A Drunk TV Guy Walks Into A Bar

man bar flirting[Blind Gossip] He is so likable on television that it’s hard to imagine this guy is such a sh*tty, drunk, cheating jerk in real life.

You have probably heard about his recent bar adventures. But what you may not know is how often these bar adventures occur: Every. Night.

We’re talking about a fortyish married guy with a young baby, going out every night after work, getting drunk off his ass until two or three in the morning, picking up girls who are half his age, and then spending the night with them at their place or a hotel!

And here’s the really funny part: The next day he goes back to work and gushes about how much he loves his wife and baby, and prompting the audience to marvel over what a great husband and father he is! If they only knew what he had really been doing last night, they might not think he is such a great guy tonight.


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