He Brought Interview Snacks

coc 11[Pop Bitch] Which celebrity hardman enlivened a recent interview by bringing out a huge bowl of c*caine with the instruction “I’ve had my dinner, lads, tuck in!”

BG Note: Hardman = tough guy


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  1. ravenglass says

    Jason Statham

    Maybe doing an interview for the “Homefront” DVD release earlier this month.

  2. stolidog says

    I was going to say this must be someone british, but i’m going to expand my American-scentric thought process a bit and go with Australia, which naturally leads me to Mr. Anger, Russel Crow, who has been looking rather svelt lately as he pushes that movie about rain.

  3. FairyMay9 says

    I think we’re talking about an Aussie. Eric Bana? Maybe it was an interview for the recent Lone Survivor?

  4. Lola99 says

    I don’t know who it is but they must be British because ‘tuck in’ isn’t an American term.

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    Really,a huge bowl of coc*ine?This though guy needs help asap.And i thought carrying this drug around in a bowl was a crime.It’s a drug,not a candy.

  6. modelle18 says

    throwing this out there for no particular reason other than i can picture him saying this

    Liam Neeson

    • ktbell05 says

      hahahahaha yes!! Love me some Gordon. Not bc of this blind of course, but he is just effin hilarious.

  7. justguessinginbrooklyn says

    Russell Crowe. Use of the word “lads” means he’s English or Australian, and Crowe has a movie out now so he’d be doing interviews.

  8. reallyawkwardgirl says

    You’re all going to laugh but it sounds like Louis Tomlinson to me, idk I’m pretty tired no logic on my mind.

  9. taracard says

    Not sure if I would consider my guess as a tough man, per se, but I’m going with Gerard Butler.

  10. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Jason Statham? Since PB is British, he’s the first guy that popped into my head who fits that description.

  11. matthew netting says

    This Sounds British,and With The Hardman Clue,I Instantly think Vinnie Jones.

  12. mar1ey says

    Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones, or Clive Owen. I’m assuming the actor is English. Could be Daniel Craig, but I don’t know that he does drugs. Vinnie Jones has a propensity. Gerard Butler?

  13. hihotintin says

    I think it’s Ralph Finnes for The Grand Budapest Hotel in the commercial he calls the guys chaps

  14. rubycrimson slippers says

    I’m a Brit I say Danny Dyer,sounds like a phrase he would use. he’s doing lots of interviews just now as he’s just joined a major soap opera here, Eastenders.

  15. amierebecca says

    I don’t know who it is. But we don’t use the term “lads” in Australia. So I’d say it’s someone from the UK.