1. Populista says

    I have a dog who is almost 16, he has health problems, and I wouldn’t be overly upset about this, and I’m sure the designer wasn’t either. Good for her for loving her dog and wanting him/her to be with her all the time :)

  2. floopeygurl says

    Anna Wintour. Even her dog can’t believe that Kimye was on the cover of Vogue and let Anna know what she thought about it.

  3. geewhiz says

    I didn’t hear this was a designer, I heard it was Anna Wintour…no doubt the dog was giving her what for over the April Vogue cover.

  4. candymandie says

    Donatella Versace?

    My little dog did the same before she passed. At that age, it’s renal failure, especially in small dogs.

  5. bec215 says

    Sharon Osborne’s beloved pom, Minnie, was 16 when she died – but that was a year ago. It’d make sense that an elderly dog who was not well might have continence problems like that, I don’t think the story would come out only now. But who knows…

  6. dontpanik says

    All I can think of is Lisa Vanerpump but I don’t think ‘designer’ is the right label.

  7. LeahLynn28 says

    Poor dog,i only hope she she knows that wasn’t the dog’s fault…elderly dogs usually have bladder problems.My 7 year old dog has epilepsy(finally controlled after 4 years of pain),and other two health problems,which unfortunatelly makes her take 4 medicines everyday.But now she’s starting to pee where she shouldn’t pee…her bladder seems to be getting out of control.:(
    At least i hope she’s still treating the dog well…

    • LucyMarie says

      Your poor puppy. It sucks when you have a pup in pain–been there. Now have a pup that pees/poos on puppy pads in the house because she is too afraid of the outside!