Vulgar Athlete Is Trying To Cover His Tracks

delete button[Blind Gossip] This top professional athlete screwed up badly and is now desperately trying to cover his tracks!

He has always been very active on social media.  He passes his time on Twitter and Instagram following and interacting with literally hundreds of women. Then he did something incredibly stupid and illegal.

He knows that he is in big trouble. He also knows that his salacious history with women online will come back to haunt him… so he is trying to cover it up! In the past seven days he has unfollowed literally hundreds of women in his accounts!

It may help in in the court of public opinion, but it certainly won’t help him in the courtroom! Those electronic footprints last forever, and subpoenas will quickly bring all of his raunchy conduct – including lots of  really explicit and vulgar conversations and naked photos – to light.


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  1. Mia444 says

    Oscar Pistorius? The clue being covering his “tracks”. Although killing someone is far worse than just “stupid” and “illegal” but maybe this refers to something else he did that is about to be revealed in his current trial?

    • rosiedoes says

      That’s what I thought. Illegal doesn’t have to mean murder or even a sex crime, it could be saying, “Share that picture and I’ll kill you!” given the circumstances.

  2. PandoraWolf says

    I (don’t) want to say Colin Kapernick, since I just read a headline about him being investigated as to a sexual assault.

    Unless Ben Rothlisthberger is getting frisky again.

  3. MikeInSanJose says

    Oh, I don’t want it to be Kap, either! Especially becuz I was hoping that he was gonna be the NFLer that came out first.

    Then again, guys trying too hard to stay deep in the closet have been known to over-compensate in the opposite direction and being overly aggressive with women to look straight – bordering on harrassment.

  4. PandoraWolf says

    Oh shit! I didn’t read the article, just the headline, but did an article refer to the claimant as a female????? You just made this blind 1000 times juicier.

  5. Moonpie says

    Oh Colin. The details of what happened in Miami don’t sound too good. The girl ended up in the hospital and she does not know how she got there. Obviously the guys got scared when they couldn’t wake her up. Colin needs to call Kobe and Ben stat.

  6. yewneek says

    Gotta be Colin K. The big story in the news today is he was possibly involved in a sketchy situation.

  7. woowoo says

    Last year, I read an interview with Colin Kaepernick’s birth mother. She was so determined to find him the best home, she cared for him for 5 weeks while searching. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been for her, but she wanted him to have the bright and prosperous future he enjoys now. He wants nothing to do with her. His adoptive parents have encouraged him to get to know her. After I read about that, I knew he was a big tool. Karma.

  8. lottablue says

    “Passes” his time, “cover” his tracks, last “seven” days (Kaepernick wears #7), “foot”prints — a lot of football references. Plus with the delete button being 49er red, I think we have a winner with Colin K.

  9. la_femme_gela says

    Definitely Kaepernick. “In the past 7 days…” He wears the number 7 on his jersey.