Pregnant For The Season Finale


[TV Guide] A leading lady on a beloved, long-running network show will discover that she’s pregnant in the season finale.

Need another hint? The show in question is featured elsewhere in this column.

BG Note: Other shows mentioned in the column include: Orphan Black, Psych, The Good Wife, SVU, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Chicago Fire, Mistresses, Royal Pains, Switched at Birth, Nashville and Parks and Recreation.


TV Show:


It’s Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation! Source: TV Guide

Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, is pregnant! The father is Ben Wyatt, played by Adam Scott.

Executive Producer Micke Schur talks about the announcement to TV Guide:

Parks and Recreation Boss on

Leslie’s Big News and What’s Next

Well, this blind item came early!

During Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation, flu season once again ran rampant in Pawnee. When Leslie (Amy Poehler) began to show symptoms, she thought she was the latest to fall victim. However, her nausea was actually caused by morning sickness. That’s right, Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) are expecting a baby! How will having a child affect Leslie’s decision about her big job opportunity? turned to executive producer Mike Schur to find out:

How did you decide to make Leslie pregnant now?

Mike Schur: It’s the last major life milestone left for her, really. It’s the big unanswered question that the show has dealt with from the beginning: What about a family? We assiduously made it not a thing that she was obsessed with or really focused on because her friends and her career are so important to her. It just felt like it was the right moment. She and Ben had a couple years where they were married and she has all these other things going on. Comedically speaking, it felt like a fun thing to do to drop it into her life at the least opportune possible moment.

I really think that the only weapon that TV has in this day in age is surprise. People have seen so many stories and so many incarnations in so many different shows. That’s why we like to have our big moments be surprises. Andy and April’s wedding, Leslie and Ben’s wedding and Ron and Diane’s wedding were all, to some degree, surprises that were sprung on people. That’s why we decided to have Leslie not get pregnant in that finale, which always happens, but in Episode 19 when you’re not expecting it.

Did you guys come up with this idea before you knew about the show’s renewal?

Schur: We came up with it before we knew about next year, but it was very organic. We started talking about it at the beginning of the season. We felt that at some point this year, we needed to make this happen. We developed the idea about her professional life and once we did that, we thought it would be fun to have it at a moment of maximum stress. There’s a moment in the finale where she’s like, “This is the craziest week of my life. I’m trying to decide whether to take this job, and I’m pregnant and I’m speaking at a National Parks conference in San Francisco.” She’s literally standing on the pier in San Francisco. We decided towards the beginning of the year what would be most fun and exciting would be to make it happen at the moment of maximum personal forking paths for her.

Ben expresses his desire to have children before she tells him she’s pregnant, but will he still be freaked out once he realizes he really does have a kid on the way?

Schur: Yeah, we’ll see in the episode next week that he’s so happy that he’s going to be a dad, but he’s an accountant and starts crunching numbers. This is something that all parents are very familiar with. You start crunching numbers and go, “Oh, sh–. $50,000 for one year of college, and that’s 18 years from now!” His stressed-out, uptight accounting side gets the better of him. It’s an interesting episode because you’re in the position where Leslie’s having to tell someone else to cool it and not stress out so much.

And he just burned that check from his dad!

Schur: There was a joke that happens after where this episode ends. We thought it was a nice ending to have them smile at each other as he realized what she means. In the script and the way we shot it, he says, “Oh my God, we’re going to have a baby!” and they kiss and then he says, “Oh God, I just burned a check.” And she goes, “What?!” and that was the end of it. We thought it was better to end it on a nice moment between them. We figured that people would figure out that you can have a check reissued. It’s not the end of the world.

Leslie is getting pregnant right after her best friend Ann (Rashida Jones) gave birth. Will she turn to Ann for advice?

Schur: In the future, when it becomes a little more real, that will probably happen. But Rashida doesn’t make any more appearances in the season, sadly. She’s off doing 12 other things and conquering Hollywood. It would be a fair assumption that at some point Leslie will be seeking Ann’s advice on raising a kid.

How will Leslie’s pregnancy play into the final episodes of the season as she decides whether or not to take this job?

Schur: We’ve decided to do this crazy thing at the very end of the season that I don’t want to spoil in any way. But it’s a very gigantic move for the show, and all I’ll say is that move that we do is literally the last 60 seconds of the hour-long finale. That will answer a lot of questions that people might have pertaining to all aspects of Leslie’s life.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.

Congratulations to Foldsbaldwin, who was first with the correct guess!

leslie and ben

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  1. bumblebea63 says

    With the huge development in The Good Wife last night, I’m going with Alicia in The Good Wife!

      • bumblebea63 says

        Yes I’d guess Will! It’s fiction and one can dream…it would make one hell of a plot line!

    • KatarinaJ says

      I’d say so except hasn’t she been NOT sleeping with Will in forever. Plus, come on. She has to be well into her mid 40s etc with kids almost in college. Kinda ridiculous. If she had JUST had a Will one night stand a few months ago, maybe, but…. still.

  2. foldsbaldwin says

    biggest clues: a beloved, long-running network show with a leading lady

    the himym is a nod to it being a comedic show so it’s gotta be leslie on parks and recreation.

  3. missmissy says

    I throw in my vote for the Good Wife. Given the news about the death on the last show, it seems like a predictable turn. Note though that I don’t watch it. So this is purely a guess.

  4. mugofmead111 says

    I would guess Scandal, but it’s only been on for two seasons. That doesn’t count as “long-running”, no?

  5. luvprue1 says

    Well we can eliminate the vampire diaries, since vampires can’t have babies, unless Caroline is pregnant by Klaus’s super sperm. LOL!

  6. LucyMarie says

    Alicia “The Good Wife” I do not watch anymore, but with Will dying…yeah gotta be!

  7. XxMz_CarlyxX says

    Mistresses don’t know the character but I watched the British version and someone (can’t remember the character’s name) was pregnant in the series finale

  8. amy289 says

    I’m going to guess Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. The writers have teased that there will be a twist in the finale and it would be a good reason for Leslie to not take the job offer that will take her out of Pawnee (Leslie would probably want her kid to be raised in Pawnee like she was).

  9. Tanzania says

    I think it’s The Good Wife, especially after what happened last night.

    And, I just want to say, I love ORPHAN BLACK. Everyone should watch that show!

  10. yonsay says

    Well, ‘long-running’ can rule out Orphan Black, Mistresses and maybe Arrow/Chicago Fire/Nashville since they’ve only been on a couple of years.

    I’d say it’s either SVU (Benson) or Parks and Rec (Leslie).

  11. The Neurotic One says

    Mistresses has ended season 1, waiting for season 2, right? The rest I have no idea about!

  12. graysonsmama says

    Well, we already know that Lily is pregnant on HIMYM. It was just revealed 1-2 episodes ago and we still have 2 episodes left before it’s over for good. Psych would be a great contender- it’s the series finale, but Juliette has left for SF and we need something to get Shawn and her back in the same city, plus that’d be a great way to end the show!

  13. linkalou says

    My bet is Mariska Hargitay on SVU. She is the perfect description of leading lady on a long-running network show.

  14. hannah93 says

    Probably going to be wrong but since its the shows series finale I am going to say

    Character: Juliet

    TV Show: Psych.

  15. Camila says

    Those Blind Items are usually so boring that it won’t surprise me if the show is Royal Pains.

  16. FairyMay9 says

    Of the shows that have characters where this would fit, I would really REALLY like this to be SVU and let Olivia have that window not be quite closed, after all.

  17. alexxxess says

    Character: Olivia Benson

    TV Show: Law & Order: SVU

    Olivia Benson is the leading lady on SVU and SVU is in its 15th season. Also, everyone pretty much loves SVU

    Another hint? How I Met Your Mother is set in Manhattan and SVU is set in a Manhattan based precinct

  18. yinyang says

    Sergeant Olivia Benson (SVU)
    I’m betting it all on this!
    ( I saw last weeks episode & think she took test)

  19. Bamadex says

    Sgt. Olivia Benson thinks she’s going through menopause but discovers she’s pregnant. The show flashes back to a steamy sex scene, unknown to the audience until then, with Det. Nick Amaro.

    Pino was thrilled to film the sex scene; Hargitay, not so much. He works hard keeping his body tight and toned and wishes the producers would give him more opportunities to show it off.

    • Bamadex says

      Too bad. I liked the idea of Benson having a change-of-life baby…and of Amaro being the dad.

      It was believable. Olivia was jealous of Rollins and Amaro’s flirtation and God knows she seems like she needs a good screw!

  20. wryter says

    Let me start by saying that if we eliminate the relatively new shows, this blind will become easier. That being said, the following shows are not considered long running and/or ending this season (so a plot twist wouldn’t make sense): orphan black, psych, TVD, Arrow, Chicago Fire,Mistresses, royal pains, Switched at Birth, and Nashville.
    These are the remaining possibilities: The Good Wife, SVU, and Parks & Rec. here’s my conclusion:
    Character: Olivia Benson
    Show: SVU

  21. bellashade says

    I’m not sure too many of these shows listed qualify as “beloved” so I will go with Alicia on The Good Wife- but is it Peter’s baby or Will’s?

  22. Okayeah says

    How is it that I spend so much time watching TV, and yet I have never seen a single episode of any of these shows?

  23. Columbus says

    Rizzoli and Isles isn’t on that list but I think that Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) discovered that she was pregnant in the season finale last week.

  24. Tpau1970 says

    Benson SVU !!! But it would be cool if someone was pregnant on Orphan Black !!! Love that show . #cloneclub

  25. annasophie says

    just looking at margolies and hargitay makes it seem like an implausibility. they both reek of menopause, so i’m thinking someone younger.

  26. woodwn says

    Long Running loved network show?
    Orphan Black: 2 seasons on BBC
    Psych 8 seasons on USA but on cable and series ending
    The Good Wife 5 season on CBS
    SVU 15 season on NBC
    The Vampire Diaries 5 seasons on CW but already has a baby brewing
    Arrow 2 seasons on CW
    Chicago Fire seasons 2 on NBC
    Mistresses 2 seasons on ABC
    Royal Pains 6 seasons on USA is on cable not network
    Switched at Birth 3 seasons on ABC Family
    Nashville 2 seasons on ABC
    Parks and Recreation. 6 seasons on NBC

    I’ll give everyone 5 and older a long run, so
    Good Wife, SVU, and Parks and Rec. SVU has Benson hearing her “clock” in recent episodes. Good Wife has a possible dead lover/father. And Parks and Rec has a married couple who are going at it every episode. I’m thinking Benson would end up adopting, and I don’t follow the Good wife. So here’s to Park And Rec Leslie Knope.

  27. ginnynotjenny says

    The only shows mentioned that are both long-running and on network TV are: The Good Wife, SVU, The Vampire Diaries, and Parks and Recreation.

    I don’t believe vampires can get pregnant (though I suppose Bonnie could). so it’s gotta be The Good Wife, SVU or Parks and Rec. Based on the HIMYM clue, I’m going with a comedy — Park & Rec!

  28. dween2000 says

    Im not sure if this is a reveal or what not but Lily on HIMYM just found out she was pregnant on the show

  29. yinyang says

    Dang! I was convinced it was Benson! While flipping channels last night I stumbled upon this exact moment on tv … The first thing I said was. , F*** I got the blind wrong!!
    Ace, u have me thinking of you at all times!
    So Olivia is NOT pregnant?