Famous Actors Will Be Named In Sex Ring Lawsuit

bryan singer[Radar Online] As X-Men director Bryan Singer comes under fire in court for an alleged sex abuse scandal, RadarOnline.com has learned that multiple A-list Hollywood actors will be named as part of an alleged sex ring connected to the lawsuit.

Singer was named in a federal civil lawsuit Wednesday, accusing the filmmaker of intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault and invasion of privacy, in connection with the purported sexual abuse of a then-underage aspiring thespian, Michael Egan III.

Now, multiple sources tell RadarOnline.com, “There will absolutely be several high profile actors that will be tied to the sex scandal as a result of the lawsuit.”

“The actors won’t be accused of any illegal wrongdoing,” the source notes, “but several are allegedly eyewitnesses to some of the activity outlined in the civil complaint against the director. At least one of the names will be shocking. The young actor’s fans will be stunned to know he was at one of these infamous parties that Bryan allegedly attended and/or organized.”

In legal documents obtained by Radar, actor/model Egan claims that in 1999, the now-48-year-old filmmaker behind the lens of hits such as The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns and Jack the Giant Slayer coerced him into sex at parties in California and Hawaii when he was 17.

Egan claims in the docs that he got caught up in an underground sex ring consisting of high-profile Hollywood types, through which he was baited with promises of career advancement via their well-heeled connections. He said he attended soirees at an Encino, Calif. mansion, where he claims there was “sexual contact between adult males and the many teenage boys who were present.”

Egan claimed that it was at one of the aforementioned parties where he crossed paths with the director Singer, who allegedly plied him with drugs such as cocaine and pain medication, and threatened him, as a means of allegedly engaging in both anal and oral sex.

“The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit,” attorney Marty Singer (no relation to Bryan) said in reaction to the suit Wednesday. “We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit.

“It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’s new movie is about to open in a few weeks,” he continued.

Egan will address his claims in a news conference slated for Thursday afternoon flanked by his attorney Jeff Herman, a Boca Raton, Fla. lawyer with a history of representing sex abuse victims against large institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Catholic Church.

“Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children,” Herman said on Wednesday. “This is the first of many cases I will be filing to give these victims a voice and to expose the issue.”

While Radar does not identify sex abuse victims by name, Egan had already been publicly identified by his lawyer, and had expressed his intent to speak openly about the issue in Thursday’s news conference.

And now that he’s come forward, a source revealed, “It’s expected that other alleged victims will also come forward … This could be one of the biggest Hollywood sex scandals in history!”

High-profile Actors who will be named:

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134 comments to Famous Actors Will Be Named In Sex Ring Lawsuit

  • stolidog

    I’m not really sure how a “young actor” who’s fans would be shocked could really be witness to allegations of events that occurred sometime around 2000, but I’ll still throw in Hugh Jackman as a witness since he and Singer have a fairly long history together.

  • commonsense

    Imma say Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta. Egan better be careful that “they” dont end up “taking care of him”. If Corey Feldman was too scared to mention who “they” are, then Egan must really have a set of balls.

  • Khadafi

    High-profile Actors who will be named: Tommygirl, Travolta, Ben Affleck and a bunch of other closeted A-listers…

    • felipepinafi

      Ben is not gay.Hugh Jackman for number 3.

      • Khadafi

        Ben is a so called bisexual, and he had this period with wild drinking and parties and…

      • luvprue1

        I going with Hugh Jackman too

      • rosiedoes

        “So called”?

      • the great chrysanthemum

        Definitely Kevin as one of them…. but the lawyer said ‘young actor’ so maybe not Hugh. If it is Hugh it would definitely end his career because of his family man/ I’m not gay interviews and image. Spacey would live on as everyone knows he is gay and though not’out’ he has never said he wasn’t gay.

        Attorney Jeff Herman said…..“Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children,”perhaps he should have said “Hollywood has NO problem with the sexual exploitation of children”

        I hope this runs and dozens of others come forward to finally expose the cess-pit that is Hollywood, but I have the sinking feeling that money will silence the lambs.

    • AR09

      Is Ben Affleck really closeted? I have never heard of him being gay! I’ve known for years that Travolta and Cruise are though.

  • Revisionist

    I am going to say Bruce Willis for one… but IMO the nature of some of these – if revealed – will be younger actors who were the twinks rather than the hawks and was one of their stepping stones to fame an fortune.

  • ravenglass

    Kevin Spacey

    He starred in “The Usual Suspects”

    Colin Farrell

    I think he may be the young actor who also attended this party. Spacey “discovered” Farrell in ’98 or ’99 & is responsible for bringing him to Hollywood. Colin was not underage at the time but still quite young.

  • bun_bun

    Taylor Lautner?

    • MaryQuiteContrary


    • ginnynotjenny

      The suit claims the parties took place in 1999. Taylor Lautner would’ve been only 7. And they seem to be talking of young men.

      I think Colin Farrell is a good guess…

      • bun_bun

        The way I read the blind, it sounded like the actor is young right now. If these parties are still going on, Taylor could vouch for his current activities, be a character witness, help establish a pattern of behavior.

      • luvprue1

        Elijah Wood??

    • Cranny

      Yep, I seen some pictures of Taylor Lautner posted somewhere he was at a recent party with Bryan Singer and his flavor of the week at his side.

  • gypsydaisy

    Good! If this is all true it should come out. “Making” it in Hollywood shouldn’t rob anyone of their dignity or childhood.

  • Mia444

    Zac Efron

  • minx

    When I heard it was Bryan Singer I thought of Kevin Spacey because of “The Usual Suspects”. As far as a young actor, I don’t know.

  • exit81

    Taylor Lautner for the young actor his fans will be shocked about?

    • edenoutkast

      This is what I am thinking. While reading this I immediately thought of Kevin Spacey and Taylor Lautner.

  • Slothcat

    Kevin Spacey

  • Mtlmeee

    Cristopher Walken, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Spacey, Keanu Reeves, Ian McKellan, all guesses

    • Mtlmeee

      I’ve heard rumours that Taylor Lautner attended these parties as a young, non-famous actor, but this wouldn’t have been 1999-2000, he would have been under ten years old at the time.

      I’ve also heard rumours that the now-deceased and troubled actor, Brad Renfro also attended these parties. Oh wait..didn’t Joe Simpson
      “mentor” Brad for a while and didn’t Brad live with the Simpson family for a bit?????

      Add Joe Simpson to the list of names to be exposed!

    • tarap

      Toby McGuire
      Dominic Monahan
      Jonah Hill
      Macauley Caulkin or one of his brothers

      all random guesses

  • MamaJunesneckrolls

    This is no secret to anyone in the gay community in Hollywood/WEHO. Any much of his activities with boys under 21 is documented on social media.
    ACTORS: KEVIN SPACY for sure

  • oldstephens

    Jake, Tom, Jeremy

  • brainy

    Bet Kevin Spacey (Usual Suspects) and Taylor Lautner as the young actor (rumors for years about his attendance at Singer’s parties).

  • NYCFashionPassion

    Kevin Spacey

  • Kerzep

    Hmmmm. Underage boys, huh? I’ll go with the following:

    John Travolta
    Tom Cruise
    Kevin Spacey
    Jake Gyllenhall

  • I Am PunkA

    Kevin Spacey worked with Singer on both The Usual Suspects, and Superman Returns.

    The blind also listed Jack the Giant Slayer, which seemed add, but to me, pointed to Nicolas Hoult, as the shocking name to be dropped.

    I already read something that said some parties were organized by a convicted pedophile, Marc Collins-Rector, so this is a serious connection, and makes those involved and named look guilty by association. That list is going to make some people really squirm.

    Awesome. Blow the lid off any Hollywood pedophile ring. You can;t call yourself gay and be a pedophile. Not in the same ballpark of activity. Pedophilia is not ok.

    • Franciss

      This x 1000

    • meemo506


      Hollywood has a long history of sexual abuse and child molestation. It’s disgusting and subhuman, and I’m glad someone is brave enough to try to bring their abusers to justice.

      • PandoraWolf

        Hollywood unfortunately also has a long history of enabling parents so greedy to pimp out their kids that they wouldn’t bat an eye when their 14-15-16 year old kid gets invited to a “producer’s” house for a “party.” ABSOLUTELY not condoing raping children, but parents need to stop looking the other way as well.

        When the names start dropping, it won’t JUST be the Hollywood types being exposed.

    • GossipProblem

      And rape. That is what this is. Even if they were of age, these guys were coerced, forced, and/or threatened. I really hope this goes through. There are far too many criminals and predators in that industry that rob people of their dignity and innocence in return for a dream that MAY come true. It’s absolutely awful. And the people who are around it and do nothing are even worse.

    • tarap

      In addition to outing the predators, how about the studios that turn a blind eye to this behavior and ignore the rumors. Or how about making the parents of said children aware that they need to be on guard and protect their kids. That’s their dang job!

  • megigi

    No guesses on who the actors are, I am just glad this subculture in Hollywood is being exposed. Young boys AND girls have been preyed upon by adults in the entertainment industry for far too long. I honestly believe much of the drug abuse that runs rampant in today’s young stars is directly linked to this type of victimization–either the adults are giving drugs to the kids to make them more amenable to participating or the kids are using the drugs to numb themselves to the trauma. Regardless, I hope ANY adult (regardless of their high profile or earning potential) who has perpetrated crimes on any child is convicted and locked away in a dark, cold cell for a long time. I hope the same standard is applied to anyone who has either helped the abusers find victims or those who have turned a blind eye to the abuse. (**steps off soapbox**)

    • GayleStorm

      In addition, any parent who knowingly pushes their children into these types of relationships, is as sick, or even more so, than the pedophiles committing these crimes.
      We live in a sick society. People will sell their souls at the drop of a hat…..

    • bubbasbbq

      From your lips to God’s Ears, I hope so, too. Reading this made my stomach turn.

    • MissNormaDesmond

      Hear, hear. Blow the lid off this sick business, once and for all.

    • Cranny

      I agree, when I read about talent young actors fall into world of drugs, I wonder what happened to them to that make them to that to themselves.

    • mugofmead111

      re:” Regardless, I hope ANY adult (regardless of their high profile or earning potential) who has perpetrated crimes on any child is convicted and locked away in a dark, cold cell for a long time.”

      by the way, i’m still waiting for roman polanski to go to jail for what he did to samantha geimer hen she was just 13 years old.

      it’d be nice to see a cultural shift in holltywood, but i doubt it.

    • Mandy G.

      I wrote my comment before I read yours, and I was on my soapbox, too. However, mine was addressing the fact that I don’t think we’ll ever see these people named. They’re too rich and too powerful. I hope I’m wrong becuse I agree with you 100% that they should be exposed for the creeps they are.

  • Vagabondage

    Kevin Spacey
    Zac Efron
    Taylor Lautner

  • Mardy Bum

    Hugh Jackman

  • Lime

    Nick Hoult and Singer are good friends, right?

    And I hear Taylor Lautner lived at Singers home for a time.

  • ck_931

    Nicholas Hoult went from playing Tony on skins to starring in Tom Ford’s movie and now is in every Bryan Singer film…

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    Hugh Jackman. He has worked extensively with Bryan Singer and I have always gotten a ‘closet-case’ vibe from him.

  • spikelb

    Tsk, tsk, tsk . . . Suing ex-clients, otherwise known as a hustlers retirement fund.

  • slimfast10

    could, not have said it better myself..

  • vee115

    My guess is that Jeremy Renner and Jason Statham will be named. I have so many conflicting feels about all of this. Going to be tons of fallout.

  • KrazyCatLady

    I remember hearing things about Leonardo DiCaprio years ago having to do those things before he hit it big

  • Lindasu

    And while they’re blowing the rings off, let’s hope by association it also releases the hip hop communities that are “turning” their young artists out in the same fashion.

  • slantrhyme

    It pains me to think that Kevin Spacey is involved in this but he probably is.

    I put some (well, a lot) of the blame on the parents who use their children as meal tickets. So anxious to make money from their kids’ talents that they allow them to be abused!! Look at how f’d up these young stars turn out, whether it’s the Nickelodeon and Disney tweens, the boy bands (waiting for somebody to write the book on what went on in Florida in the ’90s), or this disgraceful mess! If my teen told me he was going to a party at some famous director’s house, or was going to Hawaii with a director, my reaction would be a great big hell no and a call to the cops. That people chose to remain silent is indicative of just how money- and fame- hungry this world has become.

    It makes PMK look not so bad by comparison. At least she’s only using her own kids (so far, Selena) and all the sex happening there seems to be among consenting adults.

    Shocking name: would Taylor Lautner be a shock? I’m guessing Nicholas Hoult would be more of a shock, because of the JLaw connection.

    • mugofmead111

      If Kevin Spacey were named, this would out him for sure.

      PMK’s youngest two kids (Kendall and Kylie) only recently became legal. Who knew what things they were doing when Keeping Up With the Kardashians had first started. *shrug*

  • Longstreet

    Older men: Kevin Spacey, Gus Van Sant, and maybe Sandy Gallin.

    Younger men: Taylor Lautner, Nicolas Hoult, Colin Farrell, and possibly Seann William Scott.

    This has been going on for years- Tom Cruise started his career as a boy toy for David Geffen and Barry Diller in the early 80′, though I doubt any of those three would be involved in this particular sleazy party scene. The same goes for Will Smith, Jeremy Renner, and John Travolta. They all seem like they prefer to keep their business behind closed doors.

  • kookywooky

    Brad Renfro (RIP)
    Kevin Spacey
    Ian McKellen
    Hugh Jackman
    James Marsden
    Shawn Ashmore
    Alan Cummings
    Patrick Stewart

    • inmichigan

      Why in the world would you include Patrick Stewart? Because he is friends with Ian McKellen (also, where’s your thinking here? Just because he is gay?)? He is one of the few in Hollywood who speak out about abuse. He was adorable when “outed” mistakenly by The Guardian. I seriously think you just pulled that one out of thin air. Take a deep breath.

      • Mtlmeee

        I think YOU should take a deep breath! We all have a right to guess the blinds whether they’re educated guesses or just off the top of our heads. This is a fun site to guess and engage in conversation and ideas. Try not to be judgemental or attack other posters.

        BTW, It states on the blind, that “at least one of the names will be shocking”, for it to be shocking means it would be unexpected. Therefore, it could be anyone..including Patrick Stewart.

      • rosiedoes

        Mtlmeee, I really think people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, here.

      • jasper

        Two stories that circulated the early days of the internet about Patrick:
        1- “The Captain’s Log” reports of a thick 8″?
        2- “Anything that Moves” was first attributed to him before Barrowman was even on Titans, much less the revived Doctor Who.

        I’ve always taken these with a grain of salt, because what guy wouldn’t deny rumors of being the “Big Man in Command”?

        (and we could probably add Barrowman to the Singer witness guest list!)

    • Ladieu

      Oh my faith in humanity will be well and truly destroyed if the lovely Patrick Stewart was part of this

    • Mandy G.

      I would hate to see Hugh Jackman named. He’s a good actor and appears to be a nice guy. However, actors are great at pretending to be something they’re not, so who knows?

  • Markray19

    Sadly, none of the actors are likely to be named. The guy wants money, and Bryan Singer has a lot of it. This will go away after a big payoff and everybody can keep going on – business as usual. Really awful. I wish guys like this could ignore the payday and instead do the right thing but it doesn’t happen.

  • nuzzybear

    Shia LeBeouf (as one of the victims)- it would explain so many things.

  • ChiTownHockey

    I bet that Henry Cavill is the guy who we will supposedly be surprised was attending those parties. His age would be about right.

    There are pictures of him floating around the Internet of him at all-male pool parties before he became famous for Superman. I think he was still going to those back when he was on The Tudors. He only stopped when he got the Superman gig.

    • Nate

      In 1999,Cavill was 16 and still living in his hometown(Jersey Islands-UK)!Some years later he spent at least a year in Italy!Also in the ONE picture ,in which he can bee seen in a pool,there is a famous actress that i can’t remeber her name!As far as i’m concerned he was staying with his Dior model girlfriend during his Tudors days before he met Ellen!

  • she-hulk

    Usual suspects:
    Tom Cruising
    John Revoltin
    And errr Boy fan favorite, Hugh Jackoff

  • starlee04

    Ethan Hawke?

  • geewhiz

    Sickening. Feel horrible for the victims, particularly the minors whose parents failed them. The money is no doubt flying not just among victims but through the justice system. Didn’t I read that a lot of the LAPD hierarchy are CO$? They will close ranks when many of perps are same.

  • gogidolim

    Does Nicholas Hoult have anything to do with this? If so, the revelation will cause one massive chain reaction of scandals.

    • Lime

      I’m thinking his name will come up, and yeah with him dating JLaw this will blow up when it does come up.

  • sunnygal

    This is such a sad disgusting post. The parents are just as much at fault. Shame on them.

  • whowassheilahgraham

    This is a sick business and has been for decades. Only one person has tried to make a difference – Paul Peterson who was a child TV star. He started the organization A MInor Consideration which tries to help current and past child actors. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a true Hollywood hero.

  • sugarbread

    andrew garfield
    colin farell
    oliver stone
    henry cavill
    taylor lautner
    toby macguire/ leo d / lukas haas
    robert pattinson

  • La Llorona

    Were you there? What do you know about it?

    I don’t buy the Travolta and Cruise answers because as Scientologists, they’re not going to fool around in public openly, even if Travolta loves his masseuses way too much. They’re involved with a high level cult for a reason.

    “These parties were famous at the time and regardless of the exploitation or how you feel about, most of the boys knew what they were there for and were willing participants.”

    Sorry, that doesn’t excuse statutory rape.

    And why do you think Singer stopped throwing those parties 15 years ago? I definitely heard about these parties after that time frame.

    But yeah, I’ve heard about Spielberg being associated with this, too. Are you from Datalounge? If so, howyadoin’…

  • melmac

    Steven Spielberg
    George Lucas
    Hayden Christensen

  • YoGo8c

    The only surprise with this is why it’s taken so long. It’s been whispered about on the grapevine for years, although that could just be gossip, who knows, and most everyone with a name in Hollyweird has some sort of gossip.

    I believe the Jimmy Saville scandal in the UK has kicked this off in the US, but some celebs have been found not guity of underage sex abuse in the UK, after hefty allegations, so don’t necessarily condemn someone on the strength of allegations alone. We need evidence.

    • YoGo8c

      To clarify: ‘whispered about on the grapevine for years’, meaning that these sort of parties go on in Hollywood, not anything specific to Singer, to my knowledge.

      • raslebol

        Here everyone seems to forget Egan never said it was happened during a Singer’s gay party.

        I’m french and in my country ,the legal age for sex is 15 years old.
        I remember to go in some parties in private houses where there were some drugs,alcohol and sex and everyone was consent.(Anyone expected to play monopoly in drinking a tea)

        In my opinion,there is no difference between Hefner’s parties and Singer’s parties except that Singer doesn’t seem very concerned on the age of the boys whereas Hefner wants to be sure the girls are legal

  • kinnat

    My only guesses are Kevin Spacey as witnessing, and Taylor Twilight as being involved in this situation after these particular assaults happened, but with the usual suspects as they are obviously still getting away with it.

  • DebinTx

    I know he’s not an actor but I wonder if Hugh Jackman’s “friend”/business partner John Palermo will be called to testify (he was Singer’s assistant).

    • raslebol

      If Palermo worked for Singer at moments of supposed facts,probably.

      Singer never denied his gay parties or have sex with young men but he denied the rape or to force the guys.

  • reen57

    I am hoping this goes forward although it’s possible that once again a big payoff will make it all go away. Apparently there are a lot of sources of income named in the suit which was probably leaked to RadarOnline for maximum online coverage. The prosecutor is also looking for fame and fortune, so a trial would suit him better although a huge payoff would not be despised. If he had an airtight case I don’t think he’d publicize it until he had a court date. This way it just looks like a notice that money will cure all charges. Sad.

  • reen57

    What I would like to know is where this trial will take place. You have a Federal complaint with Hollywood based alleged perps and witness and a Boca Raton lawyer who likes to take on very large institutions that have fat wallets.

  • dallasJAC

    Stanley Tucci. Was in “Jack and the Giant Slayer”. Recently “married”.

  • hollywoodvoyuer

    this is absolutely true and has been just “overlooked” because that is how Hollywood is. Singer has been doing this for years along with many other high profile industry folk. I just don’t know why this kid decided to wait so long to say something, which makes people think he is telling tales, but I know this is 100% true.

  • BobNYC

    Some of you people must have gone to the Joe McCarthy school of mind warping. You are basically making accusations against people based on absolutely nothing! Ethan Hawke? Patrick Stewart? Good God, that is so absurd. I’ve know both of these guys for years and neither of them are even remotely gay. And Stephen Spielberg? Some of you need to be on medication.

  • raslebol

    Everyone forgot a huge detail….Egan nevet said he was raped at a Singer’s party.He was raped at a Singer’s friend ( at a pool party)
    I think it will finish with a big check for Egan and his lawyer or by discover,Egan lied
    Singer can love the young guys but as long time as they’re legal and consent,i don’t care!

  • samsayssix

    Bruce Willis, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, John Travolta and I’ve even seen someone mention Cory Monteith in some circles

  • Flavor of the week

    Chace Crawford

  • bec215

    I’m surprised at how easily people are confusing being a gay man in Hollywood, and being a pedophile… they are not synonymous, people! Just because Ian McKellan is gay doesn’t mean he likes children…

  • Buckskinlady

    Young actor whose fans will be shocked.
    Jensen Ackles and/or Jared Padalecki. Both have been looking really stressed about something lately.

  • Mandy G.

    Call me cynical, but I don’t think we’ll ever see any names published. I’ll bet these actors have their high-priced lawyers doing whatever they can to keep all of this hush-hush. After all, look at all the actors and musicians (if you can call them that) who should be in jail, but aren’t. Why? Money talks and the criminal walks, that’s why. I’ll step off my soapbox now.

  • Scotty141

    There are major sicko people in Hollywood, big names and people who we all would be surprised by. There are also a lot of good people in Hollywood that see this kind of thing going on but are to afraid to do anything because of their careers.

    I have a funny feeling about James Franco.

    Gerard Butler
    George Clooney
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    • cagossel

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve always had a funny feeling about James Franco as well.

  • Nate

    The Ashmore bros
    (I heard something about)Nicholas Hoult
    Ian McKellen(there is even a picture)

  • Moonpie

    Frankly, I don’t give a hoot what consenting adults do. But if minors were involved, then the participants should go to prison. And when is Hollywood going to become a professional industry where people are treated like professionals.

    Pedophiles and blackmailers must be flushed out. Disney and Nick have been taken over by them. In a world of advanced technology, it’s about time these old actors, producers, directors, etc. get taken down for blackmailing and hustling potential employees (men, women, and children). More people should come forward and sue the pants off these people. Enough with the rat infestation.

  • the great chrysanthemum

    Don’t just be outraged on this board, let your outrage be based in your pocket and boycott Singers movies, money is the only thing that Hollywood really cares about.

  • biggiesmalls

    Kevin Spacey
    Seann William Scott
    Taylor Lautner
    Shia LeBeouf
    Hugh Jackman

  • brat365

    Good. Its about time. These perverts need to be exposed for what they are. And for Gods sake start making movies about the real superheros of our time : WOMEN :) I like that the lawyer is from Boca Raton !!!Go Boca Middle Cobras & Spanish River Sharks!!!!! Throw the book at Hollywood. Nasty old men

  • brat365

    You may be Hollywood but dont mess with Boca!!!!

  • spoofbyrd

    What happened to the days when bearded clams not beards were the subjects of scandal in Tinseltown ? Answer It has always been there of course but the male sex rings unlike Heidi the Hollywood Madam scandal always gets buried but will this one finally break wide open or will it disappear like Kaiser Sose . Are the whistle blowers going to identify the pedophile skin whistle blowers this time and bring it to the foreskinfront . In politics there were rumors about the late Jack Kemp but whether true or not it never saw daylight so who knows ? Yes I could believe Kevin Spacey might be involved but Travolta s and Cruise s uhhh indoctrination probably would not allow for this because they might face the consequences of serious auditing . Will the sparks fly ? If so it will be a full blown California wildfire .

  • kimbers

    “..he was baited…”
    Tom hanks as the A list witness

  • spoofbyrd

    I was going to guess Beavis and Butthead because the time period is close Yet Butthead has gingivitis and halitosis and there are some things creeps and perverts wont do but Beavis well he is the most attractive of the pair and if this young male sex ring every had a costume party there is no doubt who Beavis would show up as .

  • uzzarox

    i really hate to say this, but heath ledger?