The Smelliest Player In The NBA

mickael gelabale[SBNation] Spend a few hours running around an NBA court chasing a ball and bumping sweaty bodies, and you’re bound to smell when all is said and done. But I’ve always wondered if there was a specific NBA player who is known for being particularly smelly.

Because sometimes a question is too important to not have an answer, I attempted to find out. Most of the NBA players I talked to weren’t very quick to throw a particular baller under the bus, but many pointed to a particular sub-group of players as most likely to smell offensive.

“This year? I haven’t had any guys in terms of perimeter players. Last year they had a guy on Minnesota’s team, [Mickael] Gelibale, who was pretty stinky,” Wizards guard Garrett Temple said. “And just to be honest, most of the time the guys that don’t smell too good are not from America. I’ll just put it like that.”

Jazz guard Brandon Rush: “I’m not gonna name names,” he said in talking about foul-smelling players. “Maybe one or two I can think of off the top of my head that smelled bad. I can’t name names because one is my old teammate.”

We’ll just call that today’s blind item! Which former teammate of Rush’s needs to shower more?

“You gotta suck it up,” Rush continued. “Some guys would throw him hints, like ‘You forgot your deodorant today’ or something like that. Or, ‘Did you use body wash today?’ Because the dude actually showered all the time. He just never put on deodorant.”

Brandon Rush’s Stinky Old Teammate:

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  1. Minderella says

    It comes down to the smells we’re used to, because most of our smells are due to our diet. It makes sense that Americans would think people from other countries are smellier since our smells come from highly processed foods and things we’re familiar with. I don’t think most of us would do too well walking down the street 500 years ago, and even 100 years ago.

  2. wendy hood says

    this is a matter of hygiene. I nominate my coworker, who claims he smells so badly because of “his feet.” I have yet to determine what he is doing to his coat to make his coat smell like 3 week unwashed body odor using only his feet.

    • ckfreak says

      It’s not always just a hygiene issue. Sometimes it’s a chemical issue within your body. Sometimes certain foods can cause reactions in some people causing them to smell bad. But other times, you’re right. It is just a simple use soap and deodorant issue.

      I have no guesses though as I don’t watch basketball.

  3. KWDragon says

    Since Geilbale is French, I’m gonna go with that nationality. Ian Mahinmi of the Indy Pacers is French, but I think he started a year or two after Rush left. Beyond that, I got nothin’.

  4. zephyr66 says

    Radoslav Nesterović, played for the Indiana Pacers in 2008-2009 alongside Brandon Rush.

    I’m not sure if European guys really do smell worse when they play sports, or if maybe it’s just a different aroma to the sweat (or different bathing habits). Something about this blind reminds me of two dogs trying to sniff each other’s butts, because I’d be willing to bet that Rush can get just as rank as any other player when the sweat starts pouring – no matter where they were born. It’s just a question of what smells we get used to that makes something different stand out.