Vivica’s Ex Prefers Boys

vivica a fox[Hollywood Street King] Back when Vivica A. Fox called him her man, she obviously had no problem with who he really prefers to smash. Know why? We’re told, “he’s down with the Boys Club.” Don’t believe me.. Ask Allen Payne.

If he didn’t ‘Take That’ Bad Boy-backing, he may not have made it to the level of pulling a Black Hollywood takeover — Ask Luda.

We’re told.. this Plush person keeps his name relevant “because that blogger stays on his payroll”… Ask Sandra Rose.

He’s a grown azz man who calls another dude his BFF. Now, can you guess the ATL entertainment promoter I’m talking about?

Viviva’s Ex:

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  1. swaggiest says

    Slimm Calhoun! He was a club promoter, “boy’s club” and is from Georgia hence the ATL reference.

  2. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Well I know she was married to Sixx-Nine and has dated 50 Cent and some guy named “Slim”. Slim is in the ATL area, so I’ll guess him.

  3. dashcandy says

    Can you please stop using such confusing and lame terms, whoever’s writing these hip hop-blinds. I didn’t understand a word.

  4. Mrs Boaz says

    Omar “Slim” White. Excuse me while I puke just from typing his name!

    Vivica needs her butt kicked for perpetrating with this one. She should’ve kept her money in her wallet instead of paying him to be on her arm. Get some self-esteem Vivica! Most folks didn’t fall for the okee-doke where they were concerned anyway!