Woody Allen Would Approve

woody allen 1[Downfront 2] Time will reveal the problems this Ol’ School Artist is having with the family.

He has 13 children, but his latest babymomma is a having an affair with one of his older kids.

Can he wake up from this dream?!




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26 comments to Woody Allen Would Approve

  • clareb30

    Can only think of Shawty Lo but he only has 11!!


    Artist: Ol’ Dirty Bastard

    Babymomma: Icelene Jones

    ODB was rumored to have 13 kids, but only 7 were named in his estate. There has been lots of drama surrounding this and I know that Icelene was in talks to put the family on a reality show after his death. I don’t know which kid she’s banging, but how sad.

  • APMiller

    Artist: Bob Marley
    Babymomma: ?
    Hints: Dream and Old School (both his albums)

  • ravenglass

    Artist: El DeBarge

    Babymomma: Monica Peyton

    I don’t know which is worse, this BI or that picture of Woody. Sick & creepy.

    • Okayeah

      No, it’s just a regular picture of Woody Allen. You’re attaching the “sick and creepy” to it because of your own beliefs.

      • allmyfriendsaredead

        Nothing creepy about grooming your girlfriend’s troubled and learning-impaired teenage daughter, nothing creepy about seeing a psychiatrist for inappropriate behavior towards his girlfriend’s other daughter and alleged sexual assault of that daughter

      • JennyJustice

        All your friends are dead….except me :)

      • NYCAccountant

        If you feel this way, you would be fine with Woody Allen babysitting your children, correct?

  • terry123

    Ol Dirty Bastard . His widow was Icelene, but don’t think she is the one fooling around

  • bgred

    El De Barge

  • mrsmeyers

    Artist: Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

    Babymomma: No idea.

  • dramabird71

    El Debarge

  • srw27

    Idk who this is but what in the ever-actual eff is this?!

  • oldstephens

    Artist Snoop Dog

  • thisisjustme

    Ol’ Dirty Bastard? He’s dead but he had 13 kids…

  • blessedjess226

    El Debarge
    Monica Peyton

  • Naija_girl

    The blind says “…IS having…”. Present tense. How can Ol Dirty Bastard be currently having problems when he’s been dead for a few years now?

    I’m gonna go with that rapper that had the reality show called “All My Baby Mommas” or something like that.

    • mugofmead111

      Re: “I’m gonna go with that rapper that had the reality show called “All My Baby Mommas” or something like that.”

      I was going to say, “Please tell me this isn’t true” but I realize this probably really *was* a show. :(

  • kims old nose

    Flavor Flav! With his chick Liz from Couples Therapy? Clues “time will reveal” his famous clock necklace!

  • Christian

    Eldra Debarge.

    “Time Will Reveal” was one of Debarge’s early hits and “A Dream” is also a classic song by the group.

  • elyssarenee

    The only person I can recall that has that many kids is DMX, and I know he has some issues with his oldest son already so that seems to make sense.

  • catiesd

    Flava Flav is way Ol School. “Time” referring to the clock he wears around his neck.

  • classybgyrl

    El DeBarge

  • FairyMay9

    This screams Flavor Flav, but he only has 7 children (only, ha ha!). El Debarge and DMX have 12 kids a piece, not 13, according to both Google & Wikipedia. Right? Close enough, I’m going with DMX, as the time reference could be for doing time, as in DMX has hit the slammer on occasion.

  • JuiceBoxHero

    Babymomma~I have no idea, but I’ll go with Simone Parker.

    Time will reveal- Take Your Tyme
    Can he wake up from the dream-I can’t wake up

    I don’t know how many kids he has. ODB has 13, but he died several years ago and this blind makes it seem the subject is living.