The Shocking Reason He Is Suddenly Sober

man alcohol[Janet Charlton] There’s more than meets the eye to this actor’s sudden and unexpected sobriety.

He never had a reputation as a partier, and when he recently announced he’d given up drinking, questions arose. Why did he quit?

The inside story is that our seemingly straight leading man was in the habit of getting liquored up and cruising Craigslist for twinky young guys. One of these playful hustlers caused a loud incident in which police were almost called. He paid the kid to keep quiet and that close call is the reason he stopped drinking.

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    • CatBallou says

      I thought that too at first (makes perfect sense and could see it) but he gave up drinking and drugs 10 years or so ago I think.

      • shelaur22 says

        Well he may have given it up years ago but the blind says that he only recently announced it. I feel like I didn’t hear anything about Cooper until he was doing press for Silver Linings Playbook, which would still count as “recent” for me.

      • MikeInSanJose says

        There’s a story about BCoop on Celebuzz from 12/17/13 (“Bradley Cooper on Drinking”) where he talks about getting sober. Doesn’t say when he got sober, tho…

        I don’t know what Ace’s policy on posting links is, so you’ll just have to find it yourself.

    • felipepinafi says

      The blind hinted that the actor in question made people questioned why did he stopped drinking.Liam Neeson has a good reason.In GQ interview he says he stoped because of his sons.Bradley in other hand….

  1. neartstarlet says

    Liam Neeson is the only one I can find who recently announced he quit drinking, but I dont think it’s him.

    • PandoraWolf says

      Could you imagine being the lucky guy on Craigslist who randomly hooks up with Liam Neeson?????? Man, I’m jealous!

    • MrBettyWhite says

      yes this!! georgie porgie puddin pie!!! you little devil you….though I’m not sadly…

  2. lindy555 says

    Could it be Liam Neeson?? I read an interview last week where he said he had given up drinking…

  3. gregory1959 says

    That would be Liam Neeson who just gave up drinking. The movie “Taken” has a whole new meaning to me now.

  4. lisako says

    Liam Neeson. He recently stated that he quit drinking, which he apparently started doing excessively after his wife’s death.

  5. scumby says

    Bradley Cooper (“hustlers” as in American Hustle)
    Liam Neisson doesn’t seem the type.

  6. Kerengende says

    Shia LeBoeuf, that you? There’s been very little in the way of craziness lately from you. Didn’t know you were that heavy into the booze.
    More than meets the eye = Transformers!

  7. lovefifteen says

    Oh, wow, this is Liam Neeson. Several media outlets are reporting that he’s given up drinking, and he certainly never seemed like a big partier. I always wondered why he never seemed “devastated enough” by Natasha Richardson’s death. I suppose that’s allowed him to have easier access to young twinks.

    • hellnoes says

      Wow, what a gross comment.
      Who are we to judge if somebody is “devastated enough” by the death of a loved one. And the final assumption is just… ah well. Internet.

    • bec215 says

      Yes, that’s really insensitive to judge a public figure as to whether they grieved sufficiently publicly for your taste. Lea Michelle has been grieving all over every magazine and news outlet she can find, and has nothing to actually even grieve.

      But aside from the presumption of his lack of grieving, if you watch/read interviews he’s given since, he seemed extremely close with her – he has not sold their house and says he never will… he actually seemed quite deep in grief to me. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy a romp with the lads, but that alone doesn’t mean his relationship was for show.

    • bangthegong says

      You don’t have to be “in love” with someone to mourn their death. Even if she had just been his beard, he likely would’ve still cared a great deal about her. Your comment makes no sense.

    • luvprue1 says

      I think it’s Liam as well. If it had been Bradly they would not have said straight.

    • stanton says

      What a nasty thing to say. YOu must be young or very immature. There is one thing you need to “GET”. There is no rules when comes to mourning.

  8. robin says

    Mark Wahlberg? More than meets the eye suggests Transformers and the wording implies that its someone a bit older, so probably not Shia.

  9. lizt says

    Liam neeson has just announced he has quit drinking for no obvious reason.surely it can’t be him?

  10. travoltasbeard says

    Liam Neeson.

    Maybe, like Gwen Paltrow, his work is influencing his life (Kinsey).

  11. Fergus says

    Christian Bale. Hustle (American), Rises (The Dark Knight).

    Bradley and Jeremy are way to obvious.

    • lilspinchick says

      Although, he admits that his drink of choice was Pinot Noir and not hard ‘spirits’ as seen in this pic. But I’m sticking to this guess.

  12. YoGo8c says

    Oh this seems way too easy. ‘hustlers’ = American Hustle and one of the male leads of that films well-documented struggles with alcohol? You only have to google his name and ‘drinking’ and up he pops. Plus, bonus clue, it’s an older man, because the trick is referred to as a ‘kid’. Hasn’t said subject been sober for a few years though? So the info would now be kinda old. He always alleged to be bearding though…

  13. MonaLisa says

    Liam Neeson – He just announced he quit drinking. Plus, the red alcohol in the photo reminds me of his reddish hair.

    • IAmSage says

      Actually, the red alcohol in the photo immediately reminded me of the little in the red dress from the movie “Schindler’s List” – in which Liam Neeson played the title role

      • MonaLisa says

        Good point! I was just thinking of him being Irish and having reddish hair, but that makes sense too.

    • bangthegong says

      Gay men can be “all man”. Gay is non synonymous with effeminate. It literally just means a person is sexually and romantically attracted to people of the same sex.

  14. LoneHazelEyes says

    Josh Brolin?
    The “young hustler” part makes me think of his movie “Gangster Squad”.

    • PandoraWolf says

      I thought he would have quit drinking because he gets violent, belligerent, and knocked around his wife. I don’t think his drinking problem was a shock.

      Good for him, though, either way.

  15. patsymine says

    Liam Neeson recently announced he quit drinking. I have heard lots of crazy stories about him with young women… Never men, but could be possible.

  16. kat411 says

    I’m going with Bradley Cooper – he said he doesn’t drink anymore in an article in January.

  17. voopine says

    George Lopez, passed out on casino floor and now tells Ellen, Wendy and Howard that he won’t drink again

  18. LeahLynn28 says

    Bradley Cooper?Or Liam Neeson?
    Although i don’t believe he is Liam,after lots of drinks,any man,even a woman,can do wrong things…i hope it’s not him.

  19. 1sunnyone says

    Josh Brolin. He played Dan White in Milk. Dan White used the “twinkie” defense in his murder trial.

    • stolidog says

      Good with the clues, but, I’m pretty sure Josh Brolin has and A++++++++++ reputation as a drinker, and I doubt anyone would question why he quit, since he was just in jail for it.

  20. gossipmonger01 says

    Liam Neeson was a binge drinker after N’s death. I don’t think it is him. My vote is for B. Coop per his January 2014 GQ article.

  21. stolidog says

    Ok, so you’re a ‘playful hustler” and you get a call. Behind door number 1 is George Lopez, behind door number 2 is Liam Neeson.

    Choose wisely.

  22. wendy hood says

    Liam Neeson, who was such a wreck after what seemed like a supremely functional, wonderful marriage (and who could blame him, I might starting banging cacti), or Bradley Cooper.

  23. annabelle77 says

    GOD, no!! Please tell me it’s not Liam Neeson!!! Are there any straight men left ANYWHERE??? This is very depressing.

  24. gossipguy says

    This definitely sounds like it could be Bradley, especially with the “hustler” comment and such.
    I don’t think it’s Liam, because, well… One I don’t want to think that’s possible, and two…. Okay, same thing. Not that what he’s doing is wrong…. It’s just, Liam! And Natasha! Not buying that.

  25. MikeInSanJose says

    Josh Brolin and Shia both have a history of public intoxication and fights. Wouldn’t that qualify as a rep as a partier? Don’t think it’s either of them.

    And didn’t I just see a picture of George Lopez face down in the middle of a Vegas Casino recently? THAT would make me reconsider my drinking habits…

  26. Marina says

    There was another blind item in December 2009, about a widower with nickname Alsan who was picking up guys on gay sites. My guess at that time was Liam Neeson because he was the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

  27. katekatebobate says

    Bradley Cooper
    1) “Inside story.” He’s well known for his appearances on inside the actors studio…pre fame too.
    2) “Hustle”. American Hustle
    3) Not a partier—-but he used to be and relapses happen to the best of us.

    (4…? Leading man. When i think that, I think romantic leading man which makes me lean towards brad as opposed to liam who is an action guy or George lopez who is a comedian )

  28. annabelle77 says

    I’m going with KatekateBobate and guessing Bradley Cooper, because 1) her analysis of the clues makes a lot of sense to me, and……2) I’ll never trust my Gaydar again if it’s Liam.