A Drunk TV Guy Walks Into A Bar

man bar flirting[Blind Gossip] He is so likable on television that it’s hard to imagine this guy is such a sh*tty, drunk, cheating jerk in real life.

You have probably heard about his recent bar adventures. But what you may not know is how often these bar adventures occur: Every. Night.

We’re talking about a fortyish married guy with a young baby, going out every night after work, getting drunk off his ass until two or three in the morning, picking up girls who are half his age, and then spending the night with them at their place or a hotel!

And here’s the really funny part: The next day he goes back to work and gushes about how much he loves his wife and baby, and prompting the audience to marvel over what a great husband and father he is! If they only knew what he had really been doing last night, they might not think he is such a great guy tonight.


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  1. AGJ says

    Jimmy Fallon. Clue= tonight=The Tonight Show.

    Such a loser. Wasn’t there a blind a while back about how he was mean to his wife during or after her pregnancy? I feel sorry for his wife.

    • Stefanie2530 says

      She wasn’t pregnant…they used a surrogate to have the baby. But I think you’re correct…I believe there WAS an item about this before where he would get on her case about her not being able to get pregnant. Don’t quote me on that…but I seem to remember something to that effect too…

    • PrettyInPink84 says

      There was a blind item about how he wasn’t attached to the baby and that caused a major rift in his marriage or something like that. I also believe there is another blind about he and a hot male actor in which actor tries to score threesomes and he would try to take the left overs or some bullcrap to that extent.. Something about picking up women together ect…

    • CanaryCry says

      Because actually marrying a cougar & trying to have a family with her may be tough?

      Didn’t he learn anything from Guy Ritchie or Ashton Kutcher?

      • Bromance1979 says

        He’s 39 and she’s 46… not really a cougar.

        There’s also ABSOLUTELY no excuse for his behaviour. His wife wasn’t able to get pregnant and carry his child, so he cheats? Oh, boo F’ing hoo for him. He’s a scumbag.

  2. julietjas says

    Ugh. Jimmy Fallon. “Every night,” “funny,” “tonight,” his whole persona is what a likable guy he is, and of course the wife and baby girl. :(

  3. lisako says

    Aw, Jimmy Fallon, what a letdown. The first few times I heard this I really hoped it wasn’t true, but at this point, I’m believing it.
    Clues: funny, tonight

  4. no_way_jose says

    Jimmy Fallon

    Hints: Tonight, plus the title sounds like the first line of a joke

    Also there was that Blind earlier that said he doesn’t spend any time with his daughter and tries to avoid her.

  5. Talisker says

    Jimmy Fallon. The same doucheb@g who didn’t really view his daughter as ‘his’ because she was surrogate. Idiot.

  6. nony says

    Guy: Jimmy Fallon

    This is one of many blind items about him. This has been going on for a while!

  7. michellev27 says

    Jimmy Fallon

    Reports that he has been to a couple bars lately and buying shots for the room and him just being out there partying at bars alot

  8. ccattwood says

    Jimmy fallon..poor wife and baby..too bad he doesn’t seem appreciative of all he has and has been given.

  9. KWDragon says

    I don’t want this to be Jimmy Fallon, because he does seem so cool on TV, but I think it’s him. I just saw the news where he was almost in the middle of a bar fight on Thursday night and went back out on Friday.

    Clues include “the really funny part” because he is a funny man and”a great guy tonight” for The Tonight Show.

    I don’t get to have a TV hero anymore, huh, Ace? Man…

  10. abracadabra says

    Jimmy Fallon. Sad. How can he think this isn’t going to get out? You’d think that Lorne would have his guy under better control.

    • butwhatever says

      What has Lorne ever done about anybody’s dr*g or alc*hol abuse?

      GO TO R*HAB, JIMMY. Please.

  11. LC_Says says

    Jimmy Fallon

    Clues: Tonight, he’s the host of the Tonight Show. Was recently reported he got into a bar fight.

  12. muuuuu says

    Jimmy Fallon. NY Post’s Page Six had two articles on him this week–he got into a bar brawl Thursday night, and was giving out free shots to bar patrons on Friday night. And there’s a tumblr post about how someone met him at a bar stumbling drunk and struggling to put on his coat and get out the door. Poor Nancy and Winnie.

    • muuuuu says

      It still could be on her list, there’s a few names on it that still haven’t been revealed.

  13. elemcee says

    Jimmy Fallon. Recent headlines about being caught up in a bar brawl. Description fits too.

    Every. Night. & “…such a great guy tonight” = Tonight Show clues, use of the word “audience” fits with the format of his show

    He’s an idiot, and he’s ya husbanddd, yeahhhh. Such a bummer!

  14. jem2007 says

    Ugh, this sound like Jimmy Fallon…which sucks because I like him.

    *really funny part…
    *prompting the audience
    *such a great guy tonight

  15. jem2007 says

    Okayyy….just read he was in a bar fight recently and was buying shots for “everyone.” :(

  16. whitesox23 says

    Guy: Jimmy Fallon…… numerous blinds about how he is not really a good dad or husband anymore.