Causing A Stink In A Chinese Restaurant

chinese food[Pop Bitch] Which laddish TV/radio ‘personality’ was causing a stink in a Chinese restaurant by bellowing racist jokes and comments – and encouraging his child to join in with him?

He doesn’t seem to quite have a handle on the correct culinary references though as, bizarrely, he kept using the word ‘poppadom’.

TV Personality:

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  1. lizt says

    Sadly I think this might be British radio and tv personality Chris Evans. He used to be known for his laddishness but is now supposed to be a family man. I hope it isn’t him, though, but can’t think of anyone else who fits the profile.

  2. CanaryCry says

    This has gotta be a UK personality not known west of the pond, so I’m stuck.

    That Chinese food looks like a good guilty pleasure – I want orange chicken for dinner now!

  3. Nightwing says

    Howard Stern seems like too obvious a choice, but it’s the one that comes to mind.

    • leannael says

      You must not know anything about Stern to think it’s him. He’s a very liberal, smart guy. Would never be rascist.

    • ravenglass says

      He & the rest of the “Top Gear” crew are often described as laddish.

      He also got into trouble for an absolutely disgusting racist rant about Mexican’s.

      He has two daughters.

      TV & radio presenter.

  4. stonn says

    My guess would be Howard Stern because he’s just that crass. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  5. Aero0 says

    Andrew Zimmern.

    TV/radio ‘personality’ – Zimmern had an extensive radio career. His shows Chowhounds, The Andrew Zimmern Show, and Food Court With Andrew Zimmern.

    “bizarrely” – Has/had a show on Travel Channel called Bizarre Foods.

    Causing A Stink In A Chinese Restaurant – In the beginning of Bizarre Foods, he’s holding is nose before eating a CGI beetle.

  6. Kansa says

    I vote for Jeremy Clarkson. He says the most vile things and thinks they are funny. Every week he gets into trouble in the press, but the television industry in Great Britain is so behind the times in allowing prejudicial comments and behavior that it is unreal. They had a Celebrity Big Brother Show on a few years ago in which a beautiful Bollywood actress was treated very badly and they kept mentioning the word “poppadom” (or however it is spelled).

  7. Ladieu says

    Unfortuantely I think this is one of the Top Gear guys, terrible really. they seem like nice guys on the surface but they also come across underneath the swagger and banter as misogynistic and racist

  8. the great chrysanthemum says

    Fool….if there is one thing you never do it is insult people who are preparing your food.