1. ravenglass says

    Howard Stern

    Beth has become a crazy cat lady(nothing wrong with that) over the last year or so & I think she prefers their company over Howard’s.

    Beth should be pleased with Howard giving some stray p*ssy a home!!!

  2. slimfast10 says

    Come on, No way this is Howard Stern. If you really are a,fan of his, which I am having listened to him from,his first day on NY radio, you should know provincial he really is and how much he adores Beth. I like the Donald guess.

    • allmyfriendsaredead says

      Yeah it doesn’t sound like him. He’s too homey and very concerned about STDs.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Yea, I’m guessing Howard knows her got lucky. Beth seems like a genuinely good person as well, not a gold digger and or fame chaser.

  3. GeorgiaR says

    I’m going to go with either Rush Limbaugh or Rupert Murdock. Both have been married multiple times, both are media bigwigs, both are currently married although Murdock is separated.

  4. mugofmead111 says

    Matt Lauer’s wife filed for divorce at least once, right? I somehow don’t think she would pretend to be cool with an open marriage like Paula Patton and Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly were. Plus moving in a gf should drive her right back to a divorce lawyer. I don’t think it’s her.

  5. Bamadex says

    I’d guess billionaire Sergey Brin but I don’t know if that’s hush hush. Vanity Fair just recently wrote an article about him.

    BTW, he’s very cute for a billionaire. Actually, he’s cute compared to most millionaires.

  6. bec215 says

    Trump has 3 floors of his own office building as his ‘apartment’ in NYC – and in the absence of any other clue, have to go with the “bigwig” comment, and the fact he divorced Ivana and married Marla within a year – and he’s been with Melania since ’05, which means he’s due for a trade-in… On the other hand, Weinstein fits the definition better as sex-crazed, according to his history with actresses and the rumors of a business-based marriage with Georgina. Either way, gross.

  7. spoofbyrd says

    Always been rumors about Matt Lauer s inexhaustible libido and his wandering eye and his many rendezvouss behind the scene some of them occurring at NBC . His marital stability has been subject to speculation for some time now . Now for the Sherlock Holmes bit you BG Watsons out there . For the Halloween show on Today didnt Matt Lauer dress up as Baywatch Babe Pam Anderson complete with fake boobs and blonde BIGWIG .