BG12345: Wednesday

king joffreyGood Morning, Blinders!

This is an open thread. Talk about whatever. Just keep it clean.

You’ve made it halfway through another work week. You’ve made it through another Tax Day. You’ve made it through another Game of Thrones wedding. Some of you have even just made it through another snowstorm (WTH?).

You ALL deserve a reward!

How about a mixed BG12345? That’s a five new and solved blind items, one per hour, starting at 1:00 pm. Enjoy!

Love, Ace


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82 comments to BG12345: Wednesday

  • suzq

    thanks Ace! a perfect counter to the snow we woke up to in NJ today! I agree – WTH!!

    • Blind Gossip

      Crazy, right? At least the snow gives you another place to hide your afikomen or your Easter eggs! Love, Ace

  • CanaryCry

    Sunny here in Chicagoland, with temps in the 50s expected.

    I do miss the camel, though …


    Ace – I live in NJ and won’t wear my winter coat. I’ll feel defeated if I see that North Face again this season! Love the site – top bookmark for me!

  • Booboo1068

    Morning Ace and BG staffers!

    Like others yesterday we got 5 cm of snow (yes!) here in Ontario, (Oh) Canada and today is sunny but…2 degrees Celsius with snow still on the ground! Murphy’s law we just got our winter radials changed out…LOL! No complaints, it’s just our normal spring! It’s 38 degrees F in India right now where a friend lives…just talked by Skype.

    Could someone please post a shot of a warm California beach for us Northerners?!

  • ravenglass

    Good Morning Ace, BG Crew & Fellow Blinders!!!

    Still below 0 in my corner of Canada with snow expected this weekend. But snow in MAY isn’t uncommon here so no big deal.

    Huge GOT fan & I love Jack Gleeson. Sorry to hear about his retirement from acting but if fame made him uncomfortable, then good for him for walking away.

    Looking forward to the BG12345.

  • Thanks Ace! I’ve come to look forward to your daily ciphers. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes hilarious.

  • Andreinac13

    Ace: Nothing makes sense anymore. I don’t know if it’s because of the snow or lack of sleep or both. I appreciate the BG12345. I really need it. Thank you!

  • rockbeatspaper

    Good Morning, Ace! Snowy here in Saskatchewan, which doesn’t help with people’s perceptions of Canada.

    I knew the Purple Wedding was coming, but it was still fantastic to watch. But I’m still going to miss hating Joffrey.

    Have a great day and a fabulous Easter weekend!

  • mommagoosed

    Woot! Thanks, Ace! We dropped from 70 degrees to 40 degrees yesterday. Thankfully, no snow, though!

  • Jinkies

    Ace, I will do cartwheels if you have any scoop on Miley Cyrus. I find it very suspicious that story circulating is that she was supposedly taking an antibiotic for the flu when influenza is a virus and antibiotics are only given for bacterial infections, not viral infections and aren’t given to people like a B-12 shot for being exhausted.

    Also, her tweets seem overly defensive and angry at people for not believing the antibiotic story. Her PR team must be reeling that she sent out those tweets and didn’t wait for them to handle the press releases and statements. I hope that she can be placed in Rehab soon – she needs professional help.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Blind Gossip

      You are correct. Antibiotics won’t help a viral infection like the flu. However, if you wind up with a bacterial infection as a result of the flu (e.g. an upper respiratory infection), you might be prescribed antibiotics. Love, Dr. Ace

  • viilady

    LOVE YOU ACE!! Thank you for entertaining me and publishing the gossip that I hear talked about, totes openly, by publicists and agents in my spin class everyday! I hear something and I am like….ooooohhhhh i wonder when ace will write about it!

  • ckarla

    i have an important exam tomorrow and i’m biting my nail for three days straight now :/
    wish me luck, ace 😛
    ps. adore your site <3

    • Blind Gossip

      What test? Maybe we can help. We’re helping Knope study for his/her neurology exam! Love, Ace

      • ckarla

        Medical biology :O
        that would be great haha

      • Blind Gossip

        OK. Here you go, CK:

        An acetylcholinesterase inhibitor increases nasal secretions because it:

        A) blocks acetylcholine release from parasympathetic nerve endings.
        B) blocks acetylcholine response at acetylcholine receptors.
        C) increases parasympathetic activity at acetylcholine receptors.
        D) decreases parasympathetic activity at acetylcholine receptors.

      • ckarla

        gosh, ace. i don’t know that one :/

      • Blind Gossip

        Don’t worry about it. It’s not on your exam! Trust. Love, Ace

      • ckarla

        Hopefully. Anyhow, thanks :)
        and continue being as great as you are
        greeting :*

  • caela94

    It snowed on my Mom’s daffodils in the Bronx. At least the tulips haven’t bloomed.

  • Ask Me, I'm Alice

    aaaaaand some of us had all three. Nothing like being an overobsessed adult in maine. sighhhh

  • tiara107

    75 degrees. Florida.

  • MLeah53

    Good morning from sunny San Diego!

  • KWDragon

    In Connecticut, both of my cars were iced shut this morning, with about a half-inch of snow on top.


    Are we going to see the return of the Creepy Guy blind today?

  • kat411

    96 degrees today in Phoenix – I would LOVE some snow! :-)

  • knope

    Hey Ace! I’ve been spending the week studying for a neurology test and my mini breaks reading BG is one of the things keeping me from weeping in the corner over this test :)

    • Blind Gossip

      Let’s see if you’re ready, Knope!

      Which of the following primary nervous system tumors occurs more frequently in women than in men?
      A. Ependymoma
      B. Germinoma
      C. Medulloblastoma
      D. Meningioma
      E. Choroid plexus papilloma

  • sashas

    Let’s hear some Coachella blinds!

  • rtp456

    Ace, I have one question. Is there anyone in Hollywierd that is normal????? Or showbiz in general? Just one person?? Thanks!

    • Blind Gossip

      Yes. Many. We just don’t write about them. Love, Ace

      • Booboo1068

        Good to know. It’s hard to believe some times. Im not sure how you or anyone works in that world and keeps your sanity.

    • ravenglass

      I know I can be pretty snarky when commenting about Taylor Swift, but showing up to a fan’s bridal shower was pretty damn cool of her.

      It’s nice to hear a positive story about a big celeb.

  • Caligirl

    Hi Ace! It’s a nice morning in sunny Southern Cal (which I have a feeling you know cause you’re here)… :)

    Thanks for all of the great blinds. Love that you and the other BG writers try so hard to help those who are in trouble. Knowing industry people read your site, you are to the point and you don’t pull punches. Hopefully that makes a difference in a few lives and people can get help. This subject hits close to home for me so I especially root for those who can be saved.

    Thanks also for the blinds that are just pure entertainment!! Some are so funny I’ve spit out my coffee reading them. Love all of the fellow blinders and their hilarious (sometimes outrageously funny) responses. The respectful nature of this board is so rare nowadays it makes it an absolute pleasure to read this site every day.

    Have a great hump day everyone!

  • PinkFlamingo

    It’s a balmy 55 degrees in South Georgia! BRRRRR! Where has SPRING gone?

  • ccincanada

    here in canada it is -2 (30F), which is actually very abnormal for spring.
    soooo tired of the cold weather. can’t wait until it heats up!!!


  • PapillonLover

    Thank you Ace…you’re the tops!!
    We dropped 21 degrees in 1 hour yesterday…..Brrrrr!

  • annnn

    Hi Ace!… I’m from Argentina :) Sunny and nice down here today :)
    Happy Easter weekend!

  • oldstephens

    Ace–Do you know who Toothy Tile is?

  • xmagic_dustx

    Oh, Ace. I’m sending you love from Scotland! <3

  • MrsHeisenberg

    Good evening Ace & fellow Blinders!

    I finally registered and just wanted you to say that I love your site and tell you that you have fans in Europe, too! :)

    It’s evening here in Germany and the weather is mild!

    Love, MrsHeisenberg

  • FlowerGirl

    New poster here, saying: “Hello, & thanks for a great site!”, from NOLA.

  • cawdaisy

    Yep. I live in NH. Made the epic mistake of washing all winter gear and crating it all away…spent the better part of my time at 5am trying to find where I put away the boots…coats…hats/gloves.

    Please tell me this is the last snow!!! *SOBS*

  • Mystic

    Hey BG!

    Sunny and clear skies here in Florida. Though I wouldn’t describe my mood as sunny. Probably one of my worst school semesters in a long time. I feel like giving up and am re-considering if I should go on a different path.

    Can you cheer me up? Any gossip on Orlando Bloom? Is he really single as he is claiming to be?

  • laly

    Hello Ace! Greeting from Italy! What do you think about the fact that Sean Penn’s new movie with Charlize was originally written for Robin Wright? What’s the backstory of this breakup that still burns so bad in Penn’s heart? He hates her so much! What gossip you have on Robin?
    PS: I posted before with a link and the post didn’t appear. I apologize if links were not allowed.

  • minime

    Ace, why do some of the blinds…appear and then disappear for awhile only to reappear again? just wondering? *kisses*

  • CatBallou

    Thanks for the BG12345 Ace! Hope you guys in the frigid north are staying warm. Down in Texas yesterday it went from 33 when I left for work to 80 when I left. It will head your way in no time :-).