Yes He’s Leaving: Part 2

exit sign 3[Blind Gossip] Do you love every colleague with whom you have ever worked with? Of course not! But if you are smart and professional, you do your job to the best of your ability and you try to get along. And if you are immature and nasty, you try to get them fired.

You already know that Actor 1 campaigned to get his Costar kicked off their television show. These sorts of things don’t happen in a vacuum, though. Other colleagues got mired in this mess, and we want to tell you how they were involved or affected.

Actress 1 is close friends with Actor 1, and was a his co-conspirator in this mess. She complained and made fun of Costar behind his back, and played wing man to Actor 1 in meetings with the producers to get Costar fired. While Actress 1 didn’t take the lead in getting Costar canned, she certainly is guilty of supporting the Actor’s nasty conduct, and deserves much of the blame for what happened.

We’ve got news for you, Actress 1 (and we know you are reading this!): Your colleagues at work are not at all happy with the chaos that you have created. They think you have a lot of nerve criticizing Costar for not being honest about who he is and for staging relationships for the publicity. Pot, kettle.

One more thing, Actress 1: We wonder if you would be such good friends with Actor 1 if you knew that he used to constantly talk behind your back? You should really confront him and ask him about the very nasty nickname he had for you the first couple of years you worked together.

Part 3 later today.

Actor 1:


Actress 1:

TV Show:

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  1. Icebox30 says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Poor Darren Criss
    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    Tv Show: Glee

    What a mess!!

  2. suzq says

    ooey Chris Coifer
    oodles of talent Darrin Criss
    Lea Michelle

    I would love for the nickname to be Big Honkin’ Schnoz!!!

  3. Lin 23 says you’re awesome!
    So the Tv Show is Glee.
    Actor 1 is Chris Colfer,Actress 1 is Lea Michele and the Costar is Darren Criss.
    You should tell us the nasty nickname that he used.
    After the end of the season I hope that you will solve all of these blind items.
    I cannot wait to see the reaction of the fans on twitter.

  4. Mia444 says

    Lea Michelle, Chris Colfer, Glee.

    Not sure who they’re getting fired. I have never watched the show as I’m not into watching late 20-somethings pretend to be high schoolers performing karaoke and nobody in the cast appeals to me, particularly Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer. They both seem irritating as hell.

  5. raymondj64 says

    Actor 1 – Matthew Morrison
    Costar – Chris Colfer
    Actress 1 – Lea Michele
    TV Show – Glee

  6. Camila says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer.

    Costar: Darren Criss.

    Actress 1: Lea Michele.

    TV Show: Glee.

    Clues: The word “blame” that sounds like the name of Costar character Blaine, the whole PR relationships (Monchele and Darren and his faux girlfriend).

  7. HermioneG says

    This is getting SO good. Damn, Ace, you’re really not playing it coy, I love it!

    Ok so since some of them are reading BG…

    Chris: Please don’t become Ryan Murphy. You’re better than that.
    Lea: You’re super talented, but that oversized ego will be your downfall.
    Naya: for the love of everything that is holy just EAT, put some clothes on and stop with the Kardashian ‘tude.


    Actor 1: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    Actress 1: Lea Michele

    TV Show: Glee

    I thought it was only a two-parter, now I’m even more excited for part 3! Thanks Ace :)

  8. DesertGhost says

    Glee, the fake and phony Lea, etc. Hey Lea, you better hope they bring back the Love Boat!

  9. Jilliterate says

    I don’t watch Glee, but the producers and other folks supposedly in control ought to be ashamed of themselves. I appreciate that popularity and star power have a lot more sway than they should, but at the end of the day, those actors are their employees and have no business calling the shots if there’s no formal complaint to be made. In the long run, all of those actors are going to be doing what’s best for themselves, not the show or the product — now the producers look completely incompetent. What’s going to stop “Actor 1” from walking all over them whenever he likes? Pretty clear he can get away with it now.

  10. kerplunkin says

    Show: Glee
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren criss
    Actress: Lea Michelle

    This drama is more entertaining than the show itself. I hope Chris and Lea are enjoying themselves right now because their acting careers will be over when Glee is!

  11. Okayeah says

    Wow, Chris Colfer is turning out to be quite the little b*tch, isn’t he? Keep on keepin’ on, Chris. Karma catches up with everyone sooner or later.

  12. dudette1111 says

    Wait let me get this straight, Actor 1 has for years and years backmouthed clearly everyone on this set and has been a fake asshole faking friendships left and right and now gotten Actor 2 fired with the help of Actress 1, but you guys aren’t raging at Actor 1 but at Actress 1? Is rampant sexism a pre-requisit to work in any part of showbusiness including blinds?

    I do think this is true and it’s clearly Chris/Darren/Lea. Chris has never hidden how much he hates Darren and Klaine. If Lea’s PR would be believed she loves everyone and everyone loves her. As if. I dont for one second believe that Lea is not a bitch or that Chris is not one, but why the hell is all the blame in this thing on her when she was just the supporter of Chris’ plan? Jesus.

    I’ve also not heard a good thing about Darren in my life, so I’m not sure why I should feel bad for him. In my workplace we do try to get each other fired, so maybe I’m just more thickskinned.

    They could hire or fire the Queen herself and I would not watch Glee though.

  13. Pinky310 says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    TV Show: Glee

    It was rumored that she and city had a staged relationship I.e pot, kettle. Wow honey if you are reading this your diva like behavior needs to quit!!!!

  14. bleesucks says

    This sounds like it was sourced by a crisscolfer stan. The quote about being honest about who he is and staging relationships for publicity screams that group of nuts. This isn’t about Glee. This is about turning people against Chris Colfer.

  15. LA says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    TV show: Glee

    Piece of work those two. Karma can really bite. I hope they get what they deserve.

  16. memommamo says

    Oh Snap! (said in the voice of Becky Jackson)

    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss
    Lea Michele

  17. stolidog says

    Glee…you knew Leah Michelle had to have a hand in helping Chris Colfer get Darrin Criss kicked off the show because for all we’ve ever heard or read or seen, Leah Michelle is a fairly terrible person.

  18. mrsjaymack says

    Well, based on the clue about Costar staging relationships, I’m gonna take back my guess about it being Jesse Williams. Now I don’t know.

  19. crowdRise29 says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss?

    Actress 1: Lea Michele (hint being that she staged PR relationship w/ Cory)

    TV Show: GLEE

  20. dena37 says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    Actress 1: Lea Michele

    TV Show: Glee

    Darren is more attractive and talented than both of those b*tches combined.

  21. silverhairedfox says

    Based on the timing and clues….

    Actor 1 – Alan Cumming?

    Costar – Josh Charles

    Actress 1: Julianna Margulies

    TV Show – “The Good Wife”

  22. ohhjenna says

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Costar: Darren Criss
    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    TV Show: Glee

    God, who knew everyone on that show could be so catty. Fame definitely went to Lea and Chris’s heads.

  23. Scorpio13 says

    I hope that LM believes in karma. Her antics will come back to bite her in her a$$ if not now it will happen later.

  24. Charity says

    Thank you so much for calling this out! It is especially egregious that this is happening on a show that put so much stock in “anti-bullying” at the beginning. Super shame, and I really hope Lea and Chris are reading this. That flat sucks.

  25. LeahLynn28 says

    Chris Colfer?
    Darren Criss?
    Leah Michele?

    Leah had a fake relationship with Cory for few years before he i guessing that’s her.I stopped watching Glee years ago…i hate tv shows with people singing all the time.And the storylines were boring too.
    If the y can’t get along,the show should be cancelled…and these plots to fire colleagues are lame and childish.

  26. travoltasbeard says

    Actor 1:Chris Colfer

    Costar: Darren Criss

    Actress 1: Lea Michelle

    TV SHow: Law & Order – GLEE

    Nickname: BaBaBooey (In Reference to Michelle’s Big Teeth)

  27. starchild1 says

    Ok so we’ve had several blind items about this, can it just be confirmed already?

    It’s obviously
    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss
    Lea Michele

    Colfer’s jealousy over Darren’s talent is disgusting. He’s nothing but a spoilt brat.
    I feel bad for Darren, who’s actually a really nice guy and would never intentionally hurt anyone.

  28. ishiphappy says

    Chris colfer. Darren criss. Lea Michelle.

    What a freaking mess. I’m forever done with Chris, Lea, and Glee.

  29. KathyPacific says

    Why I care so much about people I don’t personally know is a question for another time/place, but since I do … my comment on this sad situation is I’m so glad Adam Lambert gets to spend the summer with gracious old pros Brian May and Roger Taylor and far from the toxic atmosphere of the Glee set. Go Adam!

  30. DelilaMars says

    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss
    Lea Michelle with her fake relationship with Cory Monteith

  31. rimmerette says

    I’m starting to wonder if it’s Matt Morrison. Doesn’t make as much sense as if it was Darren Criss though.

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actress 2: Lea Michele
    Costar: Matt Morrison

    Also what about CSI’s Paul Guilfoyle? He’s leaving abruptly from his show too.

  32. audreyyy says

    I’m assuming from the comments on the other blinds that this is the cast of glee. Can that stupid show just end already? I’m pretty sure the only people who watch it are my mom and annoying 13 year olds

    • Othelie says

      I thought this was the last season, but then again I’ve thought that for the last 3-4 seasons so what do I know. Or are they talking about a potential spin-off?

  33. confusedandconcerned says

    First I want to say that if you voice just how disappointed you are over this on Twitter you will get hate mail and stalked, so don’t do that! Last night the block and report button was my best friend.

    I almost hope that this is because these 2 need to be told they are not the center of the universe and they are going to destroy the show by pushing Darren Criss out. If this has been going on for a long time then they obviously believe they are the whole show and don’t believe anything anyone else says. The comments say different. I’m done with the show too if Darren is out. And in order for this whole plan to work Adam Lambert would have to agree to be a series regular and I don’t think he would want that. To go from touring with Queen to be pushed around on Glee. Talk about a step down. I would think music is much more important. But maybe Ryan Murphy and the other producers are just tired of the drama and the only way they can get out from under it is if the show gets cancelled and this is a sure fire way for that to happen. They are going to lose half of their viewers over this. And what do they care anyway? They have another show.

    But if it is true I would bet Darren Criss has a big fat contract and he is going to get paid either way. I feel really bad for the guy though. I know exactly what it’s like to have someone you work with act like a big kid and throw their weight around and then get away with it too. I don’t get some of the comments though. Your boyfriend of 3 years on the show isn’t believable as your boyfriend? That makes no sense. Part of the reason Kurt is who he is now is because of Blaine. None of this makes any kind of sense. Kurt has no storyline without Blaine and no one wants to watch an hour long show where Rachel acts like she is better than everyone else and whines when she doesn’t get her way. If I wanted to listen all that whining I’d babysit.

    Whatever is going on here it’s really unprofessional and I think the 2 of them are going to pay for this later. They are going to get the reputation of being difficult to work with. I think Darren will be just fine. He is a good actor, talented musician and very pretty

  34. Naija_girl says

    Chris Colfer

    Darren Criss

    Lea Michele


    I’m loving all this spilled tea! Keep it coming!!!

  35. lilspinchick says

    Oh, sweet lord. As much as this is annoying me (the high-and-mighty, Hollywood behavior and entitlement), this just keeps getting better and better by the minute!! BG, I love that you’re calling her/them out. BRING IT ON….WITH GLEE! 😉

  36. The Neurotic One says

    This won’t be solved ever if they’re communicating directly to the actress.

  37. LoneHazelEyes says

    We all know who this is about so I wont comment on that, but I just LOVE that you said Lea is reading this!
    Ha ha, this just makes it that little bit jucier :p
    And I can’t wait to find out what her nickname was…other than Beardy Beard Beard! LOL

  38. pisces0023 says

    Actor 1 Alan Cummings
    Costar Josh Charles
    Actress 1 Christine Beranski
    Show The Good Wife

  39. Bergen says

    I don’t watch either Glee or Grey’s but saw this in Hollywood Reporter… Does it fit?

    Tessa Ferrer (Leah) and Gaius Charles (Shane) are leaving their roles on Grey’s Anatomy.

  40. Knee says

    I don’t watch the show (I have literally seen it once for 2 or 3 minutes) but it sounds like that girl, Lea is even worse than I had assumed. For some reason, I find her very smug and find her average-looking, at best…..and I am being generous when I say that. I also don’t like the phony way she handled the whole Cory Monteith situation. You can see right through her. Total phony. This blind item does not surprise me one bit.

    I hope she realizes that what goes around, comes around. It will be interesting to see her desperately attempt to continue her career. My guess is that she is finished.

    I’ll assume the nickname is in reference to her very large nose, as it is very distracting. Even if she corrects it, it doesn’t matter. Ugly from the inside, out…..

  41. angela says

    It’s difficult for me to accept Darren Criss as Costar because I always had the impression that he and Ryan Murphy are tight. If it is him, with his crossover appeal, he’ll be fine I’m sure.

    Chris Colfer on the other hand, I can easily imagine having challenges getting work after the show ends. In my mind, he’s forever typecast as the scrawny ‘gay kid from Glee’. Meh

  42. Aelis says

    Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Lea Michele, no question. What the hell happened to make Chris Colfer hate Darren Criss this much? Did Darren run over his dog or something?

  43. Fan says

    I am so tired of Lea Michelle I could barf…Why doesn’t someone get rid of her?? She does nothing but try and milk Cory Monteith’s death for every ounce of fame she can get. Who on earth would want to buy her CD, anyway?

  44. darock says

    Still going with:

    Actor 1 – Alan Cumming

    Costar – Josh Charles

    Actress 1: Julianna Margulies

    TV Show – “The Good Wife”

  45. HoneyBear says

    Darren is 27 with a big old bald spot, has a pleasant but not stellar voice, and is a mediocre actor (his drama scenes are cringe-worthy). Acting is a dog eat dog business and if you think everyone is kissy friendly you are in for a rude awakening. From what I have seen of this show – Chris got the critical acclaim – Darren never did. We’ve had a season and a half with Blaine front and center and ratings kept dropping. If you think a little back stabbing is going to hurt any of these actors you don’t know much about the business. And frankly, if it is Darren leaving, then the producers and Fox allowed it to happen so there must be a reason. You know what they say about people who assume…

  46. _lolalot says

    Darren Criss is doing the absolute most to throw his co-stars under the bus, isn’t he? If he had any integrity at all, he’d put a stop to this crap and people trashing his co-stars over things he knows is untrue.

    • confusedandconcerned says

      I’m sorry when did Darren say anything to anyone about any of this? Did he make up these gossip items or comment and I just didn’t notice?

      • katekatebobate says

        That’s probably lea or chris. Teehee bc you’re right on with that comment!

    • PinkPetals says

      Ace is right! Lea Michelle does read Blind Gossip! ^^^^ Is this comment above posted by _lotalot Lea Michelle or one of her PR or friends? If she reads BG, surely she/they may comment!

      • confusedandconcerned says

        you’re joking?! They must feel like total crap about reading these comments then. What a way to find out how awful everyone thinks you are.

      • PinkPetals says

        That’s what I mean! It could be one of them dissing Darren and putting it back on him! Probably is her if she reads BG. She is awful. So fake.

    • Jennie says

      Cris Colfer
      Darren Criss
      Lea Michele

      The only reason i watch glee is for darren cris but not anymore. Lea Michele is full of herself to criticize him for his relashionships if she was also on a fake relashionship. Cris Colfer and Lea Michele despiteful people

  47. justdesserts_justicehurts says

    I’m proud to say that I have never watched a single episode of Glee but the blind items really caught my eye. I cannot wait when this stupid show is over because they way Criss and Lea are holding onto a sinking ship is just laughable. I feel bad for Darren because he had to really work hard for this oppurtunity but you have to hold your head high and try again. This deceitful crap really makes me sad for some people.