Athlete Involved In Betting Scam

premier league 3[Pop Bitch] Which Premier League title-chasing football star has sold his credit facility with an elite betting firm to a “whale”?

The professional gambler has been so successful that he can’t get his biggest bets placed, so he has got the star to front it for him (in return for a nice fee, naturally…) Let’s see him try to defend that one if the bookies find out.

Premier League Star:

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34 comments to Athlete Involved In Betting Scam

  • freakyfriday

    “Title chasing” teams: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal.
    Player? Not a clue!

    • gossipzilla

      Arsenal is struggling to make it into the top 4 teams and access next year’s Champions’ League… definitely not a “chasing title” team. Unless the blind refers to like 3 months ago.

  • Moonpie

    Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Fan

    This is a tough one for Americans, we’re not exactly in the loop. Isn’t Beckham retired now? The only other one I know of is Christiano Ronaldo, or whatever his name is…really don’t care.

  • MiaAxx

    Ashley Cole

    • slimfast10

      and if indeed this is George, he should just come out already. He is not an action star, and very few would care. I feel the same way about Kevin Spacey. So much talent and a shame they feel the need to be closeted.

  • lottablue

    Won’t be any of my beloved Citizens, so I’ll happily throw Liverpool and Chelsea under the bus. Guessing it’s a defender, I’m going with John Terry.

  • callmedave

    The clue is “defend” – a defender, and for a club close to the top of the table. I’ll say John Terry of Chelsea, who is a known gambler.

  • whowassheilahgraham

    Beckham. He was royally pi**ed off about not being knighted. Apparently a frightful row ensued.

    Yeah, right. If they give him a title, next they’ll be giving them away with chocolate bars.

  • I Am PunkA


  • candymandie


  • Khadafi

    Premier League Star: Wayne Rooney

  • KWDragon

    And they still won’t let ol’ Charlie Hustle into the Baseball Hall of Fame…

    *shakes head*

    Shame on the them. No one loved the game more.

  • mrsbeckham

    I’m going to go with John Terry, as Chelsea are chasing the title and the word “defend” points to the fact that he’s a defender. And it just sounds like something he would do.

  • SuzNYC

    Could be Wayne Rooney…

  • BangTidy

    Gotta be John Terry

  • biatcho

    Normally I’d say Wayne Rooney but since United is not in contention for the league this season I am going with Joe Allen who is from “Wales” and plays for Liverpool, who look to win the league.

    But I hope it’s some jerk like John Terry because he is a horrible human bring.

  • mrsdracomalfoy

    Suspecting that this is John Terry – rumours about him being in debt because of a gambling addiction caused him to remortgage his house made the rounds a few years ago.

    Premier League title-chasing: seems to fit in with Chelsea, but there were also rumours Mourinho has thrown in the towel this season
    ‘defend’ that one: JT is a centre back or in general, a defender

    Or it could be Ashley Cole? Lost his wife and picked up a gambling habit.

  • Danasaurus

    Premier League Star: John Terry

  • Shoegal1

    The lovely(not) John Terry!!!!

  • JenJenJen

    Michael Owen? He has been done before with betting and gambling addictions.

  • gcreptile

    Obviously a defender from either Liverpool FC or Manchester City. I assume it’s a Briton. Glen Johnson?

  • BritishPound

    Wayne Rooney

  • lollie99

    It can’t be Beckham as he does not play for a team in the premiere league, so I’ll have to go with either Wayne Rooney or John Terry.

  • yesyesyall

    first thought is John “Hide Your Women” Terry because he’s that sleazy. cA$hley Cole sounds good too because since he’s been single he’s been channelling his inner sketchiness.

  • Gallows Humour

    Pretty obviously its John Terry.

  • superjinnx

    The vile John Terry of Chelsea. He’s all kinds of wrong.

  • Elmerblues

    the clue alludes a defender – so no Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney – John Terry is a defender (and is known in the league as one of the best with a team that is currently in 1-2 spot for the championship. Definitely him…