1. Miss Demeanor says

    If it’s a “presenter,” then it’s probably British. Who knows.

    • stanton says

      If you click on “People” on the stories tab it will lead you to a UK Magazine/web Page. So whoever it is must be British

    • annasophie says

      i agree. i am stunningly ignorant of who famous personalities are across the pond.

  2. sherlock says

    I’ll wait and see who gets divorced or split in the coming weeks.There are so many here in the UK.Wonder if they’re going through a rough patch.

    • vixsta33 says

      These two are the only two that I could think of, too. So I’m going with this, too! Also, she said something rather dirty the other day and shocked me coming
      From her! So it wouldn’t surprise me now!

  3. phippskat says

    Susannah Reid? Her marriage broke down recently. Although I would call her a newsreader, rather than presenter.

    • rosiedoes says

      She’s usually called a ‘breakfast television presenter’ so it could well be her.

      • phippskat says

        it kinda makes sense- her marriage is over. this could be why! or part the reason, at least

  4. CatBallou says

    Giada De Laurentis? Thought she had a bit of a reputation (although I thought the term presenter made me think british too)

  5. travoltasbeard says

    The People is an English site…so,

    Billy Crystal (Presenter of Oscar Ceremonies)

  6. rubycrimson slippers says

    Eamon Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford :(
    I hope not their my morning TV Mum an Dad!

    • hbrown says

      You think that’s why she and Lee Mead split? Does she do much hosting these days? Could be her I suppose.

  7. clareb30 says

    Tess daly
    Husband Vernon Kay

    Or Susanna Reid
    Hubby (the one she has just split with)