Careless and Dumb Young Couple

young couple kissing[Blind Gossip] Rumors are flying about this young performer being pregnant… with twins!

No. She is definitely NOT pregnant right now. She did have at least one pregnancy scare in the past, but none this year.

However, just because she isn’t pregnant right now by her famous boyfriend doesn’t mean they should be so careless and dumb. Why do we call them careless and dumb? Because they are having sex; she is not consistent with her birth control; he always insists on riding bareback; and he did get another girl pregnant last year. That’s why.


Famous Boyfriend:

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  1. yewneek says

    Selena Gomez & the beebz! That fake sonogram some internet troll made up sure got everyone all riled up didn’t it?

  2. elliedee says

    Performer: Selena Gomez

    Famous Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

    There’s a sonogram picture on a hoax website that shows twins and the mother’s name is “Gomez,S”.

    Just the thought of bareback rider Bieber makes me want to get my brain disinfected.

  3. Pinks says

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

    Even if the sonogram that’s being circulated wasn’t photoshopped, I can’t even imagine how many S. Gomezes there are in SoCal…

  4. shayjay says

    Justin the punk Bieber & stupidass Selena Gomez. someone needs to hypnotize her to get the hell away from him!! WHAT does she see in him????? (besides $$$$$)

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    Wth?They can’t be Selena & Justin,right?Although i never heard rumors about Selena being pregnant,and there is the fact that she doesn’t even love Justin,or like him,the only “young couple” i can think of is them,and i still don’t believe they are dating ,or ever dated one day.
    Only the image of these two having sex makes me feel sick.Justin is gross,a known pothead,and i heard he treated STD’s in the past and still has STD’s.If the performer is Selena,she’s not only dumb,she’s a gold-digger that uses Justin to get publicity,even by faking feelings for him if necessary.
    I really hope that’s another couple,not them.Selena should respect herself and stay away from him,everytime she’s seen with him,she throws her reputation in the trash.Justin is pure trash,and she’s becoming one too.

  6. ravenglass says

    Selena & Justin

    She’s not consistent with her birth control?

    Someone please track her down & hit her with a Depo-Provera filled blow dart. More Bieber babies must never happen!!!

    • mugofmead111 says

      There was a blind on this site a few months ago about a famous performer who had knocked up one of his backup dancers. His people had strongarmed the dancer into having an abortion, which she regretted. The popular guess was Bieber.

  7. lizw says

    This has to be about Selena and Justin. Although I don’t believe that he got someone else pregnant last year.

  8. sugarbread says

    mila kunis
    ashton Kutcher
    he never wears condoms
    probably got lots of girls preggers by now
    anyone not named demi anyway

  9. ClearlyBlind says

    Performer:Selena Gomez

    Famous Boyfriend:Justin bieber aka Vanilla Ice 2.0 the pathetic douchebag druggie
    and this makes me feel physically sick,it is disgustn he is probably riddled with STDs,she can do WAY better,she is such a sweetheart,this is so sad to see :(

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re:”Justin bieber aka Vanilla Ice 2.0″ :) LOL This is the comment of the week!

      If Bieber is Vanilla Ice, will Suge Knight come along and dangle him from a hotel balcony? 😉

  10. LuseLips says

    What is wrong with this girl? She is beautiful and can have any man she wants, yet she stays with a twerp. He must be hung like a horse.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Oh, my. I did not need a mental image of the size of Bieber’s endowment.

      What’s next-leaked penis pics?

  11. mugofmead111 says

    Maybe this is why Taylor Swift “dumped” Selena. She got tired of standing by and watching this nonsense.

  12. austen93 says

    Selena Gomez
    Justin Bieber

    I just don’t understand why they would be so careless. Think of all the groupies, prostitutes, dancers, strippers, randoms etc that Justin has probably been with around the world. I would be so scared of catching something from him if I were Selena. There was a blind that was probably about him getting a back up dancer pregnant and pressuring her into getting an abortion. He already has a kid in Europe. I think the blind about the pregnancy scare I think late last year was about Selena. Also, if the recent bisexual blind was about Selena, does that mean she and Justin aren’t exclusive or is she no longer involved with her female employee/s? They really need to sort themselves out.

  13. meowmeow says

    Maybe I’m naive, but what about Ashton K and Mila (or whatever her name is…)???

  14. Fergus says

    Selena is back getting Biebered?!

    I think I caught a disease just reading this article.

  15. pscheck2 says

    Maybe someone can enlighten me, but it seems not to long ago, the Biebs was rumored to be gay or at least bi. Now, all we hear about him is that he is a dru*ie and a womanizer and having impregnating a couple of his fans! Wherein does the truth lie? (Isn’t Usher his mentor/producer and there are questions about him to?)

  16. TrueBieberBabe says

    I know that a false report came out last week about Selena being pregnant with twins. So, the blind is about Selena and Justin. I don’t believe that Justin has STD’s or that he had sex with girls all around the world. I do believe that his press wants to have people stop thinking he is gay and will do anything to give him a manly persona. If Justin and Selena are having sex, I don’t believe he goes bare back. Both Selena and Justin are products of teenage pregnancies. I don’t believe they would want the same for his children. I also believe that Selena and Justin never broke up. It was all a PR stunt. All because Will I Am said that Justin wouldn’t write great music until he had heartbreak. This was all staged. So much of what we hear about Justin is staged for press.

    • bec215 says

      Don’t care if he has unprotected sex with men or women, or how many – but he treats people badly and that’s why he doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s idol.

  17. Whatzmyname says

    Selena will end up like her mother. Her mom had her when she was just a teenager and Selena grew up without a real dad.

  18. radmom says

    Well, this one just got solved: it’s Mila and Kutcher. They just announced she’s pregnant, and they thought it was twins at first.

  19. ClosetOrganizer says

    It’s gotta be Justin and Selena, especially in light of the rumors that he knocked up at least one girl last year.