Code Language and Pet Names

nicknames 3[Mid Day] He is a young actor who belongs to a film family and has had two consecutive hits to his credit. With his work garnering him appreciation, he has been on a high for some time now.

He was also linked to his earlier co-star, but turns out he has a soft corner for his current co-star. This actress is not a newcomer in the industry, and has already won a lot of accolades for her acting.

If sources are to be believed, this duo is now in love. “Both of them were rumoured to be in relationships with other people from the industry, but this isn’t true. Given the fact that they are both single, it was natural for them to get attracted to each other,” says the source.

It seems that they are currently in the dating stage and getting to know each other better. “They were recently spotted enjoying local cuisine at a restaurant and they also went out on a movie date.

They are like any regular couple. When they are not shooting, they explore the city together and bond over food. When they are apart, they keep messaging each other. They have a code language and also pet names for each other so that they can keep their romance a secret,” says the source.

Young Actor:

Earlier Costar:

Current Costar:

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    • BeanTownBabe says

      Wait just one second… what about Nicholas Hoult? I thought him and Jennifer were in love?!?!

      (lot’s of responses about these 3 but figured I would just respond to the 1st one)

  1. Rinne says

    Josh hutcherson ( young, film family and two consecutive hit may be the 1 and 2 installements for the hunger games)

    First love affair vanessa hudgens? They co starred in that one movie..

    Jennifer lawrence current co star. They were/are linked to other actors both…but if it isn’t true, the DO call each other names, DO love food to pieces, and they do keep every kind of public appearence to the minimum ( except film promo) wich would explain their wanting to keep this a secret..

    I’m hoping for this! ( “shooting” may refer to katniss?) .

    First post for me since i regostered! :) sorry if it doesn’t make sense!

  2. Kelly says

    Josh Hutchson
    Vanessa Hudgens
    Jennifer Lawrence

    It could be totally wrong and probably is! But that’s all that came to mind

  3. lanimmg says

    Young Actor: Liam Helmsworth

    Earlier Costar: Miley Cyrus

    Current Costar: Jennifer Lawrence

  4. fiona12 says

    Young Actor: Josh Hutcherson

    Earlier Costar: Vanessa Hudgens

    Current Costar: Jennifer Lawrence

    He has starred in the Journey franchise and other family movies in the past and his two consecutive hits are The Hunger Games and the sequel Catching Fire. He was linked to Vanessa Hudgens in the past and his current co-star Jennifer Lawrence has won major accolades for her acting. They are both apparently ‘dating’ other people, her with Nick Hoult and him with Claudia Traisac, both of whom are in the entertainment industry. There have been fan tweets about running into them having dinners/hanging out in Atlanta where they are shooting the final Hunger Games movie. They have a great rapport in interviews so it seems to fit?

    • Jinkies says

      Yep. Like you, I’m not familiar with Bollywood actors and this blind is definitely about actors from the Bollywood set per the original source. The only clues that I have are from the few responses from the Mid-Day site, so I’ll guess Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. (I honestly don’t know anything about them, though.)

  5. Incuriosity says

    Young Actor: Liam Hemsworth

    Earlier Costar: Miley Cyrus

    Current Costar: Teresa Palmer?

  6. kbd61186 says

    young actor:liam hemsworth
    earlier costar:miley cyrus
    current costar:jennifer lawrence

  7. jujub23 says

    Liam Hemsworth

    Earlier costar: Miley Cyrus

    Current costar: Jennifer Lawerence

    Good for them!

  8. rosiesharks says

    This is a wild guess and probably wrong:

    Young Actor: Liam Hemsworth
    Earlier Costar: Miley Cyrus
    Current Costar: Jennifer Lawrence

  9. leocadiolarissa says

    Young Actor: Liam Hemsworth

    Earlier Costar: Miley Cyrus

    Current Costar: Jennifer Lawrence

  10. bec215 says

    An interesting note here is that Hutcherson has spoken publicly about his guy-crushes and hinted at bisexuality, while Lawrence is the subject of rumors of her own… these two don’t seem like a good fit, though. The Hemsworth-Cyrus-Lawrence fit makes more sense to me, because Lawrence despite her aw-shucksness is extremely ambitious and so is Hemsworth – I’m no Miley fan, but I think she got the short end of the stick with Hemsworth, and it would make total sense to me that Hemsworth and Lawrence would hook up. Guess we’ll see!

  11. sonoviva says

    Young Actor: Liam Hemsworth (film family)

    Earlier Costar: Miley Cyrus

    Current Costar: Jennifer Lawrence (he’s spoken so highly of her and how much he loves the way she lives life, or something to that effect)

  12. True007 says

    Young Actor: Liam Hemsworth
    Earlier Costar: Miley Cyrus
    Current Costar: Jennifer Lawrence

    I thought she was engaged but it’s Hollywood so who knows?

  13. ALovelyDovey says

    YA: Josh Hutcherson
    EC: Vanessa Hudgens
    CC: Jennifer Lawrence

    There have been some tweets saying that they have seen Jen and Josh together on some occasions (and the person said they didn’t want to take a picture because they were rushing to go somewhere). Another clue is “they keep messaging each other” – Josh said in one of the interviews during last year’s San Diego Comic Con (if I remember correctly) that they were in constant communication when they were filming different movies (her: X men him an indie movie in Panama).

    Can’t be Liam because it said “rumoured” but everyone and their mothers know he was in a relationship with Miley Cyrus.

    Just my two cents though, could be completely wrong.

  14. Fan says

    My first thought was Liam Hemsworth, but he hasn’t had two hits in a row, in fact Paranoia did terribly last year. I think J-Law is still with Nick Hoult, but, who knows?

  15. PrettyInPink84 says

    It doesn’t make sense to me that it would be Jen with Liam or Josh because for one it says “Both of them were rumored to be in relationships with other people from the industry, but this isn’t true” …… A rumor means hearsay with no proof. She was either really dating Nikolas Hoult or fake dating him because they were at the awards together kissing ect when she won therefor that is a fact and NOT a rumor.

    It also says they are CURRENTLY in the dating stage and getting to know each other better… But how many years now have they been filming together? And they were all very obviously close during filming you can tell in interviews, plus didn’t they all live together in Hawaii while shooting or something like that? I would think that they would all KNOW each other pretty darn well by now.

    With that being said, I have no freaking clue who it is! Lol

  16. newts says

    I’m actually surprised at how many people think it’s Jen and liam they are both so awkward with each other sometimes and the only successful movie that liam has been in is the hunger games, josh and Jen make a lot more sense

  17. newts says

    really surprised at how many people think it’s liam and Jen, like they are both really awkward with each other sometimes and the only hit liam has had is the hunger games franchise and he’s barely in it, josh hutcherson and Jen make a lot more sense

  18. Lime says

    This is absolutely Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Have you seen them together in interviews. They are practically pouncing on each other the whole time, and it is all pet names. And he has been linked with several costars. VH and the girl from Paradise Lost.

  19. gigh says

    lol to people thinking this is Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. Like really? Since when Josh comes from a film family? He is a child actor. Two consecutives hits? Josh doesn’t have hits outside Hunger games movies and they don’t really count as his hits. Joshifer shippers are really hopefull people who believe they are in love and dating in secret and their respective boyfriend and girlfriend are PR when reality tell otherwise.

  20. LaDolceVita says

    This is not Jennifer Lawrence, she is not rumored to be in a relationship with another actor, this has actually been confirmed by her and Nicholas Hoult and he even was her date to the Oscars and Golden Globes this year. But I still don’t know who that might be, the only young actress that comes to mind that has won accolades for her acting is JL. Dakota Fanning and Emma Watson are also young and good actresses with many years of acting, but no major awards.

  21. StacyGInTheCLE says

    Am I the only one for whom Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart, and whoever may be attached to his current movie came to mind??? Too late for me to care to research who CC may be…

    • Her says

      Robert Pattinson doesn’t come from a film family and he hasn’t had any hits to his credit so far. While Stewart may be considered a good actress by some people, she hasn’t won any major accolades. Unless you count MTV awards.

      As some people said before, this is a Bollywood site so it may be popular indian actors/actresses.