Why His Fiance Broke Up With Him

broken engagement[Blind Gossip] A few years before he met and married his famous actress wife, this multi-hyphenate celebrity was engaged to someone else. Although there were theories and vague excuses tossed about as to why that engagement ended so suddenly (Drugs? Alcohol? Infidelity?), the real story was never told.

Until today.

They dated for more than five years. He was a celebrity on the rise, and she was a regular girl. Lots of ups and downs in their relationship, but she had stuck by him, and he finally proposed (in a very romantic way). They got busy making wedding plans. One day, she went out to run a few wedding errands and go shopping. She got back earlier than expected.

She found him in bed. Their bed. In the middle of the afternoon. F*cking someone else. A man.

She was beyond shocked. In all the years they had been together, she had never known him to cheat on her with a woman, never mind a man! She cried for days. How could she not have known? How could he not have told her?

He begged and pleaded with her to get past it and accept him for who he was and marry him. She had stuck by him for years through multiple stints in rehab but she simply could not get past this. She broke up with him.

A few years later, he met and married a famous actress (who was married before). They have a kid/s. Man, does she know that he is bisexual?

BONUS CLUE: The wife’s ex-husband is a very famous actor whose preferences have also been questioned.

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