Coachella Kissing Couple

coachella 2014 1[Noisey Vice] Spotted side of stage, super cute levels of PDA between one member of a girl band and the lanky frontman of a leather-clad indie rock band who resides on the opposite coast.

Who is this hot new couple?




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  1. Jinkies says

    Girl: Dee Dee Penny from the Dum Dum Girls

    Guy: Jonathan Rado from Foxygen

    In other words, I don’t have a clue who the couple is in the blind item and am simply guessing. 😉

  2. anonymouse says

    Someone from Haim (they live around Venice B) and someone from… oh, I don’t really care.

  3. riven says

    Get it Fishbone!!
    (I thought it was amusing)

    But I’d guess Matt Schultz from Cage the Elephant. With Este Haim from Haim.

  4. butterflycatcher says

    girl: someone from haim.
    guy: julian casablancas!

    i hope i’m right; i’d definitely be a fan of this couple!

  5. pastghost says

    Guy: Julian Casablancas
    Girl: One of the girls of Warpaint or Dum Dum girls? Too many girls to pick one.

    • D.G Roman says

      Danielle and Julian were photographed all weekend and even have a popular one with Kesha floating around where he’s looking lanky and leather-clad!

  6. jgirl828 says

    Girl: No idea

    Guy: Dave Macklovitch, lead singer of Chromeo (played the main stage). Known for being tall, skinny, and has a documented fondness for leather jackets.

    • jgirl828 says


      Girl: A member of Haim. Both bands have pics of eachother on their respective instagrams

  7. Sophie Claire says

    Girl: A Haim sister – maybe Danielle??

    Guy: Alex Turner! Lanky: check, leather-clad: check, opposite coast: they’re from the UK so check!!

    • Pickums1283 says

      As a huge MGMT fan, they were my first thought, too, but I don’t see them wear leather that often, if ever. They def weren’t wearing any at Coachella.

      • Chumley says

        Ah, thanks! Then I’m going to go with:

        Girl: Danielle Haim
        Guy: Dave Macklovitch

        There’s a group picture on his tumblr with her leaning lovingly on his shoulder. I think Danielle actually toured with Julian Casablancas in the past, so if there was something romantic there, it probably would have already happened…?