1. emmarose says

    Very obviously Katy Perry!

    hints: international (her song International Smile), roaring (her song Roar) and dark horse (her song Dark Horse).

    This is too bad..

  2. Runningdude1 says

    Well – muntered is a New Zealand term in this instance…so I guess that refers Lorde…and dark horse refers to Katie Perry’s song “Dark Horse” which is supposedly about Lorde sooo


    • Naija_girl says

      I don’t think the song is ABOUT Lords per say. But its been compared to Lorde’s songs. But this is an interesting guess.

    • marrdean says

      It seems too obvious to be Katy Perry. @Runningdude1 I really like your reasoning behind your guess. Also from the picture there is a ring in the pool with a shadow of another ring.. Lorde of the Rings??? So…with all that, I’m agreeing with you. Lorde, it is..

    • CaptainVor says

      I like your reasoning. Katy Perry seems too obvious; I also think this blind refers to Lorde.

    • IcyPenguin says

      If it was deliberately trying to point to New Zealand, it’d be “munted” – we use “munter” to refer to a person, and “munted” to refer to a state. That said, “muntered” and “munted” sound the same, and they’ve got pretty much the same meanings in the UK and NZ, so…

      Not sure Lorde is a “superstar” yet, though. Flavour of the month, sure, but I’m not sure she’s been around long enough to qualify for superstardom.

      If it’s not Katy, I’m out of ideas.

  3. vbchica14 says

    Pop Star: Katy Perry

    Even before the obvious “dark horse” clue, I had a feeling it was Katy Perry. Although briefly while reading (before finishing) wondering if it was Gaga because of the pool picture and her latest music video.

  4. cutieswift13 says

    EASY it’s Katy Perry!
    clues: international superstar, and dark horse, she was seen at Coachella

  5. rosiedoes says

    Technically, “munted” means intoxicated and incapable. It wouldn’t really translate to “messed up,” that usually has connotations relating to mental health issues, often from past experiences.

    And it’s Katy Perry.

  6. twistedme says

    Katy Perry.
    Hints: roaring, dark horse.

    That’s sad. So I guess if Selena takes her manager nobody will help her. :(

  7. hrhfedup says

    For no reason other than “international” and that pool ring, I’m gonna say Rita Ora.

    • BGFan16 says

      Reasons: “Roaring” coke problem, “Dark Horse” (both current songs of hers) and that it describes her as an “international” pop star, was married to UK native Russell Brand. And maybe Muntered is some kind of british slang?

  8. Naija_girl says

    Lol that last line sealed it. Might as well say You won’t guess; she’s Katy Perry.

    If this is true then it’s quite a shame. Pretty soon people are gonna figure out that she’s the reason her relationships don’t last.

  9. Okayeah says

    Presumably Katy Perry but – “developing” a roaring coke habit? Apparently word of Katy’s ways has not yet made it across the pond…

  10. Pinky310 says

    Pop Star: Katy Perry

    Maybe she got it from Selena because they said last week before she considered Kris Jenner her manager she partied with Selena because Selena was considering making Katy Perry manager her new manager. That’s so crazy. So much drama!!!

  11. leahcorrin says

    Katy Perry
    Hint: roaring = She has a song called Roar
    Also Dark Horse is another song by Katy

  12. CanaryCry says

    Katy Perry, who’s probably on her way to a finale like Marilyn Monroe/Amy Winehouse.

  13. DesertGhost says

    Katy Perry. I guess the coke problem goes along with her drinking problem. She needs help fast!