BG12345: Wednesday

gwyneth paltrow 5Good Morning, Blinders!

Did anyone catch Glee last night? What the heck happened to that show? Even Our Lady of Perpetual Goopiness couldn’t save that hour from being an unholy mess.

Speaking of Gwyneth, we SOLVED one item about her yesterday (These Two Female Celebrities Are Cheating On Their Husbands), and there may be more!

Oh, and if you have Gwyneth on the brain this morning, check out Lainey Gossip’s piece on Gywyneth’s evolving image (Rebranding Gwyneth Paltrow).

Yes, we have a BG12345 for you today! We’re starting at 1:00 pm sharp. Be there… or be goopy!

Love, Ace

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  1. Virgo826 says

    I’m disappointed, Ace. I thought for sure you would have a pic of the Goop and Joe Camel together on this hump day…when are we going to get a better opportunity than today!?!

  2. Revisionist says

    ace – it wasn’t 1/2 as bad as the nationals episode and the references to Finn every 15 secs. We just had that one on fast forward until Skyler was on screen. The funny part last night though was when the “new kids” got about a minute to wrap up their stories. I don’t think I even know their characters names…

  3. CanaryCry says

    Yeah, like I didn’t see this split in the pipeline …

    Let’s see how soon Goopy goes cougar.

  4. slantrhyme says

    If she had any sense at all she would realize what a joke she is. Does anybody read GOOP unironically?

  5. KWDragon says

    Lainey’s commentary was on-point, Ace. Thanks for the referral. Looking forward to a day of juicy gossip!

    • mugofmead111 says

      supposedly lainey doesn’t like gwyneth. lainey must have been rubbing her hands with glee (no pun intended) once the news (and the goop site) broke! 😉

  6. mizzavrid says

    Good morning Ace baby! Goopy, in the beginning of her being papped, had this stupid * face expression. It was actually ‘goopy’. I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation. I know you got the goods.♡

  7. boodie says

    Just read Laineys piece! So are Kate Hudson and Chris martin a secret item? And Jake Gyllenhall and Goopy had an affair, I thought he was gay?

    • CanaryCry says

      Like mother, like daughter indeed. Kate’s probably even more than a sociopath than Goldie. I have always felt bad for her bio dad.

      • mugofmead111 says

        something just came to me yesterday: kate hudson won’t have anything to do with her bio-dad, but yet she’s drawn to musicians (as opposed to other actors). weird.

  8. Mtlmeee says

    It’s funny how they claim that they were were working on their marriage in the last year, some while together, some while separated..and now all these stories are coming our of each of them cheating on each other in the last year. They are now trying to cover their behinds by saying all these affairs happened during their “separation time” of their marriage. Haha

  9. mommagoosed says

    Well, seeing the Goop ‘ s picture without “Joe Camel” was a surprise. Might another reveal be coming soon? Guess Kate H. is getting her wish. Third time’s a charm, eh? 😉