Creepy Middle-Aged Man

monster 3[Blind Gossip] This actor is best known for his starring role in a hit movie from the 1980s that you and your kids have probably watched many times. He was a teenager back then, and rather cute.

Now he is a middle-aged man, acting in bit parts in TV shows and films, picking up on young girls at conventions and autograph signings… and then hunting them down on the Internet!

It all starts out innocently enough, where he flatters you and acts coy. But once he knows your name, he will relentlessly stalk you on social media, sending dozens of messages to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, telling you that he know everything about you, everywhere you go, everything you do, and everyone you know.

It’s downright creepy. Sort of like his one big movie. Perhaps he acts this way because his live-in girlfriend fed him after midnight?


His one big movie:

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