Athlete Involved In Betting Scam

premier league 3[Pop Bitch] Which Premier League title-chasing football star has sold his credit facility with an elite betting firm to a “whale”?

The professional gambler has been so successful that he can’t get his biggest bets placed, so he has got the star to front it for him (in return for a nice fee, naturally…) Let’s see him try to defend that one if the bookies find out.

Premier League Star:

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  1. freakyfriday says

    “Title chasing” teams: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal.
    Player? Not a clue!

    • gossipzilla says

      Arsenal is struggling to make it into the top 4 teams and access next year’s Champions’ League… definitely not a “chasing title” team. Unless the blind refers to like 3 months ago.

      • Gallows Humour says

        The club would be English, as the premier league is English, apart from a couple of welsh clubs.

  2. Fan says

    This is a tough one for Americans, we’re not exactly in the loop. Isn’t Beckham retired now? The only other one I know of is Christiano Ronaldo, or whatever his name is…really don’t care.

    • slimfast10 says

      and if indeed this is George, he should just come out already. He is not an action star, and very few would care. I feel the same way about Kevin Spacey. So much talent and a shame they feel the need to be closeted.

  3. lottablue says

    Won’t be any of my beloved Citizens, so I’ll happily throw Liverpool and Chelsea under the bus. Guessing it’s a defender, I’m going with John Terry.

  4. callmedave says

    The clue is “defend” – a defender, and for a club close to the top of the table. I’ll say John Terry of Chelsea, who is a known gambler.

  5. whowassheilahgraham says

    Beckham. He was royally pi**ed off about not being knighted. Apparently a frightful row ensued.

    Yeah, right. If they give him a title, next they’ll be giving them away with chocolate bars.

  6. KWDragon says

    And they still won’t let ol’ Charlie Hustle into the Baseball Hall of Fame…

    *shakes head*

    Shame on the them. No one loved the game more.

  7. mrsbeckham says

    I’m going to go with John Terry, as Chelsea are chasing the title and the word “defend” points to the fact that he’s a defender. And it just sounds like something he would do.

  8. biatcho says

    Normally I’d say Wayne Rooney but since United is not in contention for the league this season I am going with Joe Allen who is from “Wales” and plays for Liverpool, who look to win the league.

    But I hope it’s some jerk like John Terry because he is a horrible human bring.

  9. mrsdracomalfoy says

    Suspecting that this is John Terry – rumours about him being in debt because of a gambling addiction caused him to remortgage his house made the rounds a few years ago.

    Premier League title-chasing: seems to fit in with Chelsea, but there were also rumours Mourinho has thrown in the towel this season
    ‘defend’ that one: JT is a centre back or in general, a defender

    Or it could be Ashley Cole? Lost his wife and picked up a gambling habit.

  10. gcreptile says

    Obviously a defender from either Liverpool FC or Manchester City. I assume it’s a Briton. Glen Johnson?

  11. lollie99 says

    It can’t be Beckham as he does not play for a team in the premiere league, so I’ll have to go with either Wayne Rooney or John Terry.

  12. yesyesyall says

    first thought is John “Hide Your Women” Terry because he’s that sleazy. cA$hley Cole sounds good too because since he’s been single he’s been channelling his inner sketchiness.

  13. Elmerblues says

    the clue alludes a defender – so no Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney – John Terry is a defender (and is known in the league as one of the best with a team that is currently in 1-2 spot for the championship. Definitely him…