Funny Girl’ playing Fanny Brice

  • theblindone

    Rachel Berry!

    Great one Ace!
    I watched the episode and it was so funny how Colfer wrote out Criss out of the episode he wrote. I kept thinking about you!

  • NoseyNana2008

    Rachel Berry

  • Shoegal1

    Rachel Berry 😉

  • stolenlemming

    Is this a trick blind? This was broadcast in last night’s episode of Glee… So it would be Rachel Berry – the fictional character that Lea Michele plays?

  • separatrix

    OK, how funny was it that this exact BG appeared on last night’s Glee?

  • alex2285

    This is the plot from this season’s Glee (with the Fanny Brice reference) – I didn’t think fictional characters counted.

  • tink

    Kristen Chenowith

  • david033

    Rachel Berry. Bitch.

  • wfreshie

    must be leah michelle

  • lolachristina

    leighton meester?

  • Stefanie2530

    Kristin Chenoweth!

  • kimbers

    Lea lmao

    Ya her attitude is just ugly and bet the only fame she will get is a tacky reality show lmao

  • jocar

    I have never watched one episode of Glee, but when I googled Broadway Buzzard, it did not come up. Cute made up BI!

  • gossipgal

    In last night’s Glee episode, Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) reads a blind item from which is the blind that Ace posted. Basically, Ace is famous and Hollywood or Ryan Murphy is acknowledging the impact that Ace has made, while pretty much verifying to the public just how accurate this site really is. Go Ace! I’m so proud! And yes, I am deeply ashamed that I still watch Glee.

    PS Since clearly the writers from Glee read this site, get your act together for the last season! Your ratings are so poor that my cable provider no longer lists Glee as a popular Tuesday night show! Get. It. Together.

  • plastic_police

    Anna Kendrick

  • Lin 23

    This is so entertaining!So Chris Colfer is actually admitting that the blind items are true.Ace can we have an update of what is going on behind the scenes of glee?Who is gonna be back next year?What else has happened that we don’t know?

    • ihatebullies

      I second this request, Ace. Can we get an update on the situation between the bullies (Chris Colfer and Lea Michele) and the targeted victims (Naya Rivera and Darren Criss). Is Naya returning for season 6 (you already said Darren is returning, with a big raise)? Was there any repercussion to the bullies? I know Chris has not participated in Glee’s live tweeting on the day of the Tuesday episodes. Is he prevented because Glee’s powers to be are afraid what Chris would say if he was asked about the truth of the Blind Gossip item that he’s trying to get Naya and Darren fired? But why was Chris “rewarded” by Ryan allowing Chris to write an episode? (Although Chris’s episode did the worst of ALL the Glee episodes over ALL the seasons in the ratings; so now he has to live with that legacy.)

  • casimir

    Marin Mazzie

  • wendy hood

    Color me shocked that this many people still watch Glee.

  • mariaj

    ” much” = many

  • cocoa

    Lea Michele- she’s such a phony!