Jumping Into The Catfight

[Blind Gossip] There’s a catfight going on in girl world. It’s a group of girls against one celebrity girl. One minute they are hanging out as friends, and the next minute they are publicly fighting about who is a negative influence on whom.

Frankly, all of the girls in this scenario are behaving badly. However, the most eye-rolling part of the fight is when one of their mothers chimes in (through a spokesperson) to declare that her kids don’t drink or do drugs.

Ha! The truth is that Mom drinks like a fish, the older kids favor pills (amphetamines and benzos) and the younger ones love weed and coke. Almost everyone in the family is wasted on a regular basis. More than one of them should be in rehab right now.

Group of Girls:

One Celebrity Girl:

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    • luvprue1 says

      I agree with the Jenner girls and Selena Gomez guess. She just unfollowed them on intergram.

  1. AR09 says

    Group of girls: The Jenner girls
    One celebrity girl: Selena Gomez

    I was laughing at this! What in the world were 18 year old Kendall, and 16 year old Kylie doing in Cochella? They weren’t satisfied with one weekend. They went both! Did y’all see Khloe coming out and threatening Selena over Twitter? I knew something like this was going to happen. I would’t be surprised if That fake story about Orlando and Selena was planted by Kris Jenner.

    • ravenglass says

      That photo of Selena & Orlando on the curb disturbed me. Anyone else think he looked a little like Charlie Sheen?

      • AR09 says

        I hear you. Then Khloe decides to post a picture of herself and a gun yesterday. And today we have this story. Coincidence? But what more can we expect from a family that documents most of their “life” for money. I am no Selena Gomez fan, but the whole story of her deleting these girls because they were both a bad influence was so bogus. It was obviously fake. But, This family, instead of being mature and calling the girl, decide to use it as yet again, a publicity opportunity. And Yeah, Orlando looked so uncomfortable, that picture just confused me.

    • tarap says

      The pig Khloe, a grown woman who was married and desperately wants to be a mom and was a stepmom, threatened someone on Twitter over young girl stuff? Really? That is pathetic. Really really pathetic. If she had any self respect, she’d be embarassed but obviously being a K-family member means no shame.

      • nvuss says

        I would hardly call it young girl stuff. Khloe is in her 20s like Selena who tries to present herself as this mature higher being. Also if someone was messing with my sister’s I sure as hell would set things straight no matter the age.

  2. pr91 says

    Selena Gomez
    Kylie/ Kendall Jenner
    kris and rest of the Kardashians
    Kris should be in rehab- her liver must look like Swiss cheese

  3. minicoop says

    Sounds like the Kardashian clan headed by Kris. My guess is they are picking on Selena Gomez who was thinking about being represented by Kris. Could also be Miley.

    • AR09 says

      Lets start a movement! One person at a time, we can do this! LOL. I have never bought into the whole fakeness of this clan. I don’t even click on any links that have their name on it. I sound so bitter, lol.

      • Mtlmeee says

        I totally agree with you! Whenever I see a link with any of them, no matter how “inviting” they make it for me to click, I don’t. A lot of people don’t realize that every time they click or comment, they all make money…and, we’re showing them that we are interested in them and therefore they post more pics and stories…

        The only way they’ll all go away is if we completely ignore them.

        Oh and apparently, Kimye’s Vogue cover broke records??? How? It must have been all their minions buying up all the copies..we know there are pics of Kim buying and holding a stack of them..

        Yes I despise them all…

  4. lobsterbabe says

    Sounds like the Jenner girls and Kris Jenner for the mom

    Selena Gomez as the other girl.

    Good for Selena for getting away from this family! Hopefully she read the recent blind and comments from here telling her to run fast and far from them. Now if only we can get her to stay away from Bieber she might just have a chance to stay sober and get back on track. I’m rooting for her!!!

  5. AliekaZola says

    The Kardashians & Selena Gomez. Selena unfollowed s*** loads of famous people including the KK girls. We all know Kris loves drinking from the bottle, thanks to that tweet where either Kylie/Kendall tweeted that Kris was drunk. Kylie & Kendall, mainly Kylie is rumoured to be hanging with Mary Jane & the White Lady because of the people they hang with. E.g. Will Smith’s son, he’s always looking high as a kite. Then there’s the blind about the Biebs being in possession of controversial pictures of young celebrities doing drugs & other stuff. Then there’s the “rumor” of Rob being in rehab. The question now is – What are they fighting about?

    All these mofos need to grow up but then if they do, who would we gossip about? Hmmm

    • wendy hood says

      Rob was awfully close to Lamar, and we have all heard what kind of issues Lamar bumped into…

  6. jesja7 says

    Group of girls: Kendall and that other younger Kardashian
    One Celebrity Girl: Selena

    so very obvious!

  7. lisako says

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner vs. Selena Gomez. Good for Selena for coming to her senses, at least on this one.

  8. mugofmead111 says

    If someone’s mother is chiming in, then you’d figure that the Kardashian/Jenner clan has to be involved somehow.

    Group of Girls: Kylie and Kendall Jenner

    One Celebrity Girl: Selena Gomez

    I guess that courting period didn’t last too long.

    So, which of the older kids are trying controlled substances? I thought Rob’s problem was (too much) food.

    • wendy hood says

      Rob, given his closeness to Lamar and the strong rumors that he was in rehab for more than just food, is probably more of the speed + too much food addict (think Artie Lange). Probably bingeing on both, on and off.

  9. bun_bun says

    “Girl world” is from Mean Girls, so I’m guessing Lohan, but I don’t know who the group of girls could be,

  10. tuckerlee123 says

    Group of Girls: Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez

    One Celebrity Girl: Taylor Swift

    • Talisker says

      Kim k is appearing seriously spaced out and doped up – makes sense if she’s drugged up to numb out her manufactured life with Kanye – benzos would give her the numb, doped out attitude and amphetamines the weight loss. Wouldn’t put some dr*g use past (ex?) party girl Kourtney either and wild child Khloe. I think more went on in the Lamar household than just Lamar doing dr*gs – Khloe definitely privy to and possibly partaking in his partying (although managing not to get so sucked in) but Rob also taking it too far. That household seems to have some heavy issues behind closed doors…. All the Kardashian girls can appear seriously unemotive / spaced out / flat….

      • AR09 says

        You’re right on the money. I really had’t thought much about their aloof, unemotive, spaced out look–I Attributed it to just them being airheads. Now, if we add drugs in the equation it makes more sense. They do seem like robots 98 percent of the time. No wonder Bruce had to leave that compound.

      • mugofmead111 says

        but yet lamar was the evil druggie husband! is he to blame for their drug use too?

      • PandoraWolf says

        I thought it was just because Kim’s face is so botoxed/surgeried all to hell, but I think you are on to something. And with all the older siblings and mom partaking, no way Kendall and Kylie (how sad I know their names) will be staying away.

        Run, Bruce, run! (Even if you have to take off your Louboutins.)

  11. PandoraWolf says

    Hmmm…you mean Katfight, don’t you?

    Group: Kardashians Kris, Kendall, Kylie

    Girl: Selena Gomez

  12. wendy hood says

    Kardashians and Selena Gomez.

    Just found out about benzos: not only do they hush up the parts of the brain that let someone feel anxiety, eventually they hush up all the systems in ones body, plus the detox is mentally, emotionally and physically hellacious. Once you take them regularly, it is extremely hard to stop – it stops being fun and starts being mandatory (otherwise, definite physical symptoms set in after stopping habitual use). The detox can be anywhere from 7 days to YEARS. That would explain the amphetamines; benzos will keep you in a mental cage where nothing matters and there is no joy or happiness. Amphetamines can supplement that lack of feeling for a bit.

    • Bromance1979 says

      That sounds like the worst thing you can ever start doing. What dumbasses! No wonder Bruce got out of there.

      • Bromance1979 says

        Kris already brainwashed them, unfortunately. She’s probably convinced them that their father is to blame for everything. What 16-year-old wouldn’t want to stay with the parent who lets them run wild and do whatever they want?

      • wendy hood says

        Hey, it doesn’t help that a lot of doctors don’t understand how the drugs really act and prescribe the pills for years thinking they are helping the patient. Benzos should be used for 6 months max to help someone get through a serious trauma or an extremely difficult situation, not as a permanent anxiety medication. I didn’t even get into how tired one becomes (again, explains the amphetamines) or the possible seizures one can have when trying to get off them. They are serious, serious drugs.

  13. Fan says

    My first thought was Selena Gomez for the celebrity who has cut ties with the barfbag Kardashians.

  14. alwayserudite says

    Group of Girls: Kardashians.

    One Celebrity Girl: Selena Gomez.

    Khloe was rumored to threaten Selena and their mom is always saying the Jenner girls don’t drink or do drugs.

  15. anaisnun says

    Group of Girls: the Jenner girls
    One Celebrity Girl: Selena Gomez

    I don’t know exactly what happened at Coachella, but whatever it was, it turned nasty and the victim is Gomez.

  16. Marissa says

    Group: Jenner girls
    Celebrity: Selena Gomez
    Kourtney is the only one of them I’d even halfway believe is drug free.