What It’s Like To Date A Drunk Welsh Athlete

hong kong sevens[Pop Bitch] Which members of the Wales squad in the Hong Kong Rugby 7s last weekend managed to pull in a bar… but then when they got back to her house was so drunk that “his performance was brief”?

After which he went to the bathroom, shat all over the floor and then fell asleep in it.

BG Note: Pull = pick up a girl


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  1. Fan says

    Gross. Uhh…We usually don’t get rugby games on U.S. TV, so we really don’t know the athletes.

  2. Ladieu says

    Jamie Hood (Captain)
    Nick Hewson
    Raef Morrison
    Tsang Hing Hung
    Lee Jones
    Alex McQueen
    Ben Rimene
    Max Woodward
    Rowan Varty
    Kwok Ka Chun
    Tom McQueen
    Salom Yiu Kam Shing


  3. Lis1234 says

    Well the team that just played is;
    – Will Thomas
    – Harry Robinson
    – Lee Williams
    – Alex Walker
    – Dan Fish
    – Owen P Williams
    – Ifan Evans
    – Rhys Shellard
    – Craig Price
    – Richie Pugh
    – Adam Thomas
    – Richard Smith

  4. reen57 says

    Don’t think too badly of us for the outrageous guesses here. The average American has as much knowledge of rugby as the average Brit has about American baseball or American style football.

    • Fan says

      I’m American, but it’s news to me that Christian Bale is a professional athlete of any kind, let alone rugby.