Wide Awake Coke Hoover

woman coke[Blind Gossip] This Singer is an internationally-known pop star. We’ve talked about her drinking before, so you may be under the impression that that is her only vice. Nope!

Today we’re going to talk about her very serious coke habit.

To give you an idea as to how much she does, we’ll take you back to one particular night a year or so ago. She attended an awards ceremony, and, afterwards, went to an exclusive, members-only private club.

She asked around for some high-quality coke. She met directly with the dealer, and, after sampling his wares, instructed her bodyguard to “Pay him for an eight ball.”

For those who don’t do drugs, an “eight ball” is an eighth of an ounce or 3.5. grams of c*caine. Depending on the size of the lines you cut, that’s 10-20 lines.

It was a lot of coke… but it didn’t last long! She hoovered through that eight ball in less than an hour. Then the party moved from the club to a hotel room. Singer purchased another eight ball! She was still wide awake when the party broke up at 7:00 a.m.


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  1. AngelicG917 says

    This has to be Katy Perry! You were talking about her drinking in another blind, and her song is called ‘Wide Awake’

  2. Mommy2two says

    Katy Perry. “Wide Awake” clue. If you are reading this, Katy, please get help. You are far too young and talented to lose to this monster.

  3. NOTellebee says

    “Wide Awake” is a dead giveaway. Miss Katy P. Poor thing – that’s a nasty habit to break.

  4. LBC says

    Singer: Katy Perry

    Others blinds told us about her drinking problem. She has a song called “Wide awake”

  5. gmaven says

    Katy Perry. “Wide Awake” being the clue. Her partying was the rumored reason for her marriage breakup with Russell Brand.

  6. gossipgirl21 says

    Singer: Katy Perry. There have been other blinds regarding her cocaine habit, along with the “Wide Awake” reference.

  7. Bromance1979 says

    Katy Perry…

    Was she doing these two eight balls by herself?!? That is an insane amount of cocaine! I thought that much could kill a person!

    • Kerzep says

      I was going to mention this myself, but then I’d be admitting to living in the 80’s!
      Good call.

  8. cocobeannns says

    Katy Perry
    Wide Awake references

    I will say, she hides her extra curricular activities very well. You would never know by looking at her or listening to her interview, that she has such bad habits. Shame.

  9. Ms.MArcos says

    I can’t believe she looks as good as she does…everytime i ever did that much coke i looked and sounded like SHIIIIIT. oh Katy, chill or your tits will rot.

  10. littlemissfoggy says

    Katy Perry – main clue being the phrase “wide awake” (which is the name of one of her songs).

  11. kcphilly says

    Katy Perry

    Clues “Wide Awake” and “internationally known” – she has a song on her new album called International Smile.

    And previous BG items about her drinking problem.

    What a mess. Amazing Russell Brand married her at all.

  12. kittypryde777 says

    Katy Perry. I almost said Rihanna but she is already known for her infamous drug habits. Katy Perry is more gossiped about for her drinking.