1. LALOVER says

    Artist: Ol’ Dirty Bastard

    Babymomma: Icelene Jones

    ODB was rumored to have 13 kids, but only 7 were named in his estate. There has been lots of drama surrounding this and I know that Icelene was in talks to put the family on a reality show after his death. I don’t know which kid she’s banging, but how sad.

  2. ravenglass says

    Artist: El DeBarge

    Babymomma: Monica Peyton

    I don’t know which is worse, this BI or that picture of Woody. Sick & creepy.

    • Okayeah says

      No, it’s just a regular picture of Woody Allen. You’re attaching the “sick and creepy” to it because of your own beliefs.

      • allmyfriendsaredead says

        Nothing creepy about grooming your girlfriend’s troubled and learning-impaired teenage daughter, nothing creepy about seeing a psychiatrist for inappropriate behavior towards his girlfriend’s other daughter and alleged sexual assault of that daughter

      • NYCAccountant says

        If you feel this way, you would be fine with Woody Allen babysitting your children, correct?

  3. terry123 says

    Ol Dirty Bastard . His widow was Icelene, but don’t think she is the one fooling around

  4. Naija_girl says

    The blind says “…IS having…”. Present tense. How can Ol Dirty Bastard be currently having problems when he’s been dead for a few years now?

    I’m gonna go with that rapper that had the reality show called “All My Baby Mommas” or something like that.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: “I’m gonna go with that rapper that had the reality show called “All My Baby Mommas” or something like that.”

      I was going to say, “Please tell me this isn’t true” but I realize this probably really *was* a show. :(

  5. kims old nose says

    Flavor Flav! With his chick Liz from Couples Therapy? Clues “time will reveal” his famous clock necklace!

  6. Christian says

    Eldra Debarge.

    “Time Will Reveal” was one of Debarge’s early hits and “A Dream” is also a classic song by the group.

  7. elyssarenee says

    The only person I can recall that has that many kids is DMX, and I know he has some issues with his oldest son already so that seems to make sense.

  8. catiesd says

    Flava Flav is way Ol School. “Time” referring to the clock he wears around his neck.

  9. FairyMay9 says

    This screams Flavor Flav, but he only has 7 children (only, ha ha!). El Debarge and DMX have 12 kids a piece, not 13, according to both Google & Wikipedia. Right? Close enough, I’m going with DMX, as the time reference could be for doing time, as in DMX has hit the slammer on occasion.

  10. JuiceBoxHero says

    Babymomma~I have no idea, but I’ll go with Simone Parker.

    Time will reveal- Take Your Tyme
    Can he wake up from the dream-I can’t wake up

    I don’t know how many kids he has. ODB has 13, but he died several years ago and this blind makes it seem the subject is living.