Lunch Control

salad chicken[Blind Gossip] This Actress is young and talented and pretty. She does mostly films. She went out to lunch with her boyfriend last week. She placed her order… but it was quickly vetoed by her boyfriend.

“No. You are not eating that!” he told her.  He grabbed the menu out of her hand and placed her order for her. “She’ll have the [whatever] salad and the chicken breast,” he said. He handed both menus to the waiter and admonished her again, “That’s what you should be eating!”

Now, we don’t know if she had asked him to watch her diet for her, or if he meant well by changing her order, but the wait staff reported that she looked embarrassed and angry. The couple supposedly whispered furiously at each other for several minutes before the food arrived, and then barely spoke to each other for the rest of the meal.

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