Sophie Monk Saved An ODing Celebrity

sophie monk 1BG Note: Sophie Monk is an English-born Australian singer, model and actress.

[Radar Online] Sophie Monk Reveals She Saved Mystery Starlet In Near Drug Overdose At Hollywood Daytime Bash.

Australian stunner Sophie Monk says she’s “saved two celebrities” in calling an ambulance after drugs got the best of them.

The 34-year-old singer-actress, speaking with Australia’s 2Day FM, recanted [sic] the surreal life experience, herself an international star with access to ultra-exclusive shindigs of unparalleled revelry. (She did not, understandably, name the famous faces she saved.)

“I was walking through this party and they said, ‘Meet this celebrity’,” the beauty recalled to the Show and Tell’s Merrick Watts and Jules Lund. “All of a sudden I was like, ‘She’s had too much’, and she starts convulsing like crazy. All her best friends and everyone left the party. I mean, everyone, within five minutes, left that party thinking they were going to get in trouble.

“They stripped her off naked, ran a shower, left her in it and left her in the bathroom naked and everyone left.”

Monk was not one to run, even in dire circumstances as such.

“I said, ‘I’m not leaving,” the London-born beauty said. “I found a dressing gown in a closet, covered her, called the ambulance and there was foam coming from her mouth. They had to strap her down — she would have died easy.”

As the saying goes, however, no good deed goes unpunished — a rule that, apparently, applies tenfold in Tinseltown.

“The next day, [the overdosed celebrity] goes, ‘Who was that b*tch that called [the ambulance]?’ because she couldn’t remember anything,” Monk said, adding that a previous incident occurred on a separate occasion.

Celebrity who OD’d:

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      • gaelgirl says

        Great guess. Even Richie claimed she was out at the grocery store when it happened. BTW: Memorial Day party, but same difference. Great friends.

      • bmo64 says

        This is definitely it. Nicole Richie is married to Joel Madden, who’s twin, Benji, was dating (engaged maybe?)to Sophia Monk at the time of said party.

    • sophiedg says

      Agree with Mischa Barton guess. This may be a stretch but the blind mentions foam coming from her mouth. Mischa’s character in the Sixth Sense had a scene where same thing happened.

  1. nnicole says

    How dare she help someone in need!

    I don’t know who this would be, but good on her for stepping in and doing the right thing.

  2. Fan says

    Someone who’s been on The Surreal Life? Tawny Kitean, Janice Dickinson, Adrienne Curry, Chyna? I wish it were Omarosa.

    BTW, I didn’t know Sophie Monk is an “international star,” I only knew her because she’s dated famous guys.

    • tuckerlee123 says

      Ii think you’re right that the clue is someone who was on The a Surreal Life. My guess us Janice Dickinson.

  3. JaneDawson says

    Starlet makes me thinks they’re younger than her.

    Sky Ferriera and Miley Cyrus…if not them Katy Perry and Selena.

  4. mugofmead111 says

    no clues, but wild guess: Katy Perry.

    no matter who the OD’ed celebrity was, it’d kind of crappy that all her friends/entourage basically left her to die by running off to save their own hides. (no one could have made an anonymous 911 call?)

    another wild guess: lindsay lohan (but does she get invites to exclusive shindigs anymore?)

  5. travoltasbeard says

    Radar Online is an American site so…

    I’ll say Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men

  6. Booboo1068 says

    Wow, I’m not sure who this is but the selfish attitude and lack of awareness doesn’t surprise me.

    Hopefully Sophie still feels good about her choice to help. The celeb’s response had nothing to do with Ms. Monk and everything to do the celeb’s true character. What we put out comes back. Maybe not from the famous woman she helped but it WILL come back in a good way somehow, and the female celeb will get back what she puts out…good luck with THAT.

  7. Wisher says

    No clue but job well done Sophia even if the starlet didn’t appreciate it.

  8. mugofmead111 says

    the usage of the word “starlet” would rule out demi moore and janice dickinson, no? (although i bet they’d probably take “starlet” as a compliment.)

    i can totally see janice saying, ‘Who was that b*tch that called [the ambulance]?’

  9. Moonpie says

    Could be anyone of the usual suspects. When this one kicks the bucket, are we going to have grief about ‘why her celebs friends and family didn’t help her’. They are not going to help her anymore than they helped PSH or any other actor caught in that nasty drug web. Wasn’t the police looking for his supplier. These friends know fully well this one will join that terrible club soon enough and they don’t want to be anywhere near ground zero.

  10. delorb says

    Did her publicist write this? How many times was her appearance described? We get it. You look better than most people.

    As for the BI, gotta go with Selena Gomez. She has issues she can’t quite admit to herself.

  11. ktbell05 says

    GOOD FOR HER! I was in a situation like this awhile ago and if that random stranger had not called 911…..:/. I hope the celeb gets the help they need. God sent an angel to her that night.

  12. LasVegasWaitress says

    I don’t think this is Demi Moore , because didn’t we hear that 911 call? It’s used now for training , I think? I seem to remember it being an American voice? First time poster , been lurkin way to long.

  13. spoofbyrd says

    My Gosh talk about an ungrateful wretch. Does Hollywood do that to people? Lindsay Hoehan has an inflated opinion of herself but does she have many friends left or better yet when did this happen ? I am going for two guesses It could be Demi Moore because she has got a Sunset BLVD thing going on now and rumor has it she likes to indulge or maybe it is Tara Reid .

  14. Angeryblonde says

    Trishelle would really be the only one who fits as a starlet from the Surreal life. And she likes to party hard.

    I know Lohan did the same thing while filming Liz and Dick.

    Be grateful someone saved your life, a-holes.

  15. scumby says

    perhaps Heath Ledger would be alive if the Olsen twin wasn’t worried about removing the drugs and other evidence first

  16. tarap says

    Demi Lovato
    Lindsay who doesn’t get invited but shows up anyway
    Amanda Bynes

  17. augustmom says

    By Hollywood standards, Demi Moore would be considered elderly, not a “starlet”. Sophie wouldn’t have been born when Demi was a starlet!

  18. morgannicolesmith says

    lindsay lohan,mischa barton,paris hilton,demi moore,maybe britney in 2007?

  19. rudy says

    what a dickwad. Got to be Lindsey.
    I do not believe that Selena would say that, or Amanda.

    Lindsey turns on people who spill the truth.

    If this was Nicole’s party and it was Mischa Barton, where was Nicole? She left too?