1. mugofmead111 says

    This could be anyone!

    Keeping with today’s theme:

    Kanye West and Kris Jenner, plotting a next move. (She’s separated but still legally married.)

    Matt Damon…and his wife. :)

    George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler – He wanted to congratulate her on her recent wedding. :)

  2. CatBallou says

    LOL – I can see why it wins the vague award.

    But you would have to think the married woman has to be a little famous if we would know her name :-).

    but no guesses here – sky is the limit!

  3. slix96 says

    this could either be a female A-lister or a male A-lister…these days it really doesnt matter..

  4. sherlock says

    So much cheating going on these days,why bother getting married and breaking your vows.They’re all at it in Hollywood.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Exactly….which was why one of my wild guesses was Matt Damon’s wife, who really isn’t famous (or in the industry). 😉

  5. reen57 says

    Oops. Married woman. Will change my guess to Angelina Jolie and PMK cuz she’s gotta be A list reality show and is still not divorced.
    Matthew McC and Blake Lively or maybe Sir Paul McCartney and Adele discussing a collaboration *wink* but that would more likely be in London, no? Or to be really out there. Tony Hopkins and Jennifer Garner.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Adele hasn’t gotten married yet, as far as I know.

      Would Angelina Jolie’s people take any calls from the Kardashian camp?

      Re: “Tony Hopkins and Jennifer Garner.”
      Interesting. I think seeing Victor Garber out with Jennifer Garner would be more likely.

  6. AnguaDelphine says

    None of them!

    This is a trick question. The corner was dark, so there was nothing to see. Those rascals at The People are having us on!

  7. Jennafish1 says

    Carrot Top and The Duchess of Alba, obviously are the only A listers that come to mind….

  8. EastCoaster says

    What a hilarious thread, I’m loving it. My spectacularly uncreative guess is: every A list male who isn’t gay!

  9. Jennifer says

    Johnny Weir and Giada de Laurentis.

    And that’s why Johnny and his husband are getting divorced!


  10. Dont Know For Sure says

    Clint Eastwood but it was really the chair that the married woman was sitting in that he really was interested in.

  11. JaneDawson says

    John Mayer, who was name dropped in the last post
    Giada Delawhatsherface (going from the Italian spaghetti in the picture)

  12. rudy says

    Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

    They are in hiding because Angie doesn’t want to ruin her bad girl rep.

  13. wfreshie says

    for those guessing tom hanks and his wife, doesn’t seem to make sense

    unless it is someone who is a major cheater and it would be surprising to see the 2 together!

  14. Olaya says

    The female Chef from Food Network Giada De Laurentis and Katie Perry! wanting for John Mayer for some bondng time.

  15. guiltywhispers says

    Harry Styles keeps having pictures with his friends wives posted in gossip rags; a few times in bars. Of course their husbands are there as well; just not in the picture. (This is vague, and doesn’t specify that anything else is going on.)