Publicist Dictates Birth Location

baby 21[Pop Bitch] Which supposedly down-to-earth celebrity didn’t really enjoy the experience of being in an NHS hospital to give birth?

She had to be dissuaded from upping sticks and relocating to the Portland by her publicist, who was keen to reinforce her client’s plebian credentials.

BG Notes: NHS = UK National Health Service. Upping sticks = picking up and moving. Plebian = common people.


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82 comments to Publicist Dictates Birth Location

  • Vagabondage

    Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

    • Nomad

      The Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, where both princes William and George were born, is a posh, private facility.

  • ravenglass


    Gave birth to son Bear in an NHS hospital a few months ago.

    • ravenglass

      Now thinking this might be Zara Phillips.

      • LooLoo

        I doubt she has a publicist.

      • gaelgirl

        I’m guessing Zara Phillips has a publicist. She’s Royal, an athlete and married to a former professional athlete. Still, I don’t think this blind is about her. Would anybody think a literal princess has “plebeian credentials” in the first place? If so, that publicist should get a huge bonus! ;)

  • Cindy Louhoo

    Kate Middleton.

  • boyjack4

    Adele or Kate Winslet?

  • reen57

    Zara Phillips. Who knew she had a publicist. Plus she went home the same day.

    • devoncarruthers

      Depending on what time she gave birth and how her delivery went, that’s not unsurprising. I gave birth in an NHS hospital a week after Zara did and had I’d had a straight forward delivery, I would have gone home the next day. They don’t like to keep you in the hospital if you’re doing fine. I only spent 2 nights and would’ve gone home the day after giving birth but I had a forceps delivery and was on antibiotics.

  • sabrina325

    Kate Winslet?

  • Khadafi

    Celebrity: Kate Winslet.

  • cafe_au_lait

    Duchess Catherine?

  • binkyD

    First time poster! Kate winslet.

  • aeduko

    Zara Phillips Tindall, the Queen’s granddaughter.

  • haley1020

    Kate Winslet?

  • minicoop

    Kate Winslet? Recently had a baby and I think is perceived as being pretty low key. I know NHS is what the health system is called in England, but could be called that elsewhere too.

  • heartcouture

    Tamara Ecclestone

  • tuckerlee123

    Kate Winslet

  • MikeInSanJose

    Adele just had a baby, didn’t she?

  • elliedee

    Kate Winslet

  • azura1

    Prince George of Cambridge

  • CatBallou


  • ImWearingVersace

    Kate midds?

  • padocle

    Princess Catherine

  • Whatzmyname

    Kate Winslet.

  • dothehump

    Zara Philips!

  • Dizzy

    Kate Winslet?

  • IAmSage

    Kate Winslett

  • lovelylovely

    Tamara Ecclestone

  • I Am PunkA

    Princess Kate

  • creeping_thistle

    Oh this is Kate Winslet… and the façade WAS working for me. Pfft.

  • ZippityDooDah

    Kate Winslet!

  • glitteronthefloor

    Kate winslet?

  • cosmicgirl

    Zara Phillips or Kate Winslet?

  • Aylola

    Kate Winslet?

  • m0m0ntherun

    Kate Middleton

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Duchess Kate? The hospital she gave birth in his an NHS hospital. Tsk tsk, her husband was born there!

  • TheEnglishTexan

    Gonna guess Kate Middleton, who gave birth to Prince George at St. Mary’s in London, which is an NHS hospital and also the same hospital in which William and Harry were born. I could see a royal publicist finding the significance in that; the newest generation of royal babies with a common mother being born in the same place as the last generation of royal babies with a common mother.

    Although, you can’t really blame her for wanting to go to a private hospital. This was her baby, not something insignificant. More money can afford you the type of health care experience that a regular hospital just can’t provide. Naturally she’d want to be comfortable and feel safe in her doctor’s hands. That isn’t to say that she wouldn’t have been comfortable and safe anywhere else, but she was probably thinking more about her and her baby’s welfare when she wanted to relocate. The publicist was putting unnecessary stress on her by forcing her to stay at a hospital where she didn’t want to be, just to make a story that was already going to be headline news seem even more special and meaningful.

    • Fan

      If it’s a royal baby, I’m sure she got the best of care at the NHS hospital. I don’t think a publicist dictates to members of the royal family, and I can’t imagine Kate putting up a fuss in the first place.

    • dexychik

      Kate Middleton gave birth in the Lindo Wing, a very exclusive, PRIVATE obstetric ward that happens to be in an NHS hospital.

      My money’s on Kate Winslet. God, if I had the money, I’d much rather deliver at the Portland – it’s lovely there.

  • LucyMarie

    Kate Winslet.


    Lily Allen?

  • Pinks

    Kate Winslet?

  • Kelly

    Kate Winslet?

  • kitten13

    Hmmmm, Mrs. Rocknroll Kate Winslet? I don’t know that she has such a rep for being down-to-earth, but maybe more so than most. Doesn’t seem such a part of her persona that she’d have to forego an American birth.

  • shayjay

    Tamara Ecclestone

  • patticakes

    Kate Winslet

  • katt388

    Kate Winslet

  • MissIrreplaceable

    Hilary Duff?

  • Stars In My Eyes

    I can’t stand that thang, wish she’d go away.

  • smoolie

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

  • hrhfedup

    Oooh, Kate Winslet?

  • miumiu

    Wild guess – Tamara Ecclestone

  • gonu22

    Kate Winslet? Recently gave birth at NHS hospital in Sussex.

  • Kerengende

    This is a longshot but I’m wondering if this was Zara Phillips?
    The news always writes her up as being down-to-earth royal without a lot of the trappings, and they *did* make a lot of noise at her giving birth at an NHS hospital. In fact, she went to the hospital and was out in six hours – before Buckingham Palace even got to make the announcement.

  • kiley

    Zara Phillips

  • augustmom

    Kate Winslet.

  • CanaryCry

    Kate Winslet?

  • victoriabridge

    Tamara ecclestone

  • PinkFlamingo

    Duchess Kate?

  • stolidog

    um…lemme guess:

    ‘Kate had ‘Baby Boy Winslet’ on Saturday at an NHS Hospital,’ the spokeswoman said

  • Warholette

    Tamara Ecclestone. Recently gave birth to daughter Sophie, and she is British.

    • stolidog

      Ms. Ecclestone is the top of the pile in terms of ostentatious displays of wealth. She is to “plebian’ and “down to earth” as a gold plated maserati is to the family station wagon.

  • jadamz

    Winslet. I’ve been around her on a set. A phony through and through.

  • LeahLynn28

    Kate Middleton?She’s not exactly a down-to-earth person,or she would have married a common man,not William,after stalking him for years.And she had her son in a NHS hospital…and Kate HAS to have a publicist…she married William,but now is stuck with his unemployed family and their fake photo ops for publicity.Even the queen has a publicist.
    Or Kate Winslet…seems to be down-to-earth.
    Or Zara Phillips…and i suppose the royal and non-royal women marry royal men to give birth in a private and expensive hospital,not in a public hospital for pubicity.

  • NormaDesperate

    since I’m pretty sure the royal family would never allow such an immediate heir to the throne to be born in a pedestrian NHS hospital, I’m going to go with Kate Winslet.

    haven’t posted in a while – glad to be back.

  • wendy hood

    Wouldn’t think this was someone of royal blood, because they have their medical treatments on lockdown at state of the art facilities with treatments us “plebians” will probably never be exposed to. If it was someone of royal blood, like the “We don’t want housekeepers” pair of Prince William and Kate, that would just be part of further softening the royals image, because people are waking up to what the 1% really is.

  • maggiecate

    Katherine Cambridge gave birth in the Private Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital, not the NHS part, so not her. Can’t see Zara thinking the middle of labour was a good time to hightail it up to the Portland in London when she gave birth in Gloucestershire! Kate Winslet would be my guess.

  • Aine88

    Coleen Rooney??

  • blinded

    Definitely ZARA… Kate had G at the Lindo Wing -so secret it’s a private pay facility

  • jn88

    It’s not Kate Middleton. She gave birth in the Lindo Wing which is a private wing of an NHS hospital so that doesn’t fit.

    My guess is Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum. They had their baby in London. There baby is on the older side but they are said to be down to earth and it would make sense considering they are constantly trying to push him as a leading man. Where as Jenna took the backseat for awhile, maybe she was upset and not happy to be giving birth away from family.

    • Luzhin

      Are Dewan/Tatum eligible for NHS? They are both American citizens. Selecting to give birth in the UK doesn’t necessarily qualify anyone for NHS. They probably had to pay out-of-pocket or with their insurance policy.

  • Erin

    It’s definitely not Kate Middleton; she was in a private wing. I’m going with Zara Phillips.

  • devoncarruthers

    FYI, this is NOT the Duchess of Cambridge. Yes, she gave birth at St Mary’s which is a NHS hospital but the Lindo Wing is a private facility. It charges up to £7000 for a delivery, not really inline with plebian credentials.

    Kate Winslet comes to mind. She gave birth at an NHS hospital in Sussex, as per the statement given at birth.

  • Mutteroo

    Kate Winslett gave birth at the NHS hospital the Royal Sussex County in Brighton, Sussex, England. Think the baby made a surprise delivery & didn’t give Kate time to head up to the Portland. Would I give birth at the RSCH Brighton? Yes, I did!
    It is NOT Kate Middleton as she gave birth in the private wing of an NHS hospital.

    First post, be gentle!

  • Lisa

    Kate Winslet

  • LolaHaze

    Kate Winslet. Down to earth perhaps a hint for heavenly creatures idk and the use of plebeian because of her new role in Divergent.