Lunch Control

salad chicken[Blind Gossip] This Actress is young and talented and pretty. She does mostly films. She went out to lunch with her boyfriend last week. She placed her order… but it was quickly vetoed by her boyfriend.

“No. You are not eating that!” he told her.  He grabbed the menu out of her hand and placed her order for her. “She’ll have the [whatever] salad and the chicken breast,” he said. He handed both menus to the waiter and admonished her again, “That’s what you should be eating!”

Now, we don’t know if she had asked him to watch her diet for her, or if he meant well by changing her order, but the wait staff reported that she looked embarrassed and angry. The couple supposedly whispered furiously at each other for several minutes before the food arrived, and then barely spoke to each other for the rest of the meal.

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98 comments to Lunch Control

  • werkitmayer

    Jennifer Lawrence?

    • annasophie

      i don’t think so. jlaw strikes me as someone that you *itch slap a dude for even saying that to her. in fact, she seems like she is definitely not the type to surround herself with anyone who tries to control her.

  • dontpanik

    No idea. It doesn’t matter if she asked him to help watch her weight, that was high handed and pubic. What an ass.

    • dontpanik

      *public…though the other way is funnier

    • Scorpio13

      Ditto. Unfortunately he isn’t going to stop there. He’s going to try and CONTROL all of her if he isn’t doing it already. Hopefully she gives him the boot.

  • tmartex

    When I was reading that, I imagined it was Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

    • Cheezieb

      *This – Especially since he ridiculed poor Brittany Murphy about her weight. Add in the fact that Mila is pregnant and gaining weight? I think you are right about this guess.

    • CindyB

      That was my first thought, too. But, I thought Mila Kunis was known more for That 70s Show? But that might be my age.

      Yeah, I could totally see him doing that; eating right for the baby and all that. What a douche.

    • CindyB

      I misread “does mostly films” as “known for mostly films”. I think Mila/Ashton are definitely the answer.

  • mugofmead111

    This could be anyone, sadly.

  • Synapse3

    J-Law and whathisname.

  • Mystic

    Jennifer Lawrence? There were pics of her and her boyfriend having lunch the other day.

  • stolidog

    emma stone and andrew garfield

    • bonou2

      No way she called him out on his sewing comment you tube the clip that girl is not letting him pick her lunch and I’m sure the same can be said for Jlaw these woman are not push overs.

  • Andrea

    Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler

  • azura1

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • galaxyandstars

    Jennifer Lawrence. She as out w/ her bf Nicholas Hoult eating dinner.

  • Grande Queso

    No idea but she needs to tell him so screw off. If he will do that in public, he must be a real as*hole in private!

  • haley1020

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

  • cgrant0423

    Hmmmm….Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

  • tenderbeef

    Wilmer and Demi?

  • sabrina325

    Emma Watson?

  • chefboss

    Mila and Ashton

    • PardonMyNerdity

      Don’t think so. They seem like they’re in love. If I were to go with anyone, I’d go with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

    • Jaqaranda

      Mila is pregnant. If Ashton values his life, he’ll let her eat whatever she wants.

  • Mtlmeee

    Emma Stone?

  • minime

    Emma Roberts

    • FairyMay9

      nooooope, she is clearly wearing the aggressive bossiness in that relationship. run, Evan, please!

  • Molls

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

  • inmichigan

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. There are loads of “whatever” gifs of her out there and she and Andrew got in a bit of a row during an interview recently and she is a good guess for the weight-loss pills blind (“she marvels”)

  • audreyyy

    I would break up with someone immediately if they did that, wtf

  • adr1s

    Honey, you should order another boyfriend

  • GoddessPinkAngel

    Mila Kunis

    Ashton Kutcher

  • faboosh

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been out a lot promoting spiderman.

  • ifyouwannawakeupearly

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. They’ve had a couple public faux pas lately that suggest not all is well.

  • stealthninjakitty

    It’s either Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone, OR Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. Since their films will be coming out in the next few weeks, these people would be out in public A LOT.

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    One of the actresses from Pretty Little Liars? Other than that I got nuttin’. :-)

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    Also, I’m going to say that this sounds rather innocuous / innocent. More than likely she either asked him beforehand to help her with her weight, or it’s a topic that comes up frequently in their relationship and he was just looking out for her. HOWEVER, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it!

    • missmissy

      Isn’t it a given tho – that even if someone asks you to help them with their weight, you keep your mouth shut about it.

      • Loves the Latin Boys

        True. He could’ve waited until the waiter left and perhaps whispered something helpful, or better yet simply just not have addressed it at all. I think I would’ve done the latter.

  • Okayeah

    No clue. Just dump his sorry azz and walk away, sweetie.

  • caela94

    Emma Stone
    and Andrew Garfield

  • MLeah53

    This sounds like Demo Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama.

  • QubbuQ

    I saw photos yesterday of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult leaving a restaurant and both looked very pissy and as they were driving off Jennifer flipped off the paparazzi and in the photo Nicholas is frowning and trying to get her to stop by putting his hand up onto hers. Seems innocent enough and perhaps helpful, cooler head and all. BUT, given this blind… perhaps they’d just had a shitty meal together and Jennifer wasn’t feeling the love for Anyone at that moment, and Nicholas’s ‘helpful’ act of trying to get her to stop flipping the bird might just have been another controlling thing. They did split up before, and she does mention how she eats whatever she wants. So, maybe he considers it an issue, being that he is also in the business. So, yeah, I say them.

  • 4sixx2

    Demi and icky Wilmer.

    • 4sixx2

      Crap, sorry. I missed the second sentence. But Wilmer’s still icky.

      • PandoraWolf

        I think by now every blind about an asshole boyfriend someone will throw his name out there. And it’s probably true. I can’t even fathom the disgustingness of some of the non-public crap he does.

  • Gen82

    ennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

  • CanaryCry

    Hmmm … J. Law?

  • ravenglass

    I have no idea who this poor girl is, but when he ordered her the chicken breast she should have thanked him & said, to the waiter, ‘I was going to order the fish but, HE knows I have a tendency to choke on small “bones”.’

  • css1014

    Amanda Heard and Johnny Depp

  • lobsterbabe

    Emma Stone?

    The capitol A in actress makes me think of Easy A

  • cali

    Emma Roberts?

  • rosie_d

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • sassay

    Kontrolfreak Kanye

  • LaDolceVita

    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

  • Moonpie

    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

  • Lindasu

    Soooo has to be

    Wilmer Valderama and Demi Lovato.

  • KWDragon

    Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence?

    Whoever it is, ditch his rump, pronto!

  • bumponalog

    I have no idea…but am very disappointed that she didn’t dump the salad on his head and leave!

  • leighleigh

    Well it’s not Emma Roberts…….the blind included “talented”……

  • calumsmom

    Dakota Fanning and Jamie Strachan?

  • stolidog

    I wonder if this has been misinterpreted by us. When you think about it, most starlets are starving themselves….maybe the boyfriend was trying to force her to eat something healthy, rather than just order a glass of lemon water.

  • bahhumbug

    The blind is fairly vague, so I’m going to take a wild guess on this one. Abigail Breslin. Her boyfriend was Jack Barakat (though I’m not sure if they are still dating). She’s recently turned 18, and he’s 25. His age difference with a young and vulnerable girlfriend could explain the controlling behavior.

  • Lime

    JLaw- Her boyfriend Nick Hoult looks like a serious creeper!

  • lovejandc

    Another vote for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

  • Lisa

    Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend

  • blonder123

    I don’t think it was Jlaw and Nicholas Hoult. Can I ask if they’re a real couple or this is just a PR relationship? Because they seem cool and down to earth together.

    • nvuss

      They’ve been together for a really long time. Even before the Hunger Games and all of that, so I doubt they are for PR.

  • fleagirl

    Is this Henry Cavill and Gina Carano???

    They were seen by fans in Chicago over the Easter weekend.

  • jets4274

    Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield. Clearly another Hollywood “couple” manufactured for the sake of promoting their movie – like Rob Patterson and Kristin Stewart.

  • JennUx

    Let’s go for emma stone and andrew garfield. I’m guessing this will relate to the previous adhd pill blind. Andrew seems like the kind of guy who would support her and care about her health, not try and upset her. This had to be an innocent thing.

  • oleh2004

    Kim K and her controlling fiancee Kanye

  • Rinne

    Jennifer lawrence and zombie boy. Or beauty and the beast, given x-men.

  • augustmom

    While Kim K is acting as a genuine fiancee to Kanye, she is certainly nit considered an actress, by any stretch.

  • SOfisticatd

    It;s Demi Lovato. Without a doubt.

  • spoofbyrd

    Doubt if it is KK unless you consider a sextape a film career . JLaw might have asked her beau to be her sponsor if it is true . Watch it guys who hook up with her . JLaw is a volatile mix and can explode any man into pieces . She reminds me of Nichole Kidman who racked Tom Ctuise so hard that David Miscavige probably felt the pain rolling up to his abdomen .

  • TNT

    Sounds like Henry Cavill and Gina Carano. At the time, they were spotted dining. Plus, Gina is a bit on the chunk side, so it could possibly be them. Plus, he did leave her for to parade Kaily Cuoko for PR purposes.

  • mommalovesapuzzle

    The word vetoed made me think of House of Cards. How about Kate Mara and Max Minghella? She does mostly films and they were together at Craig’s Restaurant in LA last week.

  • IJelly

    Total sidebar: Jennifer Lawrence needs a new nickname. J-Law is just way too similar to Jude Law not to be confusing.

  • keepmeinmind

    Only logged in to say that this can’t be Mila & Ashton because it says that this was a “boyfriend” and they are engaged. Other than that, it could be anyone, so I don’t know.

  • mcstay122

    Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

  • Madi-Emma

    I don’t have any guesses but for everyone guessing J-Law and Hoult, it can’t be them. J-Law doesn’t do ‘mostly’ movies, she does movies only.

  • SunDiva

    Garfield and Stone.

  • edcollier2

    In the post, BG states, “This Actress is young and talented and pretty.” This reminds me of when Aibileen is going away. She takes Mae Mobley into the kitchen and explains that she has to go. Mae Mobley tells her, “You is kind […]. You is good. You is important”