Why Singer Is Waiving Her Fee

hipster girl 2[Daily Mirror] Which washed-up American singer is offering appearances at hipster festivals over the summer for free?

The star is so “desperate” to appeal to younger crowds and still seem relevant to a trendy audience that she’s happy to waive her fee.

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  1. Elisa says

    I would love if this blind is about Madonna, who would of course spin the free concerts as reaching fans who otherwise couldn’t afford to see her.

    • Elisa says

      My hope is partially fueled by the word “desperate,” which I hope is a reference to “Desperately Seeking Susan.”

    • Atalanta says

      No matter what you think of Madonna, I find it hard to think of her ever as “washed up”. I’m going with Kesha. She used to be all grungy and is now clean and “washed up”, fresh out of Rehab. That, plus the multi-colored hair in the picture definitely harkens back to her pre-rehab.

      • Elisa says

        @Atalanta: Why don’t you think she’s washed up? I’m asking sincerely.

        Every time I see her, she seems to be clinging to the notion that she’s doing the same thing that newer and younger performers are doing, but that she’s hotter and sexier, which isn’t the case. I don’t think it’s an age thing, necessarily, but a deluded notion that she can keep doing what she’s always been doing and will still amaze simply because she’s *Madonna.* At this point, it’s just boring and too try-hard.

        I mentioned in reply to somebody else that she still has a huge fan base, but it doesn’t seem to be made up of a newer, younger crowd: just the people who have liked her for years.

        That’s why I think she’s washed up: she doesn’t have anything new to offer, nor can she attract the crowd she wants to attract.

    • redstilettos says

      Since I’m not sure of how timely things get approved and show, I doubt it’s Madonna. No, she’s not necessarily relevant, but she’s a permanent A List. She’ll get headlines no matter what she does. I was thinking along the lines of Courtney Love. Someone who doesn’t have legit talent (I think Madonna started out a better singer and writer & disintegrated much like Britney did–IMO that’s why she tried to ‘mother’ her).

      PS: M & B started out with great voices as youngsters, but something happened and the pipes faded away, however, Courtney slept with talented guys like Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain.

    • bun_bun says

      I’d also love for this to be about her, but she was written up by Forbes as the highest earning celebrity of 2013. So… probably not her.

      • Whatzmyname says

        Since when is Britney washed up? She has her own Las Vegas show and each time she releases a song it goes straight to nr.1! She wouldnt even bother with a lame hipster festival.

    • Grande Queso says

      I wish it was Avril but its not. She is touring this summer with Backstreet Boys… must be someone else. BTW Avril is douche. lol.

    • Mtlmeee says

      Depends on how you define “washed up”. Could it be Madonna…she hasn’t had a hit in years, but for a lot of people she’ll always be A- list…

  2. jacqueline says

    Clues, particularly ‘desperate’ as in “Desperately Seeking Susan” suggest Madonna, but I think she could still pull a crowd, even if she is past her see-by date.

    • Elisa says

      She can still pull a crowd, but the blind mentions this person is looking to appeal to a younger audience. She still has a lot of adult fans (like, people who were in their teens/early 20s when she first became popular in the 1980s), but I don’t think the younger crowd cares about her.

  3. bec215 says

    Christina Aguilera? Known primarily today for her love life and as a former judge on The Voice than her music, and recently back to her childish Avril hair and bombshell clothes…

    • TracieKnits says

      Isn’t she very pregnant right now? Isn’t that why she didn’t continue with the Voice this summer?

  4. KWDragon says

    Between the picture and her “Hello Kitty” video mess, I’d say Avril Lavinge, but she is Canadian.

    The color could also be Cyndi Lauper, but I thought she was doing well with “Kinky Boots” on Broadway. That doesn’t strike me as “washed up” at all.

    Debbie Gibson?

  5. Fan says

    The photo looks like X-tina, but she’s preggars. My second guess was Madonna, especially the “desperate” reference to Desperately Seeking Susan.

  6. cgrant0423 says

    First person that came to mind was Avril Lavigne but since she’s Canadian, my second guess is Lana Del Rey.

  7. Jinkies says

    Nicole Sherzinger -She sang the song “Desperate” on her 2011 Album “Killer Love”.

    • KWDragon says

      Good catch. I like your guess better than mine.

      While people are pointing to the clue and seeing Madonna, I am not sure how she, with all her money and continued fame, could be considered “washed up.” Irrelevant? Yes. Desperate? Yes. Washed up? No.

  8. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Photo looks like Taylor Momsen but “desperate” is given as a clue so someone who may have been in Desperate Housewives or who has a song with Desperate in the title.

    No clue really other than the photo reminds me of Courtney Love.

  9. Mixtape says

    Gotta be Courtney Love
    “How’d you get so desperate?” is a line from the Hole hit Malibu.
    What a pity… thinking of that song reminds me she once had talent. Further proof that all the money in the world can’t undo the ravages of addiction.

  10. cafe_au_lait says

    Vanessa Williams? Only suggesting this because of the word “desperate” being in quotes.

  11. lizzielouisa says

    Britney. The girl in pic has a Disney Minnie-Mouse charm on her necklace & Brit-Brit was famously a disney mouseketeer. X-Tina is far from washed up & is pregnant so she won’t be preforming at random places across America during her 3rd trimester. I genuinely feel bad for her Britney because she looks so sad.

  12. goldieb says

    Picture resembles Cyndi Lauper. But she’s opening for half of Cher’s tour. Well, maybe she waived that fee, too!

  13. lizzielouisa says

    Britney. The girl in the above pic has a Disney Minnie-Mouse charm on her necklace & Brit-Brit was famously a disney mouseketeer. X-Tina is far from washed up & is pregnant so she won’t be preforming at random places across America during her 3rd trimester. I genuinely feel bad for Britney because she always looks so sad in every picture taken of her much like the pic above…

  14. whoareallthesepeople says

    That would be Madonna Louise Ciccone herself. Gotta be. “Desperate” as in “Desperately Seeking Susan.”

  15. redstilettos says

    When I’m think hipster American female singer who’s been out of the limelight and washed up, I’m thinking Courtney Love.

  16. savvy_geek says

    Nicole Sherzinger – has a song called “Desperate.” And the Brits like to talk about her because of her relationship with Lewis Hamilton…..

  17. JPH says

    Oh god please let it be Avril Lavigne. I think it’s too soon to write Kesha off, who’d have been my second guess (based on the photo).

  18. no_way_jose says

    Courtney Love

    idk if she’s appearing at festivals but I get a strong feeling that this would be her

  19. Best Guess says

    Nicole Scherzinger. Desperate is a song title from her solo album. How far they fall and no one cares!

  20. ravenglass says


    “desperate”=”Desperately Seeking Susan”

    I hate music festivals, so I think I’ll just wait for next summer & catch her at her Walmart Parking Lot Tour!!!

  21. traherne says

    “Desperate” Seeking Susan = Madonna.
    Can’t picture the greedy b* working for free, though.

  22. nonimal says

    Oh my dear, sweet little Avril. Her new Hello Kitty song is quite the steamer, but I’d still show it to her.

  23. Martini says

    Courtney Love? I used to really like her and frankly haven’t been paying attention to whether she is still relevant nowadays or not…