Looking For A Fourth And A Fifth

[Blind Gossip] This Actor has been working in Hollywood since his teen years. Those early projects are the ones you think of first when you think of him as an actor. They were the kind of films that regularly broke the $100 million mark and made him famous.

He had some personal troubles as he entered adulthood, but he still works a lot, mostly on smaller projects.

He is… kinky. He has denied taking part in sw*nger parties in the past, but he was recently seen at such an event… actively looking for a fourth – and a fifth – to join his private party!

Guests report that he was extremely thin, wearing some crazy metallic pants, and standing around acting “twitchy.” He had a beautiful blonde on one arm and a beautiful brunette on the other. They would check out each woman who walked by. If they found one that they all agreed on, they would ask her to come back to his hotel room. Did he have any takers? Absolutely! There were women there who have probably been dreaming about being with him since they had his poster tacked up on their bedroom wall.

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