An Abusive Gay Republican Senator

US senate[Blind Gossip] The source on this is an anonymous post on Reddit. We can’t vouch for its authenticity but thought that our Blinders might enjoy taking a  crack at it!

He is abusive and I’m getting paid big bucks to spill the beans

submitted by ClosetedInKansas

I’ve been in a secret same-sex relationship with an anti-gay Republican U.S. Senator for 3 years. I’m going public 3 weeks from today.

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  1. augustmom says

    Which is another way of saying “pay me more than the other guys to keep quiet” to the closeted Gay…I suspect that is exactly what will happen, and the beans won’t be spilled. As to who the Repub might be? Look at who screams the loudest about being anti-gay, and Bingo! It will be one of those.

    • YoGo8c says

      I doubt anything will happen. I’d more scared of having an ‘accident’ within 3 weeks of posting that if I were in a political relationship.

      I don’t buy this at all. We’ll see though…

    • syrup says

      Another actually, Senator outed LG to me years ago, but I don’t think she meant to do it- kind of just slipped out. I think it is pretty much common knowledge among the Senators.

  2. MikeInSanJose says

    While I’m pretty sure it’s ALL of them, I suppose you’ll want something a tad more specific than that.

    Why don’t we start with Lamarr Alexander from the Volunteer state – Tennessee…

    (I’m sure there’s a joke in there about the Show Me state, but Imma need a few more beers to find it…)

  3. KWDragon says

    Is the 3 weeks to give the senator time to ante up big $$$ to stop the reveal?

    I’m not feeling it, to be honest, but if I am going to make a guess, I would say Sen Jeff Flake from Arizona. He did not support the discrimination bill proposed in AZ.

    You’d be surprised how many people retire to the Southern states, like Arizona and Florida, and enjoy a second life in a same-sex relationship. While I completely support that, the hypocrisy of some who remain publicly anti-gay is stunning.

  4. candymandie says

    AHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHH CAN’T WAIT! Too good, too damn good. I hope a public restroom was involved… or maybe some pictures Thats what you get for being a hypocritical, civil rights abusing jerk.

  5. PinkFlamingo says

    Big clue: “Closeted in Kansas.” Senator Jerry Moran from Kansas pings my gay-dar BIG TIME! Miss Thing looks like a musical theatre queen who is about to burst into song at any moment! And a quick Wiki search says he’s against gay marriage. Gotta be him.

    • DesertGhost says

      Yup, I looked at who the senators from Kansas are and when I saw Jerry Moran it was PING!! (Biggest gaydar ping since I saw the father on Chrisley Knows Best.)

      • Gemma says

        I saw Chrisley Knows Best for the first time lat night. I thought I was watching an episode of wife swap where a wife switched with a gay couple. No clue it was an actual family.

  6. ravenglass says

    I think a lot of Republican Senators are squirming right now.

    Ted Cruz seems like the angry, abusive type.


    Rand Paul, just because his name reminds me of RuPaul.

    I hope this guy actually goes public.

  7. minx says

    We’ll, since the person is “closeted in Kansas” I’ll have to say one of their two senators, Pat Roberts or Jerry Moran.

  8. woowoo says

    Lindsey Graham. If the person was REALLY going to out him, he would have outed him. Just like that. Why announce it and tip anyone off? Whatever the Dems are paying this guy to out Graham, the GOP will pay triple to shut him up. smh.

  9. PC1 says

    Jerry Moran (Reddit posters handle is ClosetedinKansas) so the Senator he is having an alleged affair with would be a Kansas Senator.

  10. stolidog says

    Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas would be my guess based on the fact that this guy’s name is ClosetedinKansas.

    If he’s not in Kansas, then Paul Rand, all the way.

    • KWDragon says

      In general terms, I agree with you, PunkA. However, the abuse angle does make me think the guy, if this is true, has some public ‘splainin’ to do.

    • Revisionist says

      no – lying and deceit and BEING CLOSETED is not cool. Its not 1960. There should be more outings rather than titillating blind items and supposition. Being gay is not some dark secret to be hidden. It is insulting and harmful to all gays.

    • pumpkin says

      It may not be cool to out someone, but it’s much less cool to be a congressperson who consistently votes against gay rights while partaking in private.

  11. missmissy says

    Probably Aaron Schock but please let it be Todd Akin or even better Paul Ryan!! Ahhh, what a wonderful world…

  12. ivyleaguer says

    okay, I am sticking with Lindsey Graham. I just read Kirk’s record on LGBT rights which is quite favorable.

  13. vizslamom says

    Republican State Senator Jason Priest – recently charged with child abuse when he threw his 4 year old daughter, his estranged wife and her boyfriend. He also allegedly fought with the arresting officer.

  14. rorythedragon says

    This looks vaguely familiar, like something I’ve seen on Post Secret. And maybe I watch too much Scandal, but announcing you’re going to do something that far ahead seems like it would put a big target on one’s back. I hope he lives to tell.

  15. SuzNYC says

    Although I wish this was Paul Ryan, he’s not a Senator. Wah. They all have skeletons.

  16. SleuthingForFun says

    Jerry Moran

    Per Wiki: “in 2012 he moved to Manhattan. He wanted to be closer to a major airport in order to cut down on his drive time back to Kansas each weekend”

    Was probably in the relationship and moved to be closer but not to the airport. If him, I hope his family is aware. Hate these hypocrites!

    First time poster, love this site.

  17. zephyr66 says

    Roy Blunt, Senator from Missouri. Has a pretty consistent anti-gay rights track record, and Missouri is close to Kansas.

  18. syrup says

    What about Mitch McConnell? I know he’s not from KS, but haven’t there always been rumors??

  19. reen57 says

    Bet this is a play to get more money. Can’t imagine the RNC or Koch Bros not paying ths guy off. Wonder if the guy ix going to live long enough to enjoy the money. Bet no name is ever revealed. Why three weeks? That’s right around April 15 when taxes are due. If I had to guess it would be Jerry Moran (R) Kansas. We all know about Miss Lindsay Graham but I don’t think he’s abusive. I’m of two minds about this guy outing a senator. I don’t agree with it as no one should be forced out. Besides he will probably lose their job as hating on gays is practically a plank in the Republican platform. OTOH abuse is rven more wrong in my opinion. And hypocracy, while morally reprehensive is not a reason by itself for causing possible damage to relationships within his circle of family and friends. So, I’m going to watch for an outing but don’t expect to see one.

  20. reen57 says

    And…sorry for the typos in my previous post. I had fat finger syndrome. If probabilities hold true and gays are 8-12% of the population and there are 100 Senators then everyone can do the math. Ha! Wonder if this guy has visited more than one closet…and if there are more than expected gay Senators. And they have a lot of power. What happens when their friends turn on them? And what about revenge taken? Now imagine this bleeding over to the House. Oh my. Did I mention that astrologically speaking that April is a nasty month. Many chickens coming home to roost. Many weather related challenges and the political landscapes are not pretty. Worst affected are planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Should make for a lot of good gossip. Personally I’m sending positive vibes to hhe Universe and hoping for some good to come out of it.

  21. MonaLisa says

    I was worried when this article was deleted from Blind Gossip last night! Glad it’s back up!

    …Could be so many senators…..haha
    A Kansas senator? But the senator could probably fly him from anywhere whenever he wants, so the senator may not even be from Kansas or the surrounding area. Probably a midwestern or Southern senator, though, if he’s acting like he’s super anti-gay……Can’t wait to find out for sure!

  22. TimTX01 says

    I’m going with L. Graham as well. Per Wikipedia, he has never married and has no children. He seems gay on TV. Doesn’t it look like he’s had his eyes done? Closeted in Kansas may not mean the person really lives in Kansas, maybe a reference to Dorothy – friend of Dorothy etc which is a term used more by the older generation.

    • MonaLisa says

      Smart thinking with the “friend of Dorothy” reference! That’s probably what he was referring to!