Shocking Coke Buddies

chateau marmont[Blind Gossip] It is fairly common for young people in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to do coke. However, you would never figure these two young female celebs as coke buddies!

This particular incident occurred in September within the past couple of years at the Chateau Marmont. No cameras allowed and plenty of bodyguards around. It was just the two girls, sitting together at a private table, doing lines for about a half an hour, happy and giggly and carefree.

Perhaps it was just a one-time thing. Perhaps not. One of them has since moved to New York to be with her actor beau, so the two of them don’t really hang out together as much as they used to.

Who are they? Celeb 1 is a funny actress who now only works in films. Celeb 2 is a taller female singer with a goody goody reputation. Yes, it’s shocking.

Celeb 1:

Celeb 2:

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  1. ianmcgrinty says

    This is supposed to be Emma Stone & Taylor Swift, but there’s no way it could be true.

  2. tmartex says

    Celeb 1: Jennifer Aniston
    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift
    I read once that last fall, Taylor got advice from Jennifer after her split with Jake Gyllenhaal.

  3. tuckerlee123 says

    Celeb 1: Rose Byrne or Kristin Wiig? Don’t know if either are considered “young” by Hollywood standards though

    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

  4. ladyk707 says

    This sounds like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift. But I just can’t see either of them getting sucked into the hard drugs scene.

  5. chynaeyezz287 says

    Celeb 1: Emma Stone…moved to NYC to be with Andrew Garfield
    Celeb 2 is definitely Taylor Swift

    • Simstim says

      Yeah, and Stone and Swift used to be BFFs back in the day, not sure if they still are. And Stone got her start on television before her big break in film, notice the blind says “actress who now only works in films”

  6. krosechi says

    Celeb 1:JLaw
    Celeb 2:Taylor Swift…
    I’m guessing, I’m wondering who are these celebs!!

  7. Erin says

    My first thought was Taylor Swift and Emma Stone, but don’t Emma and Andrew live in Beverly Hills? Or do they still have a place in New York?

  8. Lil Debbull says

    Wait…Jennifer Aniston didn’t feel quite right and doesn’t seem she like she moved to NYC…
    Celeb 1- Kirsten Dunst
    Celeb 2- Taylor Swift

    • PrettyInPink84 says

      Don’t be too sad. It says actress celeb 1 NOW only does films… Emma Stone broke out in films. Try Jennifer Aniston. Guess they needed a good laugh after Johnny boy…..

      • lovefifteen says

        Emma Stone acted in six different television projects before her first film role in Superbad. You can check her IMDB profile.

        Do you honestly think Ace would describe Jennifer Anniston as young?! LMAO!!

  9. Jinkies says

    Celeb 1: Smurfette from the Smurfs movies

    Celeb 2: Adele Dazeem

    This is not only shocking, but extremely unsmurfy. Adele has kept a low profile since the Academy Awards and I think that Smurfette is dating a guy from Blue Man Group.

  10. JaneDawson says

    Id say Swift, but she rarely parties. She just cut off Selena for drugs so can’t be her.

    Guessing Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward. She just finished a sitcom and she and Katy are party together.

    • MermaidPrincessa says

      Katy Perry isn’t that tall… and who would ever describe her as “Goody goody”? Lmao.

  11. ravenglass says

    Celeb 1: Emma Stone (moved to NYC with Andrew Garfield)

    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

    TAYLOR?!?!?! Little Miss Cats & Cookies???

    Suddenly her song “White Horse” has taken on a whole new meaning!!!

  12. vbchica14 says

    Celeb 1: Jennifer Lawrence

    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

    Although, not sure who “moved to NY to be with her actor beau”–Jennifer is dating Nicholas Holt (although other blind items make that sound fake) although I don’t think they life in NY & Taylor is single.

  13. savvy_geek says

    Curious! Celeb 1 is defo Jennifer Aniston. Taylor Swift fits the description of Celeb 2, but could that be? I can’t see those two hanging out, even over some shared lines…..

  14. udabae says

    Celeb 1: Emma Stone
    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

    not so sure about celeb 1, more of just a guess but I heard Emma lives in NY with Andrew and she is a funny film star and Taylor and Emma were known to be really good friends a couple years back so there’s my reasoning
    but whoa I did not expect Taylor! Hints: “never” and obviously a tall singer with a goody reputation definitely fits

  15. PrincessTiff says

    My guess on 1 would be Emma Stone, but saying she now “only” works on films implies she used to do TV and I don’t think Emma did

    • lovefifteen says

      Emma Stone acted in six different television projects before her first film role in Superbad. You can check her IMDB profile.

  16. vrgb says

    Celeb 1: Emma Stone (funny actress + moved to New York with boyfriend Andrew Garfield)
    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift (“taller female singer” – she’s like 5’10 – “with a goody goody reputation”)

  17. annic420 says

    Celeb 1: Emma Stone
    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

    Emma Stone moved to NYC to live with her Spiderman co-star, Andrew Garfield.
    Taylor Swift is tall and lanky and is very keen to try and obtain her clean-cut image.
    Aaaand- they used to hang out a lot together.


  18. Blacky says

    Celeb 1: Funny, film, and young makes me think Anna Kendrick possibly.

    Celeb 2: The only tall goody goody singer I know is Taylor Swift.

    It is supposed to be shocking.

  19. ellipsistg says

    Celeb 1 – Anna Kendrick

    Celeb 2 – Katy Perry

    Doesn’t 100% fit, as Kendrick as always done film, and Perry doesn’t really have a goody goody reputation.

  20. Morphles says

    OK – so first post and a wild guess to get the ball rolling…

    Celeb 1 Emma Stone
    Celeb 2 Taylor Swift

    Reasoning: ES moved to NY to be with Andrew Garfield in 2009. Known for comedies such as Easy A, Zombieland and Crazy, Stupid Love.
    TS is taller than ES who at 5’6″ is not short in Hollywood. TS has a goody two shoes rep and I can’t recall an ES scandal – all in all the most unlikeliest coke buddies I can think of at the moment.

  21. inmichigan says

    Zosia Mamet and Taylor Swift?
    (Clues “girls” and Zosia just moved to NY with her boyfriend and she’s funny. Plus “never” for Taylor’s Never Ever Getting Back Together) Just don’t know if Zosia’s GIRLS role is coming to an end (funny actress who now only works in films)

  22. heyitsariane says

    Just a wild guess but I’m pretty sure about Celeb 2

    Celeb 1: Emma Stone?
    Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

  23. tellingitlikeitis says

    Celeb 1: Vanessa Hudgens
    Celeb 2: Selena Gomez

    Actually don’t find it too shocking she did say on instagram that Vanessa was her ultimate party buddy.

  24. Me Talk Pretty says

    I don’t know why, but the first thing that popped into my head was:

    Celeb 1: Anna Kendrick
    Celeb 2: Sara Barielles,

    …because that would be hilarious.

    But Sara is not tall, And Anna is single I think, so that does not fit. Shame.

  25. redstilettos says

    I was originally going to think of Swift as the Celeb 2, but didn’t Taylor dump Selena G as a friend because of her refusal to get help for her coke probs and getting back with Beiber?